Snowboarding for Beginners : Toe Side Garlands in Beginning Snowboarding

Hi, I’m Kevin Byford with the Ski and Snowboard
Schools of Aspen on behalf of the Expert Village. Okay, now we’re doing a garland on our toe
side. Same things apply. Only difference now is instead of pressing down on our toe, we
pick our toe up, press our heel, let the board slide down the hill, getting a little fast
now, press back down on my toe, look up the hill, slows down. To go fast again, press
my heel, toe, going to get down the hill, speed up, slow down, turn back up the hill,
always looking where I’m going. Okay, so today’s conditions–I know it looks beautiful, and
it is beautiful out here. It looks warm–it’s actually pretty cold, and the snow itself
is very cold. It’s causing my board to grab against the snow, and so it’s moving slowly,
therefore in order for me to go down the hill I really have to point the board much further.
If it wasn’t quite so sticky, I think I’d be turning more across the hill, maybe gentler
slopes or gentler turns. Anyway. Where we go from here with the garlands, we want to
really move from across the hill in garlands to letting the board go flat and down the
hill, then back to your same edge. This is the precursor to making real turns. So, again,
I’m going to be on my heel side, and press down on my toes to start going. Now I’m letting
the board go down the hill, very confident going down the hill, knees bent and I’m looking
up. Now I’ll pick my toes up, slowing it down, now speeding up again, letting it go down
the hill, flat board, looking to my right, picking my toes up, and good.

Antonio Breitenberg

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