Snowboard Tricks: Wheelies : Snowboarding Tricks: Tail & Nose Wheelie Differences

Snowboard Tricks: Wheelies : Snowboarding Tricks: Tail & Nose Wheelie Differences

So in this section, we’re just going to talk
a little bit about the difference between a tail wheelie and a nose wheelie. Basically,
a nose wheelie is the same concept as a tail wheelie, you’re just switch. You just have
all your weight on your nose instead of your tail, and you’re going down the mountain switched.
I’m a goofy-footer, so if I did a tail wheelie, my weight would center over my back foot,
being my left foot, like so. And if I wanted to change up and do a nose wheelie, I’d simply
ride down switched. Do the same steps, and put all my weight on my nose, like so. And
that’s basically the difference between a nose wheelie and a tail wheelie. If you learn
how to do them both ways, that’s better than if you can only do the one way. It’s better
to be a strong rider both directions, than an average rider one direction. So, if you….I’m
goofy footed, but if you happen to be a regular footed, it’s the same concept. A tail wheelie,
all of your weight would be focused on your right leg, like so. Make sure that your left
foot is forward. That is a regular tail block….I mean tail wheelie. If you wanted to do a nose
wheelie, just switch it up, and put all of your weight over your left foot, and raise
your right foot. And that would be a tail wheelie. The only difference is whether or
not you’re on your nose or your tail. Whether or not you’re goofy or regular. Get out there
and have fun with it.

Antonio Breitenberg

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23 thoughts on “Snowboard Tricks: Wheelies : Snowboarding Tricks: Tail & Nose Wheelie Differences

  1. john moritz says:

    showing the actual trick might be helpful here. 😉

  2. Danlax541 says:

    goggles are too big for her face

  3. Nate Woo says:

    there is defiantly no wheels involved

  4. RavidKun says:

    does some 1 even get shit of what expert village say?XD or they friggen suck explainin or no 1 gets em lol

  5. dsasuke49 says:

    its a girl

  6. Sava Shoemaker says:

    expert village fucking sucks they dont no shit its fuckin presses or butters n if u all believe her ur fuckin tools too

  7. skizzle4shizzle says:

    wheelie? are you serious? not the correct term. please stop making theese rediculous uninformative videos. btw where is the wheel on the snowboard?????

  8. Gary Pain says:

    Ha ha she is wearing a fat mans x-large goggles!

  9. Danny McMurrough says:

    Not a great video, but good try. Don't pay attention to all the lame ass people criticizing they do it especially cause they don't like to see girls snowboarding.

  10. Carl Akacich says:

    @marcosesco rofl

  11. Johan Nilsson says:

    Girl… you need bigger goggles.

  12. Ralph Daub says:

    "It's better to be a strong rider both directions, than an average rider one direction."

    LOL! No shit Sherlock.

    It's better to be average than to be stupid.

  13. sven kodasma says:

    ohh myyy goood, everyone knows that if i want to do a "nose wheelie" i gotta lean forward, teachs us something new plz

  14. mykc430 says:

    lol… could the goggle gets any bigger?

  15. Daniel Del Pino says:

    Try to do the fly wheelie, i think it fits u prefectly

  16. evilewins says:

    wheelies? arent they called presses? little head big goggle ass girl right here hahahaha

  17. Stay Trippy says:

    I wonder if these guys do this on purpose? Because all of their vids are shit and none of the tricks they do are right. (also its called a nose press, tail press)

  18. drukenhard says:

    Sweet tip….can you do a video on where to attach the wheels to my snowboard?

  19. Er Manno says:

    U found that goggle on google, right!?

  20. jebusfu says:

    "Its better to be a strong rider both directions than a average rider one direction…" You dont say?!

  21. Larson Lowenberg says:


  22. Applebobert123 says:

    Are you retarded?

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