Snowboard Challenge: 5 trick贸w w 3 dni! 馃槺 – Smakuj 呕ycie #10 | Agnieszka Grzelak Vlog

Snowboard Challenge: 5 trick贸w w 3 dni! 馃槺 – Smakuj 呕ycie #10 | Agnieszka Grzelak Vlog

Hi! Welcome to my channel Agnieszka Grzelak Vlog and to another episode of Tasting Life series which I make in collaboration with Mirinda. New experiences, Fun, Journey, Refreshment – Taste Life with Mirinda In Tasting Life episodes I always take up new challenges or learn new things. This time I’m in these beautiful surroundings to spend 3 days in the Snowpark and learn a few tricks trying to learn as many tricks as possible. As you know, I can snowboard but the question is ‘Can I jump?’ Of course I’m not gonna be alone with it, here’s a perfect person to teach me so Tomek, please tell me what tricks you can teach me within these 3 days, My plan for you is very ambitious, I guess, we should manage smooth ride through the Snowpark using as many obstacles as possible. We’re gonna start with switch board slide with your leg on the butter box, next we’re gonna have quarter pipe 180, then 50-50 cascade to board slide, next tripod on the route, and Ollie with a grab on a small rail. It might be quite difficult especially on a rented board from rental company. That’s it, I unfortunately had to rent a snowboard cause it turned out mine is too hard for Snowpark so well, new bonds, new snowboard, new me. DAY 1 The basic trick that I need to learn to start doing other tricks is so called Ollie. If you’ve ridden a standard snowboard that you use for riding on the street, then you know Ollie. Ollie is a basic trick and it looks exactly the same on the snowboard. You need to spring your front leg and then go with the back one, so that you spring a little like a wave, not like a rabbit from both legs at once. So I’m gonna do it on a flat surface at first, get used to the jump and then to check if I jump high enough I’m gonna use Mirinda bottles to jump over them. Only after I manage to do that, I will be able to learn other tricks. Almost there! Hang on, look! Ta-daah! – Okay, so now you’re turning around for the switch, that’s it… – There we go. Well done! – Do it as if you wanted to lie down. Make the weight rest more on your arms. – Turn around… – That’s it, and now push yourself back! – By pushing back you strongly look through your left arm. – Turn around for the switch, hands onto the snow, push back – Turn around for the switch, hands onto the snow, – Yeah, just make the weight rest, just lie down on your hands, – Yay, I did it! – High five! – Wow, I’m so happy! I did it! – Okay just keep them bent down, rotate the shoulders and jump! – Backside, backside, now rotation and spring – What was wrong? – I’m sliding, 50-50 and as soon as I see cascade I make a board, – That’s it, and move your legs.
AGA: Damn! – When you’re falling, move your legs at 90 degrees angle. – …and move your legs. Good! – And you move forward – Almost there! – You did the trick but missed 90 degrees for the setting up. – To assess how big is the rail, cause it might have 3, 5 or 10 meters, you need to see how long is the table for jumping over. How much minimum flight there is. So for example if here’s 3 meters of table it means it’s a 3 meter rail. Ollie with a grab on the hop – You need to do it faster to get into the angle, don’t make it like this. I think if you don’t do that many twists, try it twice and it will be fine. and hop. Too little spring. Bend your legs and spring. I guess it was cool. Okay guys, level up, higher and higher. I’m getting there step by step. It’s better and better. For the first day it’s not too bad. To sum up Day 1 I can say there were many more tricks than I thought will be, that’s why I’m exhausted but also happy cause I could see I’m making progress and I hope tomorrow I’ll be able to do all the tricks without falling, and on the third final day just polish it all up to be able to make it. Two big changes of today was that I made a switch for the first time in my life. So I was riding on the other leg than usually, cause I usually ride on my left one and now I did it on my right one and I normally rode, turned around and didn’t fall over. So its one of the most beautiful days in my life in case of snowboarding. It’s a really huge progress, so that’s one thing. Another thing that’s also very important is that this time I rode a different board cause the one that I have is a hard board which is used for free ride, which is a ride on the powder, quite fast ride, and edging, I rented a board which is soft and perfect for freestyle it bounces up more easily and it’s easier to lift up one or the other leg. So it was a really big change that made making my tricks easier. I got extremely tired but I hope tomorrow it’s gonna be so much better and that I’m gonna whoosh and rock there. And now it’s time to go to sleep cause there’s a hard day tomorrow. DAY 2 Yesterday the weather was warm and the snow was wet while today there was frost at night and it all became a concrete. It’s as hard as concrete, there’s just ice so Tomek has already said it’s not gonna be easy. It might be even harder than it was yesterday while I’m tired already. But let’s move forward, there’s no time to lazy around. – You need to spring cause you’ve just broken the whole takeoff. – Hands at the back… – Okay, it’s tiredness. It’s already the other half of the second day and I have to tell you some crisis came to me today cause actually it’s just the second day of me learning but we came here a day before