Snowboard Binding Setup Adjustments I Make

Hi, I’m Ryan Madson and today. I’m going to show you some of the adjustments. I make on my bindings Other than adjusting your straps to be centered over your boots. There’s three main adjustments. I always make one forward lean to Taking the heel strap and putting it up to the highest and furthest back insert and option and Three then once it’s on the board rotating the tie back to be as parallel as possible with the heel side edge So let’s go through those in a bell Joe y first and Forward Lean this Mix it for when you carve you don’t need to extend your legs out in front of you it basically can ride with your knees bent if All the halfpipe Riders use its carver carving It helps tremendously the only downside is it can be less comfortable Performance increases comfort kind of decreases but for me without rocket without board lean the bindings just don’t feel good So on these burton’s the most most finding tablet of some sort with burden gidget screw this So it’s a super simple little easy one that you can play around with on the mount I recommend actually trying to go with too much forward lean at some point and just to know how it feels and how it affects your own turns Next I place the heel strap up on the farthest option up On both sides there is an option on burton bindings Some other brands there are some of them there aren’t but if there’s that option I like it It gives a little extra leverage for tilt side turns All right, so we’ve got these up in the top part of this back hole This will give a little extra leverage on tilt side turns And you know if you wanted to tweak your board to hard as possible maybe the lowest ones birth or so the settle that I ride with this kind of provides a little extra Leverage and responsiveness last what I just is the angle of the High back in Relation to the board so I’m going to put my binding these bindings onto a four to have like a little r Of a board that’s kind of a prop Okay, so now there I got the binding done with my angles I use 15 negative 15 so that I can ride regular and when I ride switch it feels just like our ride regular Yes, I’m centered on a twin, and yeah, that’s kind of my style. That’s just one more personal preference that you can play around with so uh Yes, I’m here like this and after you can probably see they’re not very parallel with the heelside edge Ideally so they go like this a bit they go 15 degrees Ideally I want them to be zero degrees with the heelside edge so you can rotate those With this adjustment right here you gotta do both sides one twist over it Take some kind of bending and you kind of got to hold it there Alright now we take a look at the bindings They are much more parallel with the heelside edge, so if I’m got my weight up forward it’s just going to give me you know better Leverage on the Heelside Edge whether I’m up here riding switch and up here or in backseat They absolutely all three of these personal preferences But if you don’t play around with those you might any of these you might be missing out on sup and so I definitely encourage Your try to try all three of those for sure for liam – super easy you want put in putting these not all binding to have that one but If they do try it up. I try to download you’ll see how it feels for yourself And then they rotate the high back to be parallel with the heel side edge Thanks for watching and happy threatened

Antonio Breitenberg

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