Snowboarding Breck: Carving, Park, and Bowls

So we got here at 7:30 and the lifts don’t open until 8:30 I guess we’ll just wait here for a while We got fresh corduroy here Let’s see if I can make some really big carve turns Well this is super annoying For some reason the park is closed Like, honestly how hard is it to take down the gate in the morning Come on Breck, get it together! Well, since park lane and freeway are closed I guess we’ll hit up the miny park Do you know when park lane is supposed to open? Park lane? Yeah, the terrain park The sign says it’s open Well, that guy said the park was open because the sign said it was so… let’s go check it again. Ohhh that was sketchy The light is so flat right now. I literally can’t see anything. Okay, check this out In the next clip i’m going to be going over some massive rollers But all you can see is white and that’s pretty much all I can see too. Well they closed the pipe So we’re going to go hit some bowls. It’s like completely blind Huh? It’s completely blind! I know Alright we got to drop this cornice completely blind Let’s give it a shot I’m getting hit with chunks of snow!

Antonio Breitenberg

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