Snowboarder Hits Tree, Breaks leg, and Self Evacs. GoPro MAX

Snowboarder Hits Tree, Breaks leg, and Self Evacs. GoPro MAX

Hello? Hey I just hit a tree and I think I
might have just broken my leg. Are you serious?! Yeah I’m not joking. How do I get up to you?
Um I’m okay where are you? I’m at Tombstone. Okay I can probably get myself out of the
trees. Are you sure? I can come up. I’m okay. I think he just broke his leg. Possibly, I’m
not sure. He’s alone. I’m okay, I’m okay. I’m okay. I’m okay. You can get out? Are you
sure? I’m okay. Okay. Alright I gotta go. Where should I meet you? Stay at Tombstone
and I’ll see what’s going on. It’s not definite but I got rocked. Okay. Bye. Are you sure
you don’t want me to call someone? Yeah, I’m okay. Okay. Alright, bye. Bye. So I’m snowboarding,
it’s not that great out and I just hit a tree with my lower leg. I’d say it’s like a 50%
chance I just broke my leg. And I’m alone. So I’m going to have to scoot myself out.
I mean I could probably call ski patrol but I’m going to see if I can scoot out of here.
But maybe I didn’t break it and I’m just being a baby. That’s also possible. Let’s hope that’s
the case. I smoked that tree and I’m pretty sure I broke
my leg. At least I really really badly hurt it. I need to get out of here and I’m in the
woods alone. I can’t snowboard out so I’m going to scoot out. It ***** hurts. God ****. Stupid.
Gosh. Alright, here we go. I’ve broken my collar bone twice and never got a patrol evac
I’m not about to break my leg and get a sled ride out. I can at least make it back to Ashley
I think. Come on baby get me home. Get me home. You alright? Oh, god. Nah, I think I
broke leg. You don’t need to run. But yeah I’m just kind of scooting my way out. I’ll
call somebody for you. It’s alright, my girlfriend’s down there. I just talked to her she said
she could call somebody. Are you sure dude? Yeah I mean I just smoked a tree with my lower
leg. I was going this way and the tree nailed it. It’s so powdery out here. I’m okay, I
mean I’m not even sure it’s broken, I mean I hurt it pretty bad. I can put a little,
I was actually just about to try to stand on it. I got rocked. What tree did you hit?
It was a pretty big one. Man, I can call. It’s alright. Are you sure? Yeah I think,
you’ve got two bones in your lower leg, the main one I think is okay. It’s the little
one that’s pissed. Damn. I’m okay, thank you for stopping. Do you want me to wait for you?Nah
dude have a good day. I’m like I’m not going to die. I don’t think. Yeah but you’re in
the middle of the woods. I’m back to sledding dude we’re good. Where you from? From here!
Well from Massachusetts but lived out here for about 13 years. How about you? I just
moved here a month ago. From where? North Carolina. Awesome. I was at the beach for
awhile. What are you doing out here? Just working here. At the Can? Can you walk? No,
I wish. Want me to carry you dude? No. I could try. Only if you throw my legs up over your
head and we do this weird… Dude, I’m good man. I’ll get out of here. Are you sure? It’s
just going to take me a bit. Yeah. I don’t want to leave you man. It’s all good. I work
here, my name’s Josh. Josh, Andrew. I used to ski patrol here I know the protocol. It’s
a pride thing. I’ve broken bones before and I’ve gotten myself out of it. Part of the
fun, you know? Oh Andrew. You dummy. I’ll go this way I guess. Dummy. Come on Andrew.
Try and talk to someone. If you see ski patrol be like hey, my boyfriend just hurt his leg
he’s on his way down slowly but we’re going to need a ride back to the base area if possible.
Cause they have a shuttle vehicle so. Okay. You can tell them I’m coming down Escapade
slowly. Okay. Alright thank you. Yup. Bye. Bye. At least I’m getting some face shots
down here it’s pretty sick. Oh no, no no no. I’m going to put the GoPro away because
I’m embarrassed to be scooting around on a groomer with a GoPro out and a broken leg.
I can put a little bit of pressure on it, I think this shin bone is intact but I think
the other guy, the fib?, got rocked. Tib’s the shin fibs on the outside. Yeah. Pretty
sure that thing got blown out. If I had to guess. We’ll hopefully the base crew can get
here. Cool I’m not dying. Trying to head up to Alaska in the spring. If it’s just not
broken it’s just a muscular thing. Made it. It’s fine. Do you have an email? Sweet. I
can hold it up. Should have just gone home. This is why I’m not a dingus and don’t ride
through the trees like that. Did you at least get it on camera? Oh it’s recording! Yeah
leave it recording. Yeah I did. Can you turn that off?

