Snowboard Lesson On How To Jib, Jump & Freestyle

Snowboard Lesson On How To Jib, Jump & Freestyle

Jibs and features. When we’re out riding and we jump up and hit something we’re kind of jibbing so you can use it as a verb to jib off of something or to jump over an object so that Object you’re jumping over it, so you’re jibing it. Now as far as a drill what I like to do is go out and find as many things that I can jib off of jump over or uses an actual a feature that I’ll jib off of like, maybe a branch. I’ll be going up a quarter pipe, at the top I jump up and maybe twist and tweak my board and hit a branch or something or You know a lot of parks they have a jump set up And there’s maybe a ball or some barrel something where you get the speed off it And then you actually bonk off of it jib off of it Bonk too, so there’s a few different phrases when you hit these objects But a good drill is to go out and find outside of the park Maybe you find a little stick, logs whatever and try to jib off of them different ways where you know your flat board or you’re actually Tweaking it and hit it with your board maybe you actually go off a jump and you’re spinning one way and then you hit it off and switches you back the opposite way, so we talked about some features outside of the park But some man-made features you might see you might see a gong big old bells you might see Cars you’ll even see like urban rails with steps in there a lot of metal objects You’re like whoa, and then boxes and whatnot so these are these are great But I would recommend that you go out and first practice outside the park and as you feel a bit more comfortable gradually progress in there and One thing I really like about jibbing is once I get to my apex if there’s something I can jib off of and Actually create more bounce and get me a little bit further and it actually It looks really cool. It makes you feel real good So there’s a lot of things you can do, but that’s a fun little drill is to go out and just jib. This is just one of the many tutorials that we have. Sign up for the full course at

Antonio Breitenberg

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3 thoughts on “Snowboard Lesson On How To Jib, Jump & Freestyle

  1. leland swaner says:

    Some really sweet shots of jibbing!

  2. Flowing Freeride Pro Snowboard Lessons says:

    Yeah 1:23 jibbing at the apex and changing direction looks tight!

  3. Addison Hill says:

    You found some great natural jibs outside of the park

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