Snowboarding: 50/50 Box & Handrail Grinds : Snowboarding: Approach a 50/50 on a Box

Snowboarding: 50/50 Box & Handrail Grinds : Snowboarding: Approach a 50/50 on a Box

All right. In this segment, we’re going to
talk about the approach to a 50/50 on a box. You, basically, want to keep some speed. You
want to come in with a little bit of speed, at least enough to get you to the end. You
don’t want to stop halfway through. That would be bad. You also don’t want to take any turns
right before you approach the box. Right about here, once you’re right in front of the box,
you want to go ahead and make sure that your base is flat. And you just go for it from
here. If you take any last-minute turns from here, it’s just going to put you on an edge,
and you’re going to flip out. Nobody wants that. You don’t want to approach the box too
quickly. If I were to point it all the way down from here, I’d be having way too much
speed. So go ahead and turn into it, on your way down. Right before you hit it, put your
base flat and prepare to hit the box.
Flat base, follow-through. And that’s how you 50/50.

Antonio Breitenberg

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17 thoughts on “Snowboarding: 50/50 Box & Handrail Grinds : Snowboarding: Approach a 50/50 on a Box

  1. lordmufasa says:

    so true

  2. Tanner Esser says:

    your goggles are to big and you look like a fly

  3. Surprise AdVANture says:

    true say

  4. SoSickWidit says:

    bear mountain, so-cal

  5. Alex Daigle says:

    its a good thing her goggles are the size of her face

  6. datsm3 says:

    that's not a box. That's a small continent.

  7. Jesse Man says:

    now that we have mastered the hardest box in the park you can start to learn the triple rodeo and double cork

  8. AGuyInAG says:

    @BURTONrider1000 I don't think she was using sarcasm. -_-"

  9. AGuyInAG says:

    @BURTONrider1000 I'm sorry, it seemed as though you were mocking her saying it that way with the "wtf" part of your comment. And please don't use profanity, it's really immature -.-

  10. AGuyInAG says:

    @BURTONrider1000 Then everyone looks at your comment and goes, "Wow what an immature child." So go ahead, do be immature, people will laugh. I mean, ~you tottalllly want that eh?~ Btw that was sarcasm, if you couldn't figure it out.

  11. MrKolerful says:

    how the fuck did you get out of the kitchen?

  12. Vincent Laroza says:

    @harley23andrew They put it in for the… "mentally challenged"

  13. 86oldsouth says:

    its a giant box just ride the fucking thing

  14. arlen wright says:

    her goggle is way to big

  15. airjordansk8 says:

    i dont want to hit the box tht would be mean

  16. Nguyen Nguyen says:

    if you fall on a box this wide, go try skiing

  17. copticgirl73 says:

    Wait is this supposed to be a box or something…

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