Snowboard Lesson On Binding Types

Snowboard Lesson On Binding Types

In This segment we visit a local snowboard shop to get feedback on various Binding styles. The most common bindings are strap ins with two straps and a ratchet system however There are other types. This is a pretty new style of binding it’s called a reverse entry or a rear entry binding K 2. This is K 2’s binding Flow is a big company That’s made this a popular design, so essentially when you want to step out of your binding pull the high-back down It releases then you pull your foot out and then you want to strap back in you just slide your foot in pull that high back after that You’re in your in your binding. You only have to adjust all your straps one time So this is this is a really Good design for anyone that hates Constantly strapping in or it just wants a really fast, simple way to get in and out of their bindings A good mid stiff all-mountain binding so you have the tow strap That you can run over the toe of your boot or on top of your boot, and then the ankle strap It’s like a full 3d gelled ankle strap really comfortable forms around your boot And then you have your high back which gives you Support forward and backwards. Your heel cup that Holds your boot into the binding And then the base plate which attaches to the board and when you’re flexing the board and this is what flexes with it Steppin bindings, they don’t really give you good support You have to have a boot that’s gonna be able to support your whole body weight instead of Having the binding help you support your body right so that’s the big thing is just outdated technology really. This is just one of the many tutorials that we have. Sign up for the full course at Subscribe, like & comment Cheers FFR! Subscribe, like & comment Cheers FFR! Subscribe, like & comment Cheers FFR! Subscribe, like & comment Cheers FFR!

Antonio Breitenberg

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2 thoughts on “Snowboard Lesson On Binding Types

  1. Multispek mutvimanex says:

    Have u tried rear entry?

  2. Flowing Freeride Pro Snowboard Lessons says:

    Rear entry & Step-ins have positives like speed of getting in and out of your bindings. I think the best type of binding is the two strap ratchet system.

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