Antonio Breitenberg

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56 thoughts on “Snowboarder Hits Tree, Breaks leg, and Self Evacs. GoPro MAX

  1. Kyle Herman says:

    Best of luck in recovery man. Rough go, ouch.

  2. Fleetwood says:

    You’ll be back on your feet in no time champion!

  3. Drew Gilmore says:

    Heal up fast bud! The self-evac was nuts.

  4. alliwantisalife says:

    Your a tough sob man! Best of luck recovering!

  5. Eric Anspach says:

    That was one heavy hit dude = embrace the time to recover. You’ll hit the ground running when your leg is back in one piece.

  6. CODandCheddar says:

    I can probably call ski patrol but I got a damn video to make!

  7. Curtis Venn says:

    Surprising audio from that GoPro. Did you have any mic attachments from it?

    Hope it heals up nicely.

  8. Joseph says:

    I literally did the EXACT same thing a few years ago. Self recovered and everything. Identical break. I feel your pain. Thankfully the Fibia is a fast healing bone and non weight bearing. Good job getting out and don’t let it keep you from getting back into the trees.

  9. Dutch Blokzyl says:

    Holy shit man, I felt that hit from Pennsylvania.

  10. WinstonBella says:

    wow…great camera coverage and clarity. I felt that pain. Well wishes.

  11. Brianna Nigl says:

    Holy crap I didnt think you were going to post it. I seriously give you credit for being so damn optimistic through the pain. You're such a champ.

  12. Pieter De Wolf says:

    That’s why I am not skiing this winter, then you would have broken both your legs😫. Good luck my friend I hope you’ll have a good recovery! Keep up the good work! (From The Netherlands)

  13. Brianna Nigl says:

    I dont mean to laugh but 15:54 got me giggling a little bit when you started repeating no no no.

  14. 2kidsContent Adventures says:

    I haven't felt a video in a while. Good ol ski patrol not wanting to be held liable for their actions while being recorded.

  15. kris lovell says:

    Yeah, I agree. Poor decision, but I have a feeling you just might make a few of those. 2 Broken collar bones, the Fibula. what's next…….for your parents sake, I'm glad you're ok.

  16. the1412 says:

    That is nasty

  17. P.Trick_WD40 says:

    When he hit that tree. I felt that

  18. Keith Parady says:

    Damn right u got rocked I could feel the hit

  19. feli pascu says:

    Your awesome Andrew, hope u r okay while reading this, get well soon bro

  20. Roamaroo says:

    Ouch! This couldn't be easy watching it happen again. But thanks for sharing, Get Well Soon!

  21. Leo Richeson says:

    I just broke my leg 2 weeks ago doing my favorite sport as well, I feel your pain

  22. EveresttML says:

    Hope recovery goes good! you are a trooper for shuttling yourself!

  23. LIvingoffgriduk says:

    Good Luck

  24. Asa Lee Meadows says:

    Damn, that hurt to watch. Speedy recovery. At least the build on the roamer is done.

  25. castano jessica says:

    Hope you get well soon

  26. Nathan Harris says:

    broke my collarbone boarding in the trees at vail.. i didnt call ski patrol either. ha. hope for a speedy recovery for ya!

  27. Manca Rombo says:

    Dude you are so happy, i broke two lower leg bones and i couldn't move anything. I'm grateful that the ambulace was there but you are so happy couse you can stand on your broken leg. I couldn't stand properly for 3 months. And i need 1 year to recover. Don't worry you will recover soon🤙

  28. Automotive Distributors says:

    Damn man, it really sucks to end the season that way. Stay positive tho and u will get thru it quickly.

    I've blown out the Clavicle as well and self evacuated many miles out the woods…just me and my Border Collie.

    U def have a tough mind and a ton of determination. Shit will be good again n soon…time to relax with the girl and pup for a little is all.

  29. rubired123 says:

    You need to learn to accept and ask for help! Hope for a speedy recovery ❤️

  30. Iridian Cruz says:

    I couldn’t help but think you were rolling off the edge of the world the WHOLE video!

