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    Love from karachi bros😍😍😍😍

  2. Pavel Adventurer says:


  3. Bosch Voyage says:

    Definitely going here now!

  4. Travel With Mansoureh says:

    The intro is insane cold 🤧❄️🤧❄️

  5. Ak Murad says:

    When to come pakistan We love you

  6. Travel With Mansoureh says:

    Japan looks so so pretty 😭😭 I should go there and make videos 😍

  7. Trekking withTrevor says:

    Well, time for me to grab my board and hit the mountain. Nature is calling…again!

  8. rohan fabri says:

    For some reason japan reminds me of the elves in lord of the rings amazing at sword crafting ancient design and gardens and a drastically diffrent culture to the outside world the landscape is also bautiful and they seem like 10 years ahead

    Before i get but hurt comments im half japanese

  9. J F says:

    nice video…but has the same failing all other ski and boarding movies/videos have…terrible soundtrack…why???

  10. Chaotic Misadventures says:

    Looks amazing. You've love to do Japan!

  11. OJ says:

    i like that one song "vis ta vie" during one of the snow runs, it was dope… to the interwebs

  12. Martin Taylor says:

    What do they use to edit their videos?

  13. UnderneathTheBottle Wine Sommelier says:

    I am watching this thinking two things.
    1. I need a hot cocoa!
    2. I need to go to Hokkaido-san!

  14. Laïla says:

    j'adore la petite touche rap français!

  15. Angelo James Travels says:

    That intro tho!! Happy to say the Vagabrothers travel videos have always been an inspiration for my channel!

  16. Steven Cassidy says:

    Enjoyed that

  17. prceptn_is_ reality says:

    Boarding goals…

  18. NineNine says:

    Hey guys, my shazam doesn't work! Whats this song called? vive ta vie by who? Thanks for helping me out! Niseko looks amazing, been wanting to go there every time I was in Japan, but didnt make it yet!! Looking forward to it!

  19. natureallmighty says:

    Looking good, guys! Next winter come to Bulgaria for some snow! Hope you don't miss any more buses, Marko!

  20. nury chavez says:


  21. nury chavez says:

    Looks beautiful!

  22. Alisa Mehmal says:

    Super fun. ❄️👍🏂 if you ever want to ride Revelstoke, BC, let me know, will show you where the powder is.

  23. FeelGood Within says:

    Wow!!! So Beautiful vlog

  24. Sa I says:

    Wow Hokkaidooooo my home !!
    I wish I could be there:) I can’t believe you guys were in Hokkaido!! I start watching you guys’ video “Ottawa “ and since then I was hoping someday coming to Hokkaido❤️ Now you did ❤️😍thank you!

  25. Johanny Mota says:

    This looks like so much fun! I love your music choices for this video 👌

  26. Kirk Moore says:

    I know how hard it is to ski/snowboard and get good video, especially in powder, trees and whiteout conditions. Great job! You definitely captured Hokkaido pow. THANKS, Marko!

  27. Jay Bowne says:

    I felt that when the bus just drove by LOL

  28. Mikeztarp says:

    Why use French music in a video about Japan? oO²

  29. swtyoshi says:

    Wow the snow looked so fluffy and perfect! The best part is ending a fun cold day with amazing food 😍

  30. ùml says:

    French music 🤙🤙

  31. EdGo Vlogs says:

    Great Video as always.For any of you wondering this stuff works.I have also TRAVEL VLOG videos.

  32. Hal Ryder says:

    Did you go anywhere else in Hokkaido? The whole island is massive, and it's a real shame if you didn't have the chance to explore anywhere else.

  33. Daniel Womack says:

    So awesome watching Marko and the bros tearing up that sweet powder in Hokkaido!!

  34. Barry Gruis says:

    Music credits?

  35. G's Office says:

    I counted about … 41 … trees I would have smacked into 😐

  36. Unofficial Bucket List Family says:

    Wow that is so awesome!!! That looks like some amazing snowboard

  37. Ginger Lee Girl says:

    Who was doing the singing in the beginning, the man? The beginning of the video was off the chain.

  38. emonique989 says:

    Chuckie was cute!😍😍😍

  39. Avella says:

    OMG! WHAT an experience!!
    So beautiful but the way you capture everything and editing, excellent work!!.

  40. Cedric Dallemagne says:

    Glad to be back in Niseko thanks to your video. This place is awesome. I am surprised you guys did not rent a house. Also are you a French hip hop fan?

  41. Lucy Claire says:

    So awesome to run into Marko on the day he was leaving Niseko! What an epic place!

  42. Medhavi Gupta says:

    How do you even do this Marko?

  43. mask identity says:

    Hello. Thank you for uploading all the good content. Keep it up. I was wondering whether you could link the music down in the description box under every video.

  44. Nick and Helmi says:

    We also stayed in capsule hotel while in Tokyo and it's seriously cheap, clean, and so worth for single or couple travellers!! Love winter in Japan, especially ski trip bcoz Japan got one of the best ski resort in the world 😍😍

  45. Kvmilla says:

    Name of song on 4:15 ?

  46. Travelwithchris says:

    Can't wait to visit Japan!!!! Looks sick dude!

