Snowboarding : Basic Snowboarding Position

Snowboarding : Basic Snowboarding Position

Well, here we are. It’s another beautiful
day at Arizona Snowbowl. And we’re going to give you a little bit of an introduction to
snowboarding, as far as body position and athletic stance, relative to the board. As
in any sport, one of the things that’s really important is having a proper athletic stance
and a good reference alignment. And when I say “good reference alignment,” I’m talking
about somebody who’s standing straight up and down, pretty much shoulders, hips, knees,
and ankles. And when I say “good athletic stance,” I’m talking about knees nicely bent
like this. So important in snowboarding-it’s-you just wouldn’t believe it. So, one thing you
want to always look forward to is your comfort level. When you’re in two feet, you’re going
to notice instantly if something is wrong with your feet or legs. One thing you’ll notice
is, if you’re riding on your heels all the time, your lower body is going to hurt a lot.
One thing to also look forward to is, if you’re leaning too much this way, the pressure of
your foot could be getting to you, and it might start to hurt a little bit. Same thing
with you leaning back. It might tweak your body just a little bit. So what you want to
do is try and get equal pressure on both feet. You’ll notice, I’m not leaning back; I’m not
leaning forward. I’m just centered. I don’t want to be back here; I don’t want to be up
here. The more centered I am, the more comfortable your snowboard is going to be on you. This
way is not a good reference alignment. This way is a good reference alignment-shoulders,
hips, knees, ankles, knees bent, back straight.

Antonio Breitenberg

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