Snowboarding at Okutone Snow Park, Japan

Snowboarding at Okutone Snow Park, Japan

You know back home in Russia, we do not even sleep days before we go skiing or we go snowboarding because it is like going to eat breakfast Too bad, we’re not Russians and this is what you get when you put two girls like us on a first time snowboarding trip. Good morning. It is 5:30 a.m We are in Nokendai Station and we’re waiting for a train to get to Shinjuku, and after we get to Shinjuku we have to walk for ten minutes to get to the bus station So we arrived in Okutone We’re gonna get down We’re kind of miserable here. So far the only skill we’ve come close to mastering is Strapping on our shoes or walking up with one like foot ahead of us It’s hard. There are kids – five-year-old kids who can do it better than we can Like legit Yo, that thing like. Yanni in the beginning you can’t even see the bottom. We just here like and then because we had an instructor. So he was like — Just slide down the slope. We’re like brah. Are you seeing this? Like we cannot even see the bottom. You go girl looking all cool and stuff, brah And she keeps going eh? She keeps going. There we go, and she’s dead. Bye! Nice knowing you.

Antonio Breitenberg

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