Snowboarder Enni Rukajärvi gets back to the snow in Finland

Snowboarder Enni Rukajärvi gets back to the snow in Finland

Autumn is the most anguish time of the year. There is nothing to do and the weather is really bad. But on the other hand I like autumn. After a long waiting period we finally get some snow and it is just so much fun. It is just a very unique feeling to be finally able to ride at the home resort Ruka. Everything does not always go as planned. This year winter came a month later than normally. But I’m totally fine with it already Slopes are open, winter is here and I’m super stoked to be able to ride at my home resort again!

Antonio Breitenberg

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88 thoughts on “Snowboarder Enni Rukajärvi gets back to the snow in Finland

  1. Andres Blea says:


  2. TheMadmatt224 says:


  3. burt0n1093 says:

    First !

  4. ottomoi says:

    Suomiii!!! 🙂

  5. Rafael Medeiros says:


  6. Marco de Haan says:

    first! (i know i am not)

  7. Sven Feix says:

    Great Video love it.

  8. ThumbsUpPeople says:

    Not really snowy here in Finland at the moment 🙁

  9. Max Yudashkin says:

    Thumbs up if yur 306 viewer

  10. jaguardo says:

    dont understand a shiet

  11. NiklasKoukku says:

    Finland rocks ! (:

  12. Benjamin says:

    @jaguardo10 no one does. Completely unique language… No relatives AT ALL in the "world of language"

  13. Simon Samuelsen Aabø says:

    haha, my little sister can do the same! jk

  14. MsDadda says:

    @jaguardo10 why didnt you use the subtitle function? press cc

  15. Fingerberg says:

    Rukalle peukkua!

  16. Jukka58 says:

    @BennoSwe You don't obviously know what you are talking about… Have you ever heard Estonian language? Damn you swedes are stupid. We will kill you tonight at u20 wc. Granlund is on fire again

  17. vanRossumFCU says:

    lol our winter hasnt even started

  18. SuolaOnNamia says:

    Hyvä Suomi!

  19. Hyphy101dre says:


  20. HaDagdegan says:

    what language is this? 🙂

  21. Eppu Palomäki says:

    @HaDagdegan Finnish

  22. Loza says:

    I wanna go there to practice, mountains here are full 😐

  23. Cédric Pélissier-Jolin says:

    @tobyhawk828 absolutly

  24. SeshMastaFlex says:

    i like the part where she 5050-180's… oh wait

  25. Martin Gun says:

    SUOMI! 😀

  26. Overpass Visuals says:

    @samuelweiler It's beautiful, compared to your (–> :S ) Face. 🙂

  27. james kline says:

    winter hasn't showed up where i live in sweden yet. it's still +6 celsius and raining

  28. Adam Matthew says:

    I have just got back from my holiday in Finland:)

  29. Max Yudashkin says:

    @WASQEHTN lol i know dude haha thanks ;] happy new year

  30. dandab says:

    it's january and tahoe still has no snow 🙁

  31. Hugo Slater says:

    I thought it was normal to wear goggles over the eyes?

  32. Hazen J. T-C says:

    cc button!

  33. Weltriq says:

    Thumbs up if you are not viewer 5458, and also feel like you wanna thumb this comment up for no apparent reason.

  34. Ammon Goines says:

    @Weltriq lame………

  35. Ryan Ganose says:

    So here I am, revising for some bullshit exams that'll supposedly enable me to get a better job, make more money, and be happier in life.
    Its videos like this that make me wanna just fuck it all, move somewhere remote, get a reasonable job somewhere local and just enjoy my fucking life- be it by snowboarding, surfing or whatever

  36. lukejwalt says:

    @blazingman311 , that's so fucking true…

  37. KarlBryngelsson says:

    Why does women have such a weird bodystance and still pull of tricks without falling?

  38. Greg Discipio says:

    what did she say?

  39. Joe B says:

    @blazingman311 so true man. i'd love to get a small flat in the swiss alps, work as a barman or something and just snowboard whenever i wanted. that would be the life. if i fail my a-levels, i'm going to do it.

