Snowboard Lesson: The 3 Main Types Of Riding Styles

Snowboard Lesson: The 3 Main Types Of Riding Styles

Snowboarding has evolved and it’s going to keep evolving, but the three main types of styles out there are All Mountain or Freeride Alpine and Freestyle. An All Mountain Rider or Rreerider rides everything Free Ride is versatile riding, your riding the whole mountain. You like the bumps, trees, chutes, cliffs, parks, groomers, off piste everything! Alpine riding is focusing on speed and turning lots of carving. Freestyle riding You like a lot of park and pipe and you focus on tricks Alpine snow boarders, they’re more like a skier because their boots are hard and their boards are a lot more narrow and they’re longer. An alpine board is meant really to go One direction and The front of the board comes to a point, but the back is usually just flat So you can ride it backwards, but your body’s really going your body’s really in an awkward position and It is just it’s more stress on your joints An alpine snowboarder likes to do more carving and to go fast and The event in the Olympics that’s more for alpine riders are the slalom and giant slalom Boarder Cross Riders usually you’re going to be riding a snowboard, it’s a Freeride board or All-Mountain Board But sometimes you do see alpine riders in this event because it is a race event as well Freestyle riders- their boards are going to be softer a Lot more of a twin tip meaning- It’s meant to go both directions because they do tricks they land Fakie Or backwards or switch riding. So they need to be able to to ride out of that and come back around spin around Those are the three main styles of riding Alpine All-Mountain and Freestyle Go out there and decide which one you like you might be a Freerider. You might be a Freestyler you might be more of a speed alpine rider Or you might be a blend of those. Once you’ve learned what type of rider you are that helps you to choose what type of equipment you’re going to buy. A Freestyler might buy a softer Board Softer Flexing your boots the bindings more soft The sidecut’s going to be probably more of a twin tip. Now if you’re an alpine rider your equipment is probably going to be stiffer board well maybe a little bit more narrow. You know your your boots are probably going to be a bit more stiff and then your Angles are a little bit more sharp, and then an All-Mountain Freerider might have a stance that one day is an alpine stance and then another day Hey, I’m going to be in the park So I’m going to change my stance and you can change your stance and the angles of your bindings when you’re up on the mountain. You just need to have a screwdriver with you on most snowboards. I know some alpine boards you need to have like an Allen Wrench But most boards are going to be able to adjust with just a screwdriver, so knowing what type of rider You are it’s going to help you decide what type of equipment that you want to buy? Signup at Subscribe, like and comment cheers FFR!

Antonio Breitenberg

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  1. Addison Hill says:

    Good snowboard video good advice

  2. Flowing Freeride Pro Snowboard Lessons says:

    Depending on your style you'll know what type of boots, boards, and bindings to buy. Most people are Freestyle or Freeride snowboarders and Alpine riders have hard boots similar to ski boots. Cheers!

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