SNOWBOARD GEAR GURU – Quick Change Goggle Lenses

SNOWBOARD GEAR GURU – Quick Change Goggle Lenses

Goggles! In the last five years or so, goggle
manufacturers have been trying to tempt us with more than just spherical lenses and snazzy
straps. And let’s face it, that’s pretty much all they’ve
got to work with normally. What we’ve seen the introduction of is quick-change
lens systems across the board from most of the big players, and today we’re going to
show you a few. To show you why they think you need this technology,
I’m going to demonstrate just how much of a ball ache it is to take out and put back
a lens in a regular goggle. So I’ve got here this Dragon D1 goggle,
and I’m going to change it. So, to start with, super easy: always just pull at the
top and the lens just comes straight out the bottom. But now for the hard bit… First, always, with all goggles, start at the bottom. You wanna locate the nose, and then the little tabs… you need to push into the holes around the frame… Then onto the sides next to the strap, like… …so… and once those are in… Tadaaa! We’ve got two goggles here that use a clip
system to secure the lens in place and the first one we’re going to show you is this Smith I/O goggle. You have two tabs at the top of the lens that
you lift up. Then, same as the Dragon, you pull away the top of the frame and take the
lens out. Now this is where it gets better. So, to go back
and put the lens in, we just slide in the nose here real quick… It just clips in… Pop the lens in behind the outriggers to secure
it in place, push it up behind the clips… Clip them down and… we’re back and we’re
good to go. Third up we have this Dragon goggle with “Swiftlock”
technology. Now this is a bit better than the Smith and it’s easier than hating on
Theresa May. We’ve just got two clips here on each side;
you just pop those open and the lens comes straight out. And to put the lens back in in, you just drop the lens straight on the goggle, clip down both sides and you’re done. Easy as pie. And lastly we have this, it’s the Anon WM1 and
it’s probably the easiest to change here that we’ve got. It’s SO easy, it’s just magnets. You just twist
the goggle frame, pull the lens out… and to get it back in just drop it on there.
No clips, no nothing – ridiculous! So it’s pretty easy to see that even somebody
who’s done as many seasons as I have struggles to change a simple goggle lens like the one
on this Dragon D1 and that the other systems on display here
are really simple and quick to do. But to prove a point, we’re gonna get somebody
who’s done zero seasons but does ski and snowboard to come and change the lenses on
all of these goggles. And we’re gonna time her. Nic! Oops… Interesting… Ah that’s pretty easy… I’m eating chocolate though, is that ok?
[laughs] Right, I’m probably gonna go in decreasing
order of ease… Hmm… [laughs] Right… [laughs] Right, I might come back to that
one! Oh! That was easy. Yes! So, thanks to Nic who ably demonstrated for
us that changing the lens on a regular goggle like this Dragon D1 here is a bit of a pain
in the arse, and that the other goggles here are much, much simpler. So, for the newbie this is great, and also for
the more experienced rider, that means that on a powder day when your friends are running
out the door, you’re not gonna be left behind changing your low light lens. That’s it for this video on goggle lens
changing systems. If you have any questions then just stick them in the comments below.

Antonio Breitenberg

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