Snowboarding | A Pure Michigan Winter

Snowboarding | A Pure Michigan Winter

[music] I strap into a snowboard, I take a four minute
lift ride up and you know I can go as fast or slow as I want down the hill, you know if I choose to go
straight or take turns or hit a jump or whatever it really like painting you get to view terrain and interpret it as
a way to leave your mark its really nice, you know theres a lot of
family friendly places in the area to go to when I was growing up that was always fun and now all kinds of different
places to go to and travel we have a lot of shoots and cliffs, in fact
we have cliff drops that are 40 footers, 20 footers, 30 footers throughout the mountain every bit is difficult, every bit is challenging,
the snowfall is very comparable to Colorado snowboarding and skiing in the park scene
is really blowing up so we have small beginner parks with ride on rails and small jumps and small rollers, and we
also have large jumps and large rails and steeper runs and stuff like that my favorite part about snowboarding would
be the wind going through my hair and just the rush its not like your regular football or baseball,
you just throw a board on and go as big as you wanna go I think the favorite park about it is the
sense of adventure, that each day is different, the runs are never the same and you go out there on a powder day or a
non powder day and you always find something thats really different and interesting some people might think snowboarding is just
for young kids, snowboarding is for people of all ages men, women, I’ve been riding with kids as
young as two or four all the way up to 60 or 70 when you put your whole body into it its like
you’re one with the snowboard and I really enjoy that its just a really great place to come out
and enjoy an active lifestyle in an active community and have a great time

Antonio Breitenberg

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11 thoughts on “Snowboarding | A Pure Michigan Winter

  1. Michael Neumann says:

    Cool. Would like to go there any time soon

  2. j5litaker says:

    what park is this?

  3. TheBalloon44 says:

    is this nubs nob???

  4. Darren VanderBoon says:

    The powder shots and the guy talking about cliff drops and the like are from Mt. Bohemia, and I'm not sure about the park footage.

  5. realchimera says:

    i thought there are all bunny hills unless you go to upper peninsular

  6. realchimera says:

    And the cost to fly to an upper peninsular snow resort is almost as expensive as the cost to visit Jackson, Colorado, or Utah resorts

  7. Sue Mikhel says:

    Snowboarding was invented in Michigan

  8. Cameron Schuelke says:

    nubs nob

  9. Ben Hoerle says:

    Wish they showed MI's best park place on here, Cannonsburg

  10. AbusedPopTart says:


  11. KamisDesigns says:

    Cannonsburg is the best!! Like if you agree!

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