Snowboarding at GALA Yuzawa | Cuti-Cuti Jepun and more!

Snowboarding at GALA Yuzawa | Cuti-Cuti Jepun and more!

Alright. We’re going in. There’s no one here. (Put the) board there. I got this ‘Tokyo Wide Pass’. If you want to use a ‘Shinkansen’ with the ‘Tokyo Wide Pass’, I suggest you take the free seatings (non-reserved). There’s no one in the coach, as you can see, I’m happy all alone. So we have a lot of people here. Main lift stations, ‘Sociable’ and also ‘Barouche’. Actually I ran down one round just now but the weather, the snow was falling quite heavy. I just gave up and just waited and slept and watched some netflix. So I’m watching ‘TRAVELERS’ original netflix series. I’m still on season one. It’s really good story. You should try and watch it. So that is the Gondola Station. They have a restaurant and stuff over there. I gonna go for maybe two more rounds after this. ‘GALA Yuzawa Ski resort also have ski lessons and also snowboard lessons. So apparently that guy is teaching snowboard. If you don’t know how to ski or snowboard, you can register for the lessons. It might cost some money, but yeah, It’s fun. So, I’m gonna talk about the ‘Tokyo Wide Pass’ which I mentioned before. So with the ‘Tokyo Wide Pass’, there’s a certain region or area that you can access all the JR trains in the kantou region. So you can search in the website for JR Tokyo Wide Pass. The ‘shinkansen’ range is quite nice because you can reach this snow area, this is GALA Yuzawa Snow Resort. It’s really ‘otoku’ (お得) It’s really… whats the word (?) It’s really worth it. So, it costs 一万円 (¥10,000). It’s ten thousand yen. You can use for three consecutive days. So, if you buy it, you can’t change the date. Make sure you plan your trip well. To reach here, one and half hour, from Tokyo Station or Ueno Station. Get on the ‘shinkansen’. I think it’s the jouetsu-niigata houmen shinkansen.
(上越ー新潟方面新幹線) MAX Tanigawa or MAX Toki, which is bound for Niigata. So it’ll stop at GALA Yuzawa. So the snow is falling back. The snow is falling back. I’m scared that my dslr, is going to get destroyed. Please stop. Ok, we’ve arrived at the first stop. I think I rode on the ‘Barouche’ quad lift. So, the weather’s quite nice now. The snow is not falling anymore. As you can see there, I think that’s the top. Look at the blue sky. Blue sky is back! But I don’t know if I can continue this. It’s very cold. So, we have an observation deck here. I think this is new, last year it wasn’t there. Let’s go up. So this is the observation deck. 鳴らすぞぉ〜!
(Let’s ring it!) Going down. So I’ll just go one round down to see if the weather has improve. The cloud is pretty thick. So, the weather is getting better. It’s not foggy anymore. It’s a bit of a mess, but I dunno, if this is gonna work. We’ll see. So actually I have my snowboard on my leg now. ‘Twas so much fun. I just ran one of the course up there. If you don’t wanna play the ski or the snowboard, you can just hang out here. So this is the snow park, snowmobile sleigh ride zone. And kids are playing here, and also not so extreme adults. No problem if you don’t know how to play ski or snowboard. I think the Gondola tickets, if you don’t wanna play the ski or the snowboard is cheaper than for the tickets to ride on the chairlift for the ski and the snowboard. Alright. I’ve just finished the trip. So I’m in the shinkansen now going back to bound for Tokyo. I’m gonna talk a little bit about the customized trip. It’s called ‘Cuti-Cuti Jepun’ in Malay. You can go to their Instagram,
I think its called C2J (?) or something. And also in Facebook. You can see some of
the photos of the clients on this trip. So this is one of the trip in winter where usually they’ll bring clients on the shinkansen ride to GALA Yuzawa for snow experience. Even for me, I also use this ‘Tokyo Wide Pass’.
So I’ll show you again. This Is the ‘Tokyo Wide Pass’. So most of the foreigners, we will use this ‘Tokyo Wide Pass’ to go to different places. So you can search that on the net where you can reach with the ‘Tokyo Wide Pass’.
(The range) is quite ok. ‘Cuti-Cuti Jepun’ take clients from Malaysia
and there’s a bunch of other tour guides bringing Malaysians. So, even in GALA Yuzawa because I can see them everywhere. So, because GALA Yuzawa is the easiest place to (reach). This train will stop at Ueno and also Tokyo. (whatever) And ya, that’s more less about ‘Cuti-Cuti Jepun’. So if you are Malaysian and you are interested you can go on to their website for the customized winter trip. So, this is a winter trip. So you can enjoy snow in GALA Yuzawa. I think that’s all I have to say. And thank you to the BOSS of ‘Cuti-Cuti Jepun’ Qayyum for giving me this ‘Tokyo Wide Pass’ for free. So, I’ll make a video promoting ‘Cuti-Cuti Jepun’.

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