and rode with Adrian trying to jump and stuff like that and apparently some crisis comes on the third day so let’s say it’s my third day of hard ride and I don’t know. I feel like I can’t make it. Of course the conditions are also harder cause as I said, there’s lots of ice it was raining at night and then it got all frozen so it’s a nightmare for riding itself let alone the tricks. Today I fail at everything. I couldn’t do fully well even one trick, and I feel yesterday I did it much better. – Arms, and now knees, and now hop! – Don’t.. Oh dear. – Going like this. Summary of the second day? If I could, I would stay in bed this day. I would lie in bed all day. I mean I didn’t learn anything new, didn’t improve any of the tricks so actually tomorrow is the last day when I will be able to improve anything. The weather is going to be better tomorrow so I’m gonna blame it on ice The guys also told me it’s because I’m really tired cause I’ve been riding for a long time and my muscles give up but I really hope tomorrow I’ll be able to make at least 3 tricks, I don’t even dream about making 5 of them that Tomek prepared for me although I wanted to make three. Let’s see what tomorrow brings. DAY 3 We’re starting the third day and it’s gonna be as follows: a good side is that the weather and the snow are better, but a bad side is that I can feel muscle sores literally everywhere. I found out there are also muscles on my neck where I also have sores to my surprise. I’ve absolutely no idea how it’s possible. But today is my last day so I have to do my best and then you will assess my progress. – Was it quite good? – Yeah, it was. It didn’t push you, you just pressed with a tail. Now let them jump and climb up here. I’m gonna make the trace before you and try to stick to it. Like so. – Bravo! And now jump a little higher to reach 10 cm higher. I rode up to the edge! – You managed to do 90 degrees angle and revert on the snow so it’s entire 180 angle. Finally I did it now I just need to polish it and it’s gonna be great. Have you seen that? – Yeah, I saw everything! – High five! Well, the team for the nearest Olympics is closed but with this 180… AGA: Was it okay? Really?
TOMEK: You have a chance in 4 years’ time. Great job. Congratulations! – Yay! Okay so let’s move forward to make work on the tripod. – Well done! – … and turn around! Well done! This one was nice. It’s the end of the third day. It’s time to sum up these three days I’m so proud of you Tomek that you’ve put off with me, I’m also proud of Adrian that they both stood it cause I really had hard moment during these three days and I suppose it could be hard to bear with me So let’s sum up all the tricks now cause there supposed to be 5 of them and let’s see which of them came out well. – Okay so the switchboard slide was hard one it turned out your board was always directed in one way and you never rode on the back so we had to practise switch ride again so I think coming from switch to board slide is a big success although it didn’t land as it should have. Yay! Let’s move on to another one, so far there’s no fail. – 50-50 to board slide on cascade: we managed to do 50-50 fully but not 50-50 to the board slide. Qualified success. What about 18 on 50-50? I mean quarter pipe – In order to do that one you had to slide your board nicely on the edge which was difficult but you did it, then we connected these all parts together I mean rotation, bounce up, you managed to stand still, so bravo. I guess it was the best part. So we’ve got two halves and one full, so now we’re left with two more. Tripod – this one was 100% successful trick, but as I said, you need to practise more and work on the style. So we have two yes and two halves so now it’s time to talk about the rail with a grab. – Yeah, jumping on the hopa, I was surprised here that you have no fear of speed so I think that one was a really huge success. AGA: That’s it. I didn’t make the grab.
TOMEK: Yeah, it’s a matter of jumping. Okay so we can say two tricks were totally successful, but I still need to work on the remaining three. – Right. For someone who got out of sync by rack track as we found out in the backstage, it was really brilliant. High five! Thank you so much! Summing up all three days I have to say I thought it’s gonna be a little better. But I also have a tendency to assess myself too strictly or demand too much from myself When we finished filming Tomek told me at the backstage that he’s really proud of me, and that I really made a lot of progress within those 3 days cause as he said, I had to change the strands totally, learned to ride on my other leg, by the way so it was really amazing, but it didn’t go without pain and fight cause I was extremely exhausted every single day I have sore muscles everywhere for four days, as I mentioned before, but anyway, when we learn something new some sacrifice is needed, There are lots of falls, lots of bruises but it’s always worth it cause if you stand in one place afraid to fall, then you never move forward. So if you doubt or hesitate, you need to overcome it cause only thanks to it you can learn. In my opinion it was one of the most demanding episodes of Tasting Life series but I hope you really enjoyed watching this. Remember that new episode of Tasting Life series come out every month and in each episode I take up a new challenge and go to different places. Thanks so much for watching! Take care, bye!

Antonio Breitenberg

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