  47. さ さ says:

    Wow!! Welcome to JAPAN❤️🌸

  48. Surf and Turf Travel says:

    Soooo positive travel Vlog !!! Love your vibes and content ! Don’t stop posting it please !)

  49. Millennial Travel Confessions says:

    Looks absolutely unreal! Not a massive fan of the cold (coming from the UK), but I think that might change, thanks to you! 👌

  50. Takeastep says:

    Awesum, inspite of strong weather you guys managed to have so much fun.

  51. Net.rochdi says:


  52. John Smith says:

    How old are you? I am wondering if it's too late for me to start learning snowboarding at age 40+ :ooooooooD

  53. Lora travels says:

    Amazing video! I should visit Hokkaido. 🙂🙂 Thanks.

  54. Steve Gram says:

    Epic day!

  55. Ben says:

    Japan is by far the most travelable country in the world!!

  56. Explore with Svetlin says:

    That’s some crazy beginning!

  57. D S says:

    I get too jealous watching these videos I can never watch it all cause I get frustrated with myself lol

  58. Leigh-Anne Marie says:

    So much powder!!

  59. The Japanese Traveler - Arisa Mameda says:

    Ahhh I'm so jealous! I'm from Japan and never been up there!! xD

  60. AlexGrt says:

    THIS SNOW 😍😍😍😍😍😍😭😭😭😭

  61. Juanma says:

    Creo q se acaba de convertir en el primer lugar donde me gustaría ir hacer snowboard. Muy buen video !

  62. Akshay Jain says:

    Start uploading in 18:9 aspect ratio pleaseeeee

  63. Akshay Jain says:

    Start uploading in 18:9 aspect ratio pleaseeeee

  64. Akshay Jain says:

    Start uploading in 18:9 aspect ratio pleaseeeee

  65. Akshay Jain says:

    Start uploading in 18:9 aspect ratio pleaseeeee

  66. John Blob says:

    What's the music used?

  67. Gerard Marlet says:

    Do a Japan Travel!! I was on the south last year and I'm in love with that country! well, my fiance actually says obsesed..

  68. 7th Perspective says:


  69. Felix K says:

    Hokkaido is great but for skiing i still prefer Austria

  70. モギナ/MOGINA says:

    I like in addition to this kind of foreign good.

  71. MrScientific007 says:

    Please visit god's own country-Kerala in India.It has beautiful backwaters,beaches,rain forest to explore,tea estate,temples and much more.It is also a land of traditional medicine(Ayurveda).

  72. akfasso says:

    Just subscribed! Love your content… perfect balance of providing valuable information about the destination and then pure entertainment. Awesome work. I look forward to watching more.

  73. Derugin Alex says:

    Awesome video. What was your favorite Japanese brew there?

  74. Daydree says:

    I've never been interested in snowboarding but you make it look so cool. So beautiful. That looks like the coolest bar even though it has LA prices haha.

  75. Run The Atlas says:

    This was dope! JaPOW! ❄❄❄ You should check out Cypress Mountain in Vancouver – snow resort very close to sea level! Vlog in our channel.

  76. IAmLoser says:

    noice 👌

  77. IAmLoser says:

    yo why you at hirafu?

  78. IAmLoser says:

    why not neisko guy

  79. IAmLoser says:

    or gate 3

  80. Adam Cross says:

    If you have the time highly recommend niseko ramen! We went in 2017 and by far our favorite food in niseko

  81. Annette D says:

    Fun vlog

  82. Jonathan Wen Yu Lam says:

    Pls add more content on the local culture and food as well!

  83. Mixtravel says:

    I Like it 🙂

  84. Leandro Gula says:


  85. Isabelle RingswaldEgan says:

    Do you bring your own board along when you travel, or do you rent? I'm a skier but…

  86. James Sexton says:

    Awesome vid! Keen to go next season. You said your friends went to other resorts. How do you get between resorts from niseko?

  87. Suret34Official says:

    Perfect.. 👍🏽

  88. Dan says:

    Buttered rum at the fridge bar is next level!!!

  89. Tim Zhuang says:

    I’m actually going there for 12 nights in December, so stoked

  90. M.Owsky says:

    whats the name of the hotel you went to?

  91. Oficial San Diego Visuales says:

    Come to Colombia guys.

  92. TravelChili says:

    Guauu felicitaciones nosotros el próximo año estaremos por Japon!

  93. Lousiana Dewi Sartika says:

    hi! can i know what is the name of the capsule where u stay? your answer will be very helpful
    thankyou 🙂

  94. RANDOM IDIOTIC says:

    So what is the name of the capsule hotel you mention in this video.
    Would you please let me or us know the name. Thanks alot

  95. Traveling with Kristin says:

    Omg Strawberry is where I broke my thumb! 😂

  96. tr0nd15c says:

    Please someone identify the French rap track at 10:42 onward!?! Shazam + SoundHound = cannot tag. ;(

  97. YL TAN says:

    Love your video… will be in Niseko in dec 2019…

  98. DREAMWALKER says:

  99. freethinker1 says:

    I know these blokes are talking about snow but every mention of powder just makes me laugh.

  100. sidfor911truth says:

    Looks amazing, going there this December!

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