Snowboard Review: Donek Incline

Snowboard Review: Donek Incline

Alright, product review for the Donek Incline. This board is sick for carving with. It’s definitely not a freestyle board, but
more of a free-carving board. So let me tell ya a bit more about it. Carbonium topsheet which is extra durable
and doesn’t scratch up as easily. This is the Incline 164 with a 29.5 centimeter
waist and a 9-11 meter VSR. What’s a VSR Ryan? Great question. VSR stands for Variable Sidecut radius. So for this board the nose starts out with
a 9 meter radius which gradually progresses to an 11 meter radius at the tail. It makes for easy turns with allowing you
to change the size of you turns. A lot of alpine and boardercross racers use
boards with VSR and it definitely carves great even with a soft-boot setup. Check out these vids from Sean at Donek Snowboards
for a much more complete explanation about VSR. Do you hear that? That’s the sound of angels singing. That’s what happens when you make turns
on the Donek Incline. After shredding this board for about a week,
I can honestly say it was most fun and best turns I’ve ever made. And it was also better in powder than my Donek
Twin cuz of the longer nose and the stance being set back. That said, the board isn’t suited well for
riding switch with cuz of the VSR and directional shape. If incredible turns while riding forward is
what your looking for, especially with a soft-boot setup, then this is definitely the best board
I know of. If you are doing much switch riding and other
freestyle stuff, then twin is a better option. Back to this board… as I said, this demo
one I was on, had a 29.5cm waist. I’m use to very wide boards, so it really
worked great for me. However if you’ve never ridden something
nearly that wide, then that could be too wide. Or if you ride with size 14 boots and turn
extremely hard, maybe it’s not even close to wide enough. As with all Donek Snowboard, the specs on
this can be changed to suit you best, based on factors like your height, boot size, stance
angles, conditions you ride in, and how you like to ride. It’s truly a better way to buy a snowboard
in my opinion. If your interested in making it to a Donek
Snowboard demo, and checking this board out, follow them on Facebook to know when and where
on-hill demos are happening. I’ll put a link in the description. Thanks for watching, and happy shreddin!

Antonio Breitenberg

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14 thoughts on “Snowboard Review: Donek Incline

  1. hee ya Jang says:

    wow I like u ㅎㅎㅎㅎ레알

  2. Carpenter Student says:


  3. steliocontos82 says:

    literally riding a tree trunk down the moutain😅

  4. Justin Bordwell says:

    Gear question: what pants are those. You always wear those black pants. Looking for a comfy pair this season.

  5. SiddyDaddy says:

    First – welcome to riding like the rest of us mere mortals (noticed the lack of buttering Godlike skills of yours).

    Second – I could not agree more on how the Donek buying experience is far far above other board manufacturers.

    Did you find the Incline too stiff for you style? How did you find its level of dampening? I have the Flux for increased dampening. Will you do a Flux review? I wanted the hammer head shape for charging plus my club has a gate challenge when we gather (want any edge to help obtain bragging/joking rights).

    Will look up you and Donek in February if y'all around Keystone then.

  6. Johnny-Anthony Khawand says:

    Why is the board shaking too much on heel side? because of profile or stiffness or snow quality or length?

  7. 冬月 says:

    hi, What is the angle of the single plate holder

  8. Martin Bailly says:

    Hi Ryan, I just purchase that demo board ! Looking forward to carve with this baby ! I'm an ex-alpine carverracer and I kept digging my heel cups in the snow when turning heel side on my Jones 168W. Finally after watching you (I'm a fan ) and discovering that Donek made such wide freeride/soft boots board , I went for it ! Thank for the videos, keep making them !

  9. Pavel Popp says:

    Some more video with russian guy in blue jacket riding donek incline:

  10. Seongmin Choi says:

    Hi, I am your fan.
    I am watching your video deeply grateful in 2 years. There is Japan trick and European trick but your video is among them the most wonderful.
    Actually, I cannot be so good at English because of being Korean.
    I turned this to the galaxy S translator, 😅😅😅
    My question is about equipment specification.
    I wonder what the FLAX of the binding, deck and your stance angle ?

  11. Irving five says:

    Ok, so now I want this board. Looks like a blast, and I get the "bsr"

  12. YeeMan Kan says:

    Hi Ryan, just wondering what angles your bindings are at, thanks!

  13. Matthew Wilson says:

    Yeah, the incline was one of the most amazing things I have ever put under my feet!
    I could lay trenches in my softies, charge through crud like it wasn't there and even stomp some big landings with confidence. But it is not a forgiving board with stock specs. It maneuvers like a fighter jet and if you let it run a bit, you almost feel like you are flying a fighter jet down the mountain. This is not, as you call out, Ryan, a freestyle board by any stretch of the imagination.
    I ran with a pretty stiff set-up: Nidecker carbon bindings and a rather stiff boot (not quite as stiff as the Driver X, though).
    It is nimble, quick to get on edge and holds on ice better than any other board I have ever riden. And Sean at Donek is a true champion of producing quality snowboards. Cannot say enough about the attention Donek gives to its customers or the quality of work.
    I am a bit older now (going on 40) and have not ridden in a while (life and stuff) but once I can get on a board again, I am calling up Donek. Probably going to go with a Phoenix the next time around (just to soften things up a bit), but if I get a big bonus at some point, I will, without hesitation, add a new Incline to my quiver.

  14. long time dead says:

    Hi Ryan

    Would you recommend this over the twin? I don’t ride switch and only want to carve groomers. Will do pow if it’s there but primarily groomers?

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