Snowboarding a Half-Pipe : Snowboard Half-Pipe Common Mistakes

Snowboarding a Half-Pipe : Snowboard Half-Pipe Common Mistakes

General mistakes I see that people do when
they are trying to drop in to the half pipe is keeping their legs straight. For snowboarding
in general whether or not you are taking turns down the hill, hitting a handrail, a jump,
or a half pipe it is really crucial to have loose knees, just keep them bent at all times,
the more bent they are the better off you are going to be, especially for the half pipe.
Your knees are like your shock absorbers so if they are completely straight you will have
nowhere to go. If they are bent you can have a little bit of leeway in how much you can
pump the walls. What I mean when I say pumping the walls is just make sure that you can bend
your knees as you pump into the wall you bend down and when you push away from the wall
it will add speed, you will feel it in your feet. When you are coming to the next wall
and you are looking up keep your knees bent, go low and then as you go up the wall you
want to push away from it almost and that is called pumping and that is how you maximize
your speed in the half pipe. When you are dropping in from your toes and you want to
pump the wall it is the same thing as from your heels just be sure to keep your knees
bent nice and loose as you are dropping in, you want to bend them and as you are crossing
the center of the pipe go ahead and push away as you are approaching the next wall and you
will feel your momentum pick up and you will feel yourself gain speed. It is the same way
to pump on both of your heel side and your toeside it is just a matter of finding your
rhythm. A mistake I see a lot of people making is the fact that when they approach a half
pipe they just expect to right away get 18 feet of air, grab rail and just make it look
super style but remember it is baby steps so just try and easy style it. You are not
going to get out first try so my best advice is just start out slow and get the feeling
of what the walls feel like and get the feeling of how to pump and really get the feeling
of what it feels like to ride the half pipe before you even try airing out. Once you get
comfortable with the speed with dropping in, with pumping the tranny the closer you will
get to airing out.

Antonio Breitenberg

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39 thoughts on “Snowboarding a Half-Pipe : Snowboard Half-Pipe Common Mistakes

  1. riprider03 says:

    That shit was hillarious I didnt even notice till I read you comment

  2. Anson Nurnberg says:

    i always wait til im at the lip straightin out my legs so i get more air

  3. SleepingPeace says:

    I'd say.

  4. ShredinT9 says:

    this girl sucks at teaching shit

  5. Anthony Tran says:

    exactly my thought…except i would say WAY too big. she's all goggle.

  6. Chad Mason says:

    dont hate on that goggle sag son thats steez

  7. Chad Mason says:

    dont ever say bro it up you sound like a gnarr gaper

  8. Chad Mason says:

    yeah pipes kinda dope but when your at bear like she is why the fuck wouldnt you jib your ass of like really

  9. Cody says:

    ha it sounded like she said to pump while going up the wall? i dunno either way wat up chika

  10. Rattpak says:

    like dick pump

  11. Cody says:

    haha wat?

  12. The Floppy Llama says:

    1:34 LOLOL background

  13. Maarten Kant says:


  14. Olivier Paalvast says:

    best part of the film xD

  15. ryanblinkguy says:

    hahaha you mean in the background? Didn't notice the first time

  16. davyman13 says:

    haha 2;01…. some dude falls over top left

  17. DONGSQUAT says:


  18. lzekl says:

    @DeDeDurINC actually its bear mountain

  19. zeroskater720 says:

    I wish she would actually show us instead of just talking.

  20. Kribby2k6 says:

    @zeroskater720 lol yea I know what u mean, probs coz she cant do shit

  21. sonorabob says:

    pump your tranny

  22. zeroskater720 says:

    dude if that's a guy, his balls need to drop or sumthin.

  23. zeroskater720 says:

    if you look at the info it says that it is a girl but I could see where you were coming from.

  24. sicknastyfooll says:

    useless as usual

  25. Saul G says:

    Thanks 🙂

  26. JimmmyD says:

    @pooalley Skaters say the same – Transition = Tranny

  27. outlawgoalie30 says:

    1:31 watch the guy on the red kinked rail LMFAO

  28. Pita G says:

    One thing she didnt mention is the position of your shoulders and weight… your shoulders should always bein squared with the wall. (as the wall changes slope your shoulders should too). Also your weight should be evenly distributed on both legs all the time. Can not be in the back seat or leaning over the nose.

  29. Danny McMurrough says:

    guys don't like getting lessons from girls….

  30. Skylar Helm says:

    @outlawgoalie30 HA HA HA….fail…he tried to play it off..

  31. Adam Deakin says:

    @a44007 wtf are you on smack

  32. Passive Income Geek says:

    dood i faved the vid just so i can watch the guy falling off the box at 1:30 lol

  33. MCFCOlli says:

    Check out the yellow snowborder on the background: 1:30-1:37…FAIL!

  34. SnowboardSecretsTV says:

    Who is she, what resort, what are her qualifications? I need more info. My videos always give the goods, and don't leave you hanging and scratching your head like this one.

  35. CarShark says:

    Really? Why are you trying to be steezy?

  36. iBikeProductionz says:

    FAIL in the background 1:30-1:36


  37. 19BARD85 says:

    this girl is soooo cute i want to kiss her little big goggle wearing face

  38. Sunny Lam says:

    Thats a very nice kitchen

  39. Victor F says:

    Life is too short for baby steps.

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