  40. TheUsernine says:

    anyone else not see a single chair lift

  41. ziza012 says:

    ohho suomalaista ääniraitaa kuuluu redbullin kanavalta! 😀

  42. The0Pi says:

    Don't need subtitles – Feel like a BOSS.

  43. Austin Trummel says:

    actually, you are all retarded. if the view counter says 306, that means that you are viewer 307.

  44. Fortzub says:

    @Trumaust7 finally some1 understands [email protected]#$%^&*

  45. HUYNTORTO says:

    @Trumaust7 how?

  46. Joey Armenta says:

    Why is she snow boarding? GET HER BACK IN THE KICTCHEN NOW! XD

  47. Kyudong Lim says:

    where is she from? just wondering

  48. Tyler Kamp says:

    odd looking kitchen

  49. Bryan Geiser says:

    @Trumaust7 LOL 😀

  50. hitachicm751et says:

    @xHostilizingx Read the title/description, Tard..

  51. batmanfan21 says:

    idk what the hell she was saying but id let her ride my pipe any day! 😀

  52. Cristian Rodrigo Matamala Muñoz says:

    R de rica, R de RIDER!

  53. Jason herrera says:

    For redbull that was WEAK!!! We have better girl riders here in cali.

  54. Ryan H says:

    song names?

  55. EpicRiceCake says:

    @jmacksomeone ya, but shes from Finland!

  56. Gohans_Itlog says:

    Hot accent

  57. yamaha188zt says:

    man i can do all that easy……in my dreams

  58. tyler says:

    why does she have goggles when she isnt even wearing them in the snow

  59. Jerry W says:

    @TheSquawfan you've never brought goggles in case it starts snowing but not wear them? O_O

  60. Martin Ophaug says:

    Finland y u no sound like scandinavian language?

  61. Marcus Boisen says:

    ghfvjbvjkvjghfyug ghuihkjbyj hjbkjh kjhuiohjkhhukh hkhl, i totally understand this shiit…

  62. apepoopie53 says:

    wow that was lame as hell

  63. Martti Nuutinen says:

    SUOMI <3

  64. Zapnn Starr says:

    SUOMI ON PARASS<3<3<3<3

  65. Austin Trummel says:

    @badgerfan2674 yes.

  66. Ville Mujunen says:

    ah, mikä nainen <3

  67. str8sushi says:

    Do all the kitchens in Finland have snow in them? weird…0_o

  68. Victor Gonçalves says:

    it looks pretty easy

  69. Michael Menton says:

    Marryy meee!

  70. Matias Hytti says:

    @hohohee1 no finn

  71. MrCodaman says:

    @blazingman311 Amen!

  72. 3arnotg says:

    i thought professionals were only sponsored by Red Bull?

  73. August Larsson says:

    what's so special with her? did she blow somebody to get sponsored?

  74. Alessandra Di Benedetto says:


  75. FelJocke says:

    @blazingman311 Just do it man, it's your life damnit!

  76. Eric Norberg says:

    @The0Pi Maybe cuz finnish is the ugliest language in the world

  77. The0Pi says:

    @norberglol Ooooohhh I get it, you're Swedish aren't you? And you're still mad! 6-1 man, 6-1 😉

  78. Eric Norberg says:

    @The0Pi not talking about floorball. how about hockey jvm ;)? 3-2 sweden. grandlund, wheres the puck?

  79. Ben H says:

    @blazingman311 haha doing the exact same thing

  80. Kupsukki says:

    why it's hard to understand that finnish people speaks FINNISH

  81. Jukka58 says:

    @DjFlaxy First, I wouldn't mind if she blowed me. Second, she won slopestyle wc gold 2011. Who should Redbull sponsor if not her, when she is the best there is?

  82. MrZesba says:

    @hohohee1 finnish :p

  83. MrZesba says:

    @norberglol 6-1

  84. Jalkatonttu says:

    cause were the best 🙂

  85. ninten688 says:

    Tiiäkkö miksi ruotsalaisilla on ankee joulu? Koska niillä on vaa yksi kuusi! heh

  86. Valtteri M. says:

    "Why Finnish doesn't sound like a Scandinavian language?" Because we got nothing to do with Scandinavians. Why are you ppl so stupid

  87. TuukkaJ says:


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