Snowboarding at Wisp Resort

Snowboarding at Wisp Resort

Hey guys So today I am headed down to Wisp Resort. Darren and I are gonna shred a little bit on the slopes It has been a while since I’ve done a video. Why don’t you to come along with us? We’re gonna check out the slopes. We finally got some snow here in Garrett County, Maryland, and we’re looking forward to shredding a little gnar today. So all right guys, let’s hit it Hi, this is Darren’s Toys and today we’re going to the Wisp with Daddy [music] We’re here! At the Wisp. It’s another year of snowboarding There’s a big line Interesting fact this helmet is actually a helmet that I purchase for my Onewheel that I haven’t got to use because of the cold winter weather that we’ve been experiencing so finally getting to use it except for here on the slopes Ready to do it The snow is like super super slow today but in a way that’s good I’m moving now Yeah, we’re on the chairlift. It’s chair two. Look! Heading up the mountain Look down! Darren’s eating snow that came from the lake Okay, so this is the first time that we’ve ever attempted Snowboarding with DSLR and a kid! Wish us luck! – Are you vlogging? What’s going on? I can do it Sometimes it’s just easier to let kids sort of adapt on their own and You just gotta let go… that’s like the steepest thing he’s done so far. So like I don’t know he did okay You know he’s still learning the whole toe edge and all that Nice tail butter Yes, he’s ripping it [laughter] Look at him! Chair Three! Can you guys see like everything that’s going on through my Reflective lens here? Was gonna give out my camera but I’m afraid I might drop it So we are using the phone [rarrr] [rarrr] That’s what Darren does on his channel. [gross sound] Oh my gosh that’s gross! [laughter] There’s a proud father moment I’m having here You havin fun Here we go. Whoo hoo! Put the bar down Stay back I know. Oh man. It is starting to snow we’re so lucky that it’s finally snowing like we went through a period there where I I didn’t think it was gonna happen But this just goes to show you know, they made a lot of snow earlier they they laid down a really solid base so that they could Stay open but they didn’t open a lot of trails which I think was a great move and I’m hoping now that if this can cold weather continues they’ll be able to open even more trails and With Darrin actually being able to go down on his own now This is so much fun. I Don’t know life is good We live in an amazing time That’s all I got to say Here we go We decided to go to the top of the mountain it’s really starting to snow a lot Darren finally, let me put his goggles on I think this is gonna be our last run get sort of dark out here My name is Eric Costner. I’m a vlogger here at Deep Creek Lake. If you haven’t already, make sure to hit that subscribe button. Don’t forget to kick that bell Show me some love Going to do a lot more videos from here on out, I think I finally found my groove It is back 2019 style let’s do this After you sir So on the way over to the lodge there’s this hallway and it’s basically like that hallway from The Shining with those two little girls It’s really scary

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6 thoughts on “Snowboarding at Wisp Resort

  1. Rebecca Cosner says:

    Awesome video! Darren, you did great! Loved it! 👍💕😊

  2. Brent Bemiller says:

    Too cute!

  3. Joel Friend says:

    Good job bud, you’ve gotten better sense last year

  4. Kirk Engle says:

    Great job. I love Garrett County. Can't wait to get back soon. Thanks for sharing!


    Hey there. Do they make snow if it isn’t currently snowing? Also, we plan on going Christmas time 2019… is it typically a good time to go a then? Thanks!!

  6. Chase Desjardins says:

    in the orange helmet is me and in the blue is my dad

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