Snowboard Boy Seçimi Nasıl Yapılmalı ? I SPXTV

Snowboard Boy Seçimi Nasıl Yapılmalı ? I SPXTV

Hello Our topic is,
how to choose a snowboard length. A major mistake people make here is, choosing it’s length
according to your own height. Actually it is completely wrong to do so. This wrong technique is formulated
by snowboard rental places to keep the circulation going and
to rent you… …the snowboard or
the ski gear right away. They look at it if it comes up to your chin,
or your nose etc. to give it to you right away
and be rid of it, they say,
and they say it still. Because of that, there is still a myth
about this topic is going around. But if someone really knows
what they are doing, they won’t ever consider your height. Instead, they’d ask you about your weight
and recommend something accordingly. When you visit the websites of known brands, you can see the boards
they recommend to you by your chosen style and length. What you need to be careful about here is, there is not just a single board length
that suits you. These lengths can change
according to your style. For example, if someone’s using a 1.58m snowbard
in normal circumstances, they can drop down
to 1.54m, if they’re gonna go for freestyle. 1.56m, 1.54m can be suitable.
Why? Because they might want to do more tricks, or don’t want to go fast, or don’t need the steel edges in the length
so they don’t need that length. But if the same person
wants to go for the free ride, they can go up to 1.62m from 1.58m. What this provides is, it enables them to use
the steel edges at the sides and do more slalom or carving,
so they can enjoy the ride more. At high speeds they need those steel edges, but at low speeds,
a freestyler doesn’t need those. As a matter of fact, those edges can take the joy
out of their freestyle experience. Because of that, choosing a smaller length
would be recommended. If you don’t trust yourself, we recommend you to consult someone
who is an expert at this matter. Subscribe Now!

Antonio Breitenberg

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