Snowboarding for Beginners : Getting Into Lift Chair in Snowboarding

Snowboarding for Beginners : Getting Into Lift Chair in Snowboarding

Hi, I’m Kevin Byford with the Ski and Snowboard
Schools of Aspen on behalf of the Expert Village. So practicing getting off the chair. You want
to make sure your board, again, is pointing straight in the direction you’re going to
travel. Get your butt toward the edge of the seat if you’re getting ready to get off. Put
your free foot on the stomp pad, and as you approach the stand up area, you’re going to
push off the chair, stand up, glide away. So here I am, getting on the chair. Nice and
balanced, waiting for the chair. Board is pointed away from the chair, going to sit
down, lift the nose of the board up, and off we go safely. Don’t forget the bar down. Okay,
so getting of the chair, making sure again the board is pointed straight, I shuffle to
edge of the chair, put my free foot on the stomp pad, pants inside, and I’m ready to
push off.

Antonio Breitenberg

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24 thoughts on “Snowboarding for Beginners : Getting Into Lift Chair in Snowboarding

  1. pukinator1 says:

    try with both feet atached

  2. m3phisto666 says:

    That aint allowed in a lot of areas…

  3. m3phisto666 says:

    I don't know actually but the guy standin' at the top of the lift always gets mad at anybody who does it…

  4. KillersFreak says:

    actually, the first time i went, i tripped, and fell all the time on the chairlift. So, it is kinda helpful, but then again, maybe i just relly need to practice in that area 🙂

  5. wowcrazy70 says:

    im going snowboarding on december break and i have extremely bad balence any tips?

  6. Sergiy Byalyk says:

    Camera man is an idiot. What are we learning? How to talk about how to get off the chair or how to actuallly get off the chair? Then why are you showing me his face while he's getting off the chair? show me the leg movements, idiot

  7. wasifusion says:

    you make it look soo easy…iv been up a ski lifts 6x never got off properly

  8. Scott Musgrave says:

    I put my boot in my binding before i get off the chair

  9. NyyDave says:

    That's cool if it's straight down from there but sometimes you need to skate a bit.

  10. coldfire9090 says:

    ive been to big hills and im not good at snowboarding at all i get scared of going to fast and bail…..but ive only use t-bone lifts

  11. Belinda Byron says:

    You should probably get one. Your foot will most likely slip off the board and you'll fall on your ass, not fun.

  12. Moist Stem says:

    Yea it works fine just putting your foot on the board. I don't have a foot pad thing and its fine

  13. Joshua Fridinger says:

    i just went to bear creek in pa yesterday. first time on the lift. i had to learn myself haha. no lesson haha

  14. RideFreestyleOhio says:

    ive always wanted to go to snowmass. I can only go to Boston Mills and Brandywine

  15. Highbatros says:

    the handle on the bar landed on my nuts once…. man that was a painful day….

  16. Justin M says:

    @ndk2k4 LOL

  17. JJM says:

    I've only gone once but got used to it and snowboarding I think I take it up well cuz I snowskate and skateboard

  18. xdemyr says:

    what if when you get off the lift you have to turn

  19. Trang Tran says:

    im going snowboarding this weekend …its my first time trying it out..wish me luck :S

  20. EverythingisFire says:

    How was it?

  21. EverythingisFire says:

    It's common like if people are hanging out right in front of the chair lifts. Just turn like you would if you were riding down that hill. Either lean onto your toes or on your heels and you'll glide in that direction.

  22. Trang Tran says:

    It went really well, I had my friends there to guide me as well.

  23. A Sinclair says:

    My Burton Process board doesn't have a stomp pad D: Guess that's why I always manage to fall XD

  24. awesome11agm says:

    Thanks that really help cause all the time I fall off the chair lift and hurt myself so I know how to do it know !!!

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