Snowboarding: A guide to life

Snowboarding: A guide to life

This is me. No, not him. Jep, that’s me. Life is all about learning and development. Doing stuff better, more precise, quicker,..
you name it. First, you try something new. When failure hits you, you’ll fall, fall, fall again, and again. But life is not
about falling. Life is definitly not about falling. Life is about standing up, and learn: Why did I fall? And finally, you’ll get it. Or…you thought so. In the end, just take the courage to learn
something new. And start all over again.

Antonio Breitenberg

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2 thoughts on “Snowboarding: A guide to life

  1. Rhythmless says:

    damn, zalig filmpke! 😀

  2. Colin Bryant says:

    Sick edit!

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