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Hello, Our subject is how to make a snowboard selection You might have some questions about that. First of all, when you purchaise from a good snowboard brand you already purchasing lightness, flexibility and durability. That comes from the wood meterial inside. There are three main issues to consider. First is your level. Second is your style. and the third one is the shape of the snowboard. How can you determine your level? We can talk about three levels. One; beginners Two; intermediate three; advance snowboarders. If you are a starter, you are the first category. It might be tricky to understand if you are an intermediate. It is very important how much you go to the mountains, How much you skii on the mountains,
how many days in total. Not how many years,
but how many days you are on the track is very important. And it’s important how you feel too. If you see yourself not as a beginner When you say to yourself; I learned a bit about this job, now I know this job. I’m intermediate. You can upgrade yourself to an intermediate snowboard. This strengthens your chances of making a choice, leading you to make a better choice. Three is the advanced level, if you are an advanced level, You already know this subject very well When you are choosing a snowboard,
nobody is advising you. You’ll be making your own choices Second main subject is your style. We can mention three main styles, One is Freestyle, two is Freeride and three is All mountain. To decide which style you belong to. it’s actually depends on you. What is freestyle? If you are a freestyler You are not someone who skis the track
with high speed and slaloms, going down and up quickly so you can slide again. more like who wants to go to the snowboard parks,
wants to jump on obsticles wants to enter every ramp he sees, you have a character who wants to have more fun. Maybe you ride switch maybe you ride left foot front then
switch to right foot front. and you do the other actions if you like doing these, you are a freestyle candidate. two, Freeride. Being a freerider means loving speed loving more adrenalin. riding quick slaloms sometimes it means going out of the track and wanting to enter untouched areas on the snow, having a freespirit and wanting to go between the trees. You have a character who doesn’t like jumping around much. someone who wants to ride more slaloms you have a character who likes to skii down
and goes up and goes down again. three, All mountain All Mountain is the combination of two styles. this snowboard usually satisfies
both a freestyler and a freerider This is an excellent example for a beginner it includes both, freeride and freestyle. You can test yourself and see, after you think which one to decide in the next step, you can either say yes I am a freestyler
I should continue this way or no I’m a freerider I should go this way the third topic you need to consider while choosing a board is the shape of the snowboard. Actually, we can reduce it to two shapes Classical, one way. What we call the direction shape. And, the twin boards. The third shape is the recently became popular and used by many brand is directional twin. As an example, The Directional, one way snowboards are actually if we take a close look at a real directional board, you can understand if it’s one way, by just looking at the tail and the nose. In here the stences are positioned a little further back. The nose is a little longer, sometimes it’s thicker. and it’s a type of snowboard to guide you to go faster, and make more slaloms if you love to speed . and Freeride, Directional board, a one way board
would satisfies you better. Second is the Twin board. Twin board is, the shape is completely identical at right and left. all flexibility functions are the same. if you cut in two, it’s like a mirror sides of the boards are identical. it’s a snowboard identical in every way This is produced only for Freestyle both when riding switch it helps you when you’re switching
from right feet front to left feet front and from left feet front to right feet front. with twin boards when you jump off the ramp, either if you land on reverse or straight, it gives you the same performance. As I mentioned before the third option is Directional Twin Actually, Usually all brands has these boards in their collections. This is generally preferred on All mountain boards. The reason is; nose and tail looks exactly the same it looks the same but as flexibility,
the nose and the tail are different from eachother Like the directional boards we just mentioned, the nose is actually a little longer,
the stence is a little more behind but similar to Twin in shape we can call it Twin like too. Actually this snowboard is for All Mountain. it’s good for curving it’s suitibal for speeding it’s a snowboard type that will not tire you down or effect you negatively for freestyling like a
classic one, directional one if you are a beginner. if you want to do All Mountain and use the whole mountain Most suitible board for you is Directional Twin Boards Subscribe Now!

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