Snowboard How To With Ted Borland Backside 180 On Rails: The Trick

Snowboard How To With Ted Borland Backside 180 On Rails: The Trick

Well welcome to another episode of The Trick on Network A. I just found Ted Borland’s snowboard, star of Think Thank’s “Mind the Video Man.” Here at High Cascade. He’s right over there raking out a rail. Let’s see if we can trade him this board for that rake and have him teach us a trick. Ted, Hey Preston, how’s it going?
I have a proposition for you, you give me that rake, I give you this snowboard and you teach
me a trick on that rail. How do you feel about a backside 180 on?
I feel so good about a backside 180 on. Let’s do this.
Alright. So Ted, those backside 180s. Break it down. How many different parts are they made of? I would say you can learn it in about four easy steps. Alright. I would say the approach, the takeoff, on the rail, off the rail. Let’s get right to that approach Alright The approach. You’re going to want to get a little warmed up, put on a couple front boards, a couple flat ground back ones just to make sure you’re lose enough to start trying it. Then kind of casually ride up to the rail. Take kind of a straight on approach, with a little turn into it. A couple set up turns maybe. Distance from the rail, you want to be like two feet away at the most. So, step 2, the lift. You’re going to be spinning and you’re going to want to look down at the rail so you know where you’re going. You’re going to keep your shoulders and your knees lined up. You’re going to looking so you just set it down and then just keep them straight. If you keep them together, you’re not going to be spinning around on the rail or you’re not going to be sliding around or catching an edge or anything. So then after you’ve landed on the rail, in the off chance that you’re not feeling it, you’re not going to make it until the end, if your shoulders and knees are together, it’s going to be a lot easier to get off of the rail safely. So now, step number four, you’re at the end of the rail. You’ve got options. You can either come off switch and then you just keep your shoulders and knees for the landing or just turn them back around. And just ride out half cab. Just ride away straight. Work your way up from there. It’s not an easy trick to learn, but once you figure it out, you’ll be able to do it on more difficult features and take it to the streets if you feel like it. Why not? Alright Ted, thank you for teaching us the backside 180s. But now must ask you to simplify. If you’re going to break it down to one trick to the trick before once you start doing it the thing to get them every time, what would that be? I think you just have to wait up the lip and just have some patience you know you don’t want to get too excited going for it. And then just as you’re doing that have confidence. You got to know that you’re going to do a full 180 onto a rail, backwards. You gotta know that you’re going to do it and go to the end. Heck yeah, patience and confidence. Well Ted, I’ll tell you what. I will take your board. You can take your rake. Get back to work. And we will see you next time. We will see you next time on The Trick here on Network A. Go out, learn a backside 180 onto the rail. Share your trick with us Just come back. and just and we’ll see you when we see you.

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15 thoughts on “Snowboard How To With Ted Borland Backside 180 On Rails: The Trick

  1. William says:

    where can i see the backflip raily shit in the intro?

  2. deviance says:

    theres not much snow

  3. Derekian says:

    It's the 2nd episode of The Trick with Jaeger Bailey

  4. Tanner Lewis says:

    I wouldnt mind seeing how to do 720a

  5. Network A says:

    @MajorSwagz Check out Jaeger Bailey's episode of The Trick! How to backflip!

  6. Sam Rosario says:

    that was suuper buttery

  7. andreuu10 says:

    Nigel you should definitely try the trick after!

  8. Ja Ke says:

    Good thing he's famous for snowboarding, not acting haha.

  9. SALTY KOOKS says:

    it was filmed in the summer.

  10. TheFuna says:

    Where do you guys film at?

  11. Travis Hoffarth says:

    What kind of glasses dose Preston have, anyone know?

  12. Ben says:

    dang shades

  13. Mammawanna says:

    Ahhh… It's summer u r making me cold!!! 😛

  14. Nick Joslin says:

    I wrecked myself trying this one.  It's a really hard trick. 

  15. BLVCKPOND says:

    post hardways

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