Snowboard Park Session and Rail Demo in Germany

Snowboard Park Session and Rail Demo in Germany

I took two runs and was totally overwhelmed. The park is so sick. The flow of the park, from top to bottom, There’s always something to ride. There are so many features to ride, Rails, walls, rainbows, cars, fun little side hits. The park reminds me of a skate park. Or Big Bear. Welcome to Nesselwang. It’s all good for snowboarding.

Antonio Breitenberg

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30 thoughts on “Snowboard Park Session and Rail Demo in Germany

  1. Jami footballers says:

    1 st

  2. . says:

    YouTube brought me here.

  3. DB III says:

    Checkout my page for epic SNOW SKATE & SURF footy! ๐Ÿ‚๐Ÿ„

  4. Felix says:

    Germany ๐Ÿ™‚ย 

  5. plus twenty1 says:

    Unsubbed – SWAG Hat content.ย 

  6. Bartosz Jankowski says:

    Damn, this park looks nasty!

  7. William A says:

    ahhh sheit

  8. Jacqui Penar says:

    I love Germany

  9. Joe Louis says:

    Geht ab _

  10. CessnaacePVP says:

    Only snowboards, because skiers aren't that stupid…

  11. DaryLegend says:


  12. TheCrazeePete says:

    รœberextremfettmegageil!!! :))

  13. MasterPiece says:


  14. Velo says:

    Y O U S P E L T J A N U A R Y W R O N G ! ! ! ! !

  15. ente jr says:

    thats where i am from man :))

  16. caRLOS NaDRoY says:

    Song ???

  17. Vincentius says:

    ahaha nice SWAG hat you fucking douche.

  18. Krook says:

    this is so dope

  19. toxic says:

    Where is this nice place in Germany?

  20. Austin Quinn says:

    Ramping off the cop car… Badass

  21. Simon Hildebrand says:

    i'm in the video ๐Ÿ˜‰

  22. Total Facepalm Fails says:

    I wonder if i could use any of these clips in my epic win compilation.ย 

  23. paul Bernad says:


  24. paul Bernad says:


  25. Umdriver says:

    nesselwang beschde ๐Ÿ˜‰

  26. Winsti says:

    Und ich habs direkt vor der Haustรผr muhahahahhahahahahahaha

  27. Djimon Nowak says:

    0:59: Will Smith???

  28. MARV says:

    Nice Video!!!! How is the Song called?

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