Snowboarding: How to Carve

Snowboarding: How to Carve

I’m Lauren Barnes, I’m with the American Association
of Snow Board Instructors. Carving is a really great way to explore the whole entire mountain
and start to really play with what your snowboard can do. In every snowboarding turn, there’s
there phases. That’s going to include the initiation, control and finish. The two things
that are going to be the most important for carving is going to be the tilt, as the board
performance and the flexion extension as the body movements. That will go either toe side
or heel side, it doesn’t matter because the big thing that’s changing in a carved turn
from a skidded turn, is really starting to utilize the tilt to make your snowboard come
around into that turn. In the initiation phase, I’m tilting my snowboard
from one edge to the other. I can increase the tilt, depending on how steep the turn
is or how much I need to control my speed. Through the control phase of the turn, my
tilt is going to increase to hold that edge across. Then as I finish, I’m going to be
getting ready to release that tilt onto the new edge for the next initiation. The other important thing is going to be flexion
and extension of our joints. Start to incorporate being small on your heels and tall on your
toes. Flexing when we’re on our heel side edge and extending on our toe side edge. When
you’re flexing on your heel side edge, you’re going to want to feel like your toes are coming
up to your shins, and that your knees are bending like your sitting in a chair, or your
butt is coming down towards the snow. Extension on the toe side edge is going to be the opposite
of flexion, so your toes are pressing away from your shins and your knees are straightening
out like your standing up. When we’re carving turns, in initiation phase,
I’m going to to tilt onto my new edge and flex or extend my joints to hold that tilt,
to help my snowboard hold the edge angle it needs to complete the turn. Through the control
phase I’m going to allow the snowboard to pass through the fall line while my upper
body stays quiet and in line with my snowboard. In the finish phase, I’m going to drive out
of the turn, continue to feel that flexion on my heel side or the extension on my toe
side, to let the board start up the hill to slow myself down before I start to lighten
my snowboard again to initiate the next turn.

Antonio Breitenberg

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49 thoughts on “Snowboarding: How to Carve

  1. Boris BlueB says:

    Sorry, this is "slarving", not carving. All parts of the edge need to follow the same track and leave thin line in the snow.
    I recommend videos by Ryan Knapton to see the difference. He mixes in some crazy stuff, but focus on the parts where he is just carving…

  2. Alecks unauffindbar says:

    this is no clean carve , there is still slide in the board…

  3. Canada sucks says:

    I dont see anything wrong with her demo and explanation.
    Nice video and information. Very helped.Thx…

  4. Paul Billings says:

    Shouldn't straighten the legs on toe side turns, because you'll bounce out. Keep legs bent, driving shins into the front of your boot.

  5. Ibrahim Rammal says:

    You, the video production, the tutoring: ALL AWESOME! Loved it!

  6. james pearson says:

    Some of those turns looked too forced a carve needs to be gradual just let the board do most of the work

  7. DG 12000 says:

    Ugh i know how to snowboard really good but my parents wont bring me i can only go once a year with my school and i always make it to the main, byt sadly next year will be the last years because after that year i go in grade 9 and grade 9's dont get to go 😭

  8. 강윤호 says:

    good^^  thank!

  9. Emily D says:

    Great instructions! Thanks

  10. Snowboard Na Siedmiu says:

    This video is really well edited👍

  11. Brenda Kianna says:

    Amazing video and quality !

  12. justaddwater says:

    i live in texas why am i watching this

  13. Lone Wolf says:

    I literally learned more from the comments than the video. Thanks commenters.

    (Im mean the video was good and all, but the comments added more detail and stuff)

  14. nequiz84 says:

    Powder from fortnite?

  15. Nathan Schneckenberger says:

    Has anyone ever thought about putting Springs under a snowboard so you can jump

  16. BrootPK says:

    “Heals and toes”

  17. Yikes says:

    Pizza and French fries

  18. The Green Panda dose stuff says:

    She looks like powder in fortnite am I right guy's

  19. Chippy says:

    Is she going down the hill or up?
    (I know it’s a stupid question but it is a joke for all of you smartasses out there)

  20. Kinzie Burton says:

    You start by teaching side sliding on heal side of board, and you angle side to side switching from regular to goofy, once comfortable with that initiate a full turn in to a toe side carve. Bam your a snowboarder now. Most can master these basics in about 30 minutes.

  21. Kuyvan Kao says:

    Good job recommendations

  22. Twitter Posts says:

    I’m in Texas. Why is this being advertised to me.

  23. Lezerni Wolf says:

    So… basically skiing but with your feet super glued onto one fat ski.

  24. Nathan Schmit says:

    Literally learned nothing…

  25. Big chungus says:

    She looks exactly like the girl in the fortntie season 7 battle oasis

  26. TTAR says:

  27. Ruben Cromeyer says:

    WTF this is just BAD stuff she is BARELY CARVING!!!

  28. Hypnosis_cat_159 # says:

    Thought this was a steep tutorial

  29. tyler fenstermaker says:

    At 1:08 that’s not carving

  30. Dominik Palka says:

    I just learned from an instructor im fouteen on my fourth year… before that i skied 6 years

  31. tyler fenstermaker says:

    Actually this whole video has no carving in it I carve a lot better

  32. Old Bum says:

    All your doing is teaching people how to ruin the hills, and a skiers day

  33. Maxwell Updike says:

    Why learn how to carve…
    If from whence I already know how?

  34. SaucyRooster says:

    Cool but i live in Texas

  35. Ibrahim Rammal says:

    Come to think of it, you are actually skidding a lot as you carve by not standing up and releasing the kinetic energy at every turn.

  36. TheWaterMelons says:

    Some of this is not carving it is more of braeaking.

  37. Jacob Martin says:

    "Let me show you how you snowboard… on a video game."

  38. Kylee Simpson says:

    pn, 1n

  39. Chef Edits says:

    when you make a tutorial on how to carve but side slip through the whole tutorial. if you really wanna know how to carve watch Ryan Knapton. i dont even think REI can deny that

  40. RSHARK66 says:

    I’m in Texas… it rarely snows here (about like every 10-27 years

  41. Jordan * says:

    i comment on every ad i get so hi

  42. Jackson Moore says:

    why learn how to carve on a snowboard when you can do it better on skis

  43. Giannis Antetokounmpo says:

    Your goofy

  44. Sub To Pewdiepie says:

    Always end up falling flat on my face

  45. Sanju Thapa says:

    ilove you so much

  46. RimGOB 03 says:

    this is cute😂

  47. Dak Man says:

    So do I but I am in Colorado

  48. DootDoot says:

    These are skidded turns. Not carves.

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