Snowboard gear breakdown Vlog #015

Snowboard gear breakdown Vlog #015

Hey, wasup you all.
So, season is about to start. I wanna wrap up on the new equipments that I acquired this season. And some are from the last season, some are from this from this. I haven’t even barely touched them. (WUT?)
[Have you touched or not?] So, let’s start with the board. I got super stoked on getting this board.
This actually a Ride board This is a Twin Pig, everybody has been
talking about this board, enjoying this board too, so I got one of this, with this Burton bindings
(2012 Cartels) that I have. Those are from last season but they do pretty well.
The only thing that I had to do to fit them this board, is to buy some new
burtom base plates. These base plates you can fit on several styles of boards. So,
4 screws, also on the channel screw boards of Burton.
So, that’s sick only CAD$12 bucks for this base plate, so well… pretty good. The board is a 151, that’s a hybrid,
camber in between, it is a mild camber in the middle between the bindings and a
rocker on the tips and also has a mid flex, like, a 4 out of 10. I actually been wanting to ride a more flexible board. All my other boards were super stiff. So, this time I gotta a softer board, let’s see how it goes. and the other thing that I have… Is this pair of boots from Thirtytwo Sick boots, I’ve been riding for 3 seasons already with them. They are super soft, awesome.
I am not gonna be replacing them this season because… Who gotta a we got a new boots for this season was my wife. She got a 32 STW.
This is purple and she loves and that’s gonna match her helmet too. So, super sick.
They’re super light too, and the super, super warm. So, she’s gonna love it.
She has been having some trouble with the cold with her past boots, so this one
probably gonna show her problem. And let’s keep going over here. Okay the boots, then I got a new kit for my GoPro, like several accessories and stuff.
I got this from Amazon. I haven’t even open everything, but it is
a lot of accessories. Now we have this pair of pants,
they kinda look like a jeans pants, but they are not, of course. But they are super sick, they also have
the elastics over here. Oh, I love riding with those. Like, it really helps keeping the pants in place
and well, they’re super sick. Like some details and stuff.
Nice love them. and I really really enjoy and I can’t
wait to put them on is this new jacket I don’t know if I should call you our Jack
our hoodie because it doesn’t have a zipper in the middle this is so sick
yeah the big pocket over here super big two big pockets right here too like they
go super deep another pocket here for season passes and look how you open this
like there’s a zipper right here another one here
so if you are putting this hoodie with your helmet that’s gonna go to very easy
but one of the biggest features that I was waiting to get on a jacket this
season well the risk Gators because dude I’ve been following a lot and having a
lot of snow getting inside my arms so now finally I’m gonna prevent that and I
hope I get by the end of the day a little bit less wet and this is how you
open the jacket so you have there’s another opening for the armpits on this
another side so you can open the jacket like this and slide Ryan Stiles this
another feature that I was looking for my jacket was to have a skirt cuz my
past Jackie didn’t have this so now I
and for matching with this I bought this Burton bag and you can carry this no
we’re over here so really good for the hike to drop from that place that you
have always dream of well that’s gonna be still pretty good they also hold the
edge of the snowboards like this so it’s not gonna damage the straps which is
awesome that’s one of the features and one of
the whys I got this this backpack inside super big you can fit out 17 inches
laptop inside so the bag is awesome yeah let’s get moving so last season hammer
that’s us regular cat pics how many has been pretty good for me so yeah I’m
gonna keep this face masks you know sometimes here it gets a little bit
colder so we end up using some so it’s cool schools and some wider one that I
can breathe through and also cover my nose at the same time moving on
I have this new pair of lighter gloves because sometimes I feel really cold I
really like using those inside the regular meetings so it helps a lot of
the code and well the other brand new so let’s see how they do for this season
and the same meetings from three seasons ago this one is something that I really
recommend that is the dark kind brand they are sick like they have been going
through a lot of stuff several tripods and stuff and look at this
that’s like they have some damage but that’s almost like nothing look they
look just like brand-new and there is still super waterproof so if you want to
go for some mins go for this brand cuz those are sick and for the goggles I
have these Chinese brand over here Co parts whatever like 20 bucks that’s okay
for me they have been doing just fine so I’m not gonna change
they come with two lenses you’ll get them for twenty twenty-five bucks and
the most weird one is those two guys but this is my butt guard I would say it’s
really good like when you are hitting rails and you end up falling on top of
it like dude that’s gonna save your butt for real and another thing is those chin
guards I know that the boot comes already right here but I’ve been hitting
my gyms exactly on this spot and several times so I bought them I know they are
supposed to be used like this but I exclude them like that
and with these no board socks they are just held in place like it’s supposed to
because those things like super small if it was here it will be okay but up here
I just can get it wrong so the socks do the job pretty good take
us like five bucks on Walmart and they have saved my life quite a few times do
so well if you’re having trouble with her team buy those you guys gonna love
it and that’s it for the video today I’m super stoked I’m just waiting for this
note to come down that’s already November and here even come where we
don’t start to see them until kind of like the end of November beginning of
December so this next week is gonna start raining a little bit warm and get
a little bit more colder so I hope I can get to the mountain by the end of this
month but if not well December’s right there too and no problem I hope you guys
enjoyed the video don’t forget to Like subscribe share with your friends you
know leave a comment down here you know tell me what do you got for this season
and that’s it is you

Antonio Breitenberg

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