Snowboard Tricks: Jumps : Snowboard Tricks: Clean Jump Landing

Snowboard Tricks: Jumps : Snowboard Tricks: Clean Jump Landing

All right, this is more of how to land good.
You know, you don’t want to fall. Try to make it…to. I’m going to strap in. Okay, before
you hit the jump, if you can see the landing, you definitely want to keep your eyes on the
landing. If you can’t, then, you have to just be ready for it and keep looking. Keep your
knees ready…keep ’em bent. Jump. So that’s, that’s really the way to do it. It’s definitely
fun. You know, keep looking ahead. Look out for stuff that’s, you know, way too bumpy
or too good for your ability. It’ll be good.

Antonio Breitenberg

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12 thoughts on “Snowboard Tricks: Jumps : Snowboard Tricks: Clean Jump Landing

  1. RavidKun says:

    wtf is with that backround kid on 4 on the snowboard o.o

  2. NeroRome says:

    LOL ya i know hahaha tobogannin?

  3. Tim Paulson says:

    i think it would be hard to not land clean on a "jump" that small, if u even wanna call it a jump.

  4. eleszar1 says:

    @LeinadNesterbegne then we should give a cup or something to your friend and some claps!
    U talk like we give a shit! -_-

  5. brokentoysyndicate says:

    These videos are stupid. I'd say there more damaging than helpful.

  6. Ryan Knapp says:

    is this some kind of joke? thats the smallest jump i have ever seen?

  7. Andrew lanthier says:

    OH SHIT!

  8. kevin schoolprojects says:

    thats a bump

  9. chep999 says:

    this is a clip for beginners. It makes no sence doing a beginner cilp on a 5 meter kicker because eventually u gona kill someone

  10. Bethany Shustock says:

    @MrPollock28 my first jump wasnt that tiny :] i'd say a pretty decent 4ft jump was the first thing i wen off of. i didnt land it but i didnt hurt myself or epicly fail either.

  11. Mark Dacosta says:

    "expert"village, not "guy who's high on crack and is going off a 5cm jump with a shanty town snowboard" village.

  12. Dakota Patel says:

    that jump is like 4cm high

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