Snowboarding & Geocaching Lake Tahoe Ski In Cache Out

Snowboarding & Geocaching Lake Tahoe Ski In Cache Out

what’s happening this is Vince we’re gonna go geocaching We are a the top of comet lift here at heavenly. geocache
is off this run 49er. I think this is the last one of the season
it’s called Ski In Cache Out. here we go! Alright this is where I rode to 320 feet away
that direction so now I’m gonna look like a goofball walking around the ski
resort but it’s worth it for Geocaching alright 46 feet away. Crash Landed Snowboard. took off from up there I
slipped and lost grip of it. I had to run after that I just hiked all though those woods
oh and nothing’s loading I’m just getting the location I don’t know I hint,
a clue, I’ve read it a thousand times but I don’t memorize it
so I think it’s in these trees right here 26 feet behind me probably right on
top of it it’s available year-round so if it’s in
the snow it’s got to be some what high up keep looking around these trees boom on the ground that’s no place for a year-round ski resort cache so we are going to have to tie this up in the tree, somewhere good going to hide out over here in the trees while I sign the logbook
April spring break in Tahoe pine cones in here trash is just trash pinecones pinecones everywhere you don’t need to
put these in Cashes marbles and beads are worth it yeah we got a pen in there
now yeah all right where’s the home for this thing up here where can we hang this from where it’s
not gonna fall it’s not too out in the open it’s gonna loop this a couple times
just so it stays up in there. No Muggles? Another geocache at Heavenly, Stoked. geocaching on the snow nothing better!
the crash-landed board got some damage damage board from the runway thanks for
watching Geocaching yeah! geocaching the skeight stay tuned, Like videos
you know the routine. ski and cache out subscribe for more thanks for staying
tuned. I think that’s it

Antonio Breitenberg

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2 thoughts on “Snowboarding & Geocaching Lake Tahoe Ski In Cache Out

  1. Cache the Line says:

    Really? Pinecones, leaves and trash in the container? whowhywhat?! Ah well. Good job cleaning that up and fixing it. I've still got to do some ski mountain caches – got my eye on a couple, but it might be some time before I get over there for them 🙂
    Nice one!

  2. Geocaching with gsmX2 - scottinojaivideos says:

    Congratulations on the find. If you STORE your geocaches on your phone, you can get the hints, descriptions and everything but satellite view even when you don't have an Internet connection.

    Thanks for sharing.

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