  31. Noah Graff says:

    Wow that is just painful. I’ve blown out knees, and broken my back but I’ve always been terrified of anything tib/fib related after seeing the pain it’s caused friends of mine. Wishing you a speedy recovery!

  32. FamilieOF Sanders says:

    Ouch. Hope you are doing well. That hit!!! My wife & I both yelled the moment you hit the tree. Owww!

  33. Chris Brackenbury says:

    Man my butt puckered when you hit that tree , reminded me of the time when a car hit us head on on a Greek island volcano area on a trial bike and we ended getting emergency opp's done with no anesthetic and me with a leather bit in my mouth and strapped down screaming to the gurney.
    Those shock endorphin pain killing effects are a wonderful thing until they wear off.
    Make for some great campsite story's hey!. Great video work though 🙂

  34. hkmetz14 150 says:


  35. Anne Saunders says:

    It is okay to accept help! None of us has to do life alone! Whatever you take, you will have the opportunity to give back.

  36. TJack Survival says:

    Ouch… been there but with my arm. No thank you.

  37. John Beckman says:

    Some days, the tree wins.

  38. C Bogue says:

    Dude! Sorry about your leg… I had to courtesy shuttle from the exact same place two weeks earlier (likely tore something in my shoulder). Heal up quick!

  39. Kirsten Pieson says:

    Lots of prayers to you and your family. I hope your able to make a speedy recovery! Take care of yourself!

  40. frenchphot says:

    i'll be harsh but this is ridiculous and pathetic……no complain you searched for the trouble, even no helmet, seriously you're lucky you just hit the leg. Btw I've been maintenance manager for ski station and saw so many heroes broke themselves to impress their friends while going wild and crash on rocks, stumps, etc…. how far you're gonna go for clickbait ?

  41. Satellite says:

    That's so hard core!!

  42. Gentadventure says:

    Sorry to see that…But great job getting yourself out of the trees. 🍺 here’s to fast recovery

  43. Lendog22 says:

    Oh damn…. that hoping for a quick and successful recovery.

  44. Paul Miller says:

    Dude, I was just out there in Jupiter last weekend by myself with my van. Healthy reminder to be careful in those trees when boarding on your own.

  45. Richard Larkins says:

    you are right, ,self evac was stupid Andrew, a friend of mines mother broke her leg skiing, thought she was fine, toughed it out only to die of a massive stroke from a blood clot caused by her refusing to immobilize her leg immediately.

  46. Jackie Kido says:

    So sorry bro. Heal up and you'll be back out there before you know it ❤❤

  47. John 928 says:

    Andrew, I felt that… damn

  48. #NorthernMichiganXJs Overland says:

    Man when you hit that tree. I felt that shit through the video!!! I have had plenty of boarding crashes to know how bad that felt lol. Hope you have a speedy recovery!

  49. Dan Birch says:

    Man that hurt to watch. Hope you recover soon. I watched it with my kids and we used it as a what not to do lesson, of course they don’t always listen to me so watching might be a better way to learn. We were skiing Tamarack two days ago and I said, new resort so take it easy. We are going up Summit lift and see them playing on a expert slope. Sure glad they are great skiers even if they are under 5 foot tall.

  50. Milo Netzler says:

    As a recent subscriber of ur channel i really like what ur doing being an overlander myself. However, as a one that does adventurous outside activities i was greatly disappointed that u let ur pride stand in the way of that guy helping u out. Regardless if u know ur terrain or even trained in rescue u really should of accepted his help. All that extra strain on ur good leg could have caused more damage to the broken one. Hopefully ur not so stubborn n prideful next time. Trust me i like to do things on my own too but being older now im grateful and willing to accept help. Just food for thought. Now…get better and get that beast of a rig out on the road!

  51. Larry Zevon says:

    “Smoked a tree” means something entirely different to me 😂 but man that impact was crazy. Good luck in your recovery,make the most of it.

  52. Sam Wilson says:

    Every time he tries to walk I squirm

  53. MittaGames says:

    Glad im here before 1 mil views

  54. naoyuki sasanami says:

    Reminded me of when i broke shoulder and arm bones while mountain biking in back country.
    Realized my broken arm was on the rear brake side. I wonder i was going to distress

  55. Kold XIV says:

    Did you find out what you broke

  56. Dan says:

    Dude you were hauling ass……

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