Snowboard Trick Tip How To Chicken Salad Grab With Tim Eddy: The Trick ep. 1

Snowboard Trick Tip How To Chicken Salad Grab With Tim Eddy: The Trick ep. 1

Hello, Preston here. You’re watching The Trick on Network A. We’re at Pizza Party at the base of Mount Hood. We’re going to meet up with the one and only Tim Eddy if we can wake him up in there. He is going to teach us some snowboarding. Good morning gentlemen.
Tim Eddy, the legend. What do you say before we head up to the
mountain you serve up some of that pizza party. I wish man, but the grill isn’t fired up until 2. What else do you got? I know where you can get some righteous chicken salad on the slopes right now.
Chicken Salad let’s do this. Okay Tim, the Chicken Salad. Break it down, what is it? Funny you ask. I’m on my snowboard. Back edge, between the legs, twist the wrist, poke. Alright, well let’s go on the mountain and do this for real. We are here on the actual snow right now and we’re going to get down to some chicken
salads. Tim I know you’ve got a damn good one. Tim, what is your secret recipe? Well the recipe consists of 4 ingredients approach take-off maneuver landing So the first ingredient is the approach. You’re going to want to approach
a jump that you’re comfortable with you’re aware of It can be any size jump. Any slope bump. What you want to do is be flat base a little pressure on your toes. To get that good pop. The initial pop is what is really important here. That brings us to the next ingredient, which is the take-off. And with that it is just one fluid motion where you are going to want to pop, little toe pressure. At the same time you are going to want to suck up your back knee and extend your front leg as much as possible to make that grab as easy as you can. Bring the grab to you.
The next ingredient is the maneuver. What you are going to do is bring the board to you. Grab between the legs and around the front. Rotate the wrist 180 degrees and grab towards the back binding. And in that motion, you are going to want to tweak, until it hurts. Alright, the last ingredient to this tasty treat is the landing. So once you got that grab you’re going to want to let go before you land. But do not let go too early. Hold that bad boy out until it feels just right. When you land, keep the knees bent, absorb the transition and ride out. And now that you have got that trick and want to throw some more spices in that old recipe, do some spins, frontside 360s, switch back to 180s, what have you, anything. Throw some spice in your life. Now Tim, the chicken salad, it seems kind of like an awkward reach. What is really the trick to the trick for the chicken salad? The trick is definitely in sucking up the back leg and extending the front leg. Well I will tell you one thing, I have had about enough chicken salad for one day But I still got room for some pizza. How about I throw one on the grill for you? Start grilling, I’m there Thank you Tim. Thank you for teaching us some chicken salads up on the mountain. I really appreciate it. Well now that Tim’s unlocked the secret of the chicken salad, go out there on the hill, have fun doing some grabs. go out there on the hill, have fun doing some grabs. Share your version of the chicken salad with us here on Network A We will see you next time, on The Trick

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23 thoughts on “Snowboard Trick Tip How To Chicken Salad Grab With Tim Eddy: The Trick ep. 1

  1. Sam Marsh says:

    & Last to get laid.

  2. mskatesnow says:

    thanks for that trick tip !

  3. Ryan says:

    isnt that a roast beef?

  4. Alastair Nowill says:

    I though a roast beef was with your back hand and a chicken salad was with your front hand?

  5. Network A says:

    Your welcome! Get them on lock and then send us a video of you and your Chicken Salads!

  6. Matt Bertrand says:

    Ok so a roast beef and chicken salad are both with the following hand twisted different ways. According to tim eddy and rob kingwell who Id trust over wiki or random sites saying cs is w/ the lead hand. So my question is what is the lead hands version of this… also what is it if you put either hand behind and through the legs to the toe edge?

  7. chultin8 says:

    Taipan with the front hand

  8. ROBLLOYD_ says:


  9. FreshButtaBricks says:

    I love Hood

  10. David B says:

    so its basically a roast beef that banged a nosebone

  11. Mexican_Gerbs says:

    you forgot to add that this only works if you have crab sticks

  12. Network A says:

    hahah exactly!

  13. Frenchie Lafrance says:

    new favourite trick

  14. theWorm1408 says:

    is this the 161 version of the happy hour?

  15. Silverstone Serenity says:

    anyone else seen the blue star wars light around tim?

  16. Trevor says:

    this is my new favourite grab haha

  17. arcticcatkickass says:

    Now i want Pizza

  18. Kyle Robson says:

    LOL is Tim Eddys stomp pad vomit?

  19. Tom Serruya says:

    The guy in the red hat isn't funny

  20. Samueldharrison1 says:

    Put "Snowboard Trick List" into your iPhone appstore for more tricks! – Or download 'Pure Snowboarding' for a sick snowboarding game!

  21. ben seibold says:

    i have those same goggles there supper nice

  22. Taylor Baloney says:

    so what's a roast beef grab

  23. YouTube-tied says:

    Is it called a chicken salad after 5 Easy Pieces, the Jack Nicholson movie where he tells a cunty waitress to hold the chicken salad between her knees?

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