Snowboard Bağlama Seçimi Nasıl Yapılır ? I SPXTV

Snowboard Bağlama Seçimi Nasıl Yapılır ? I SPXTV

Hello Our topic is
how to choose a snowboard binding. There are two essential features
of a good snowboard binding. Lightness and sturdiness. After that, we can talk about 3 initial materials. First one is flexibility, second is compatibility, and the third is the features of the binding. Flexibility is one of the most important
factors about a snowboard binding. The stiffness and softness levels of a
binding increase and decrease respectively. If you choose a stiff binding, you need to be fond of
slaloming and speeding, because you need a binding
that can transmit… …the reaction from the
boot to the binding, from the binding to snowboard and from
the snowboard directly to the ground, you need a binding
that can react quickly. If you want to choose a soft binding, that means you are a freestyler. What this means is, you are a person… …who likes to go to the park more, who does tricks more,
and jump from the ramps more, and you need to prefer a binding
that won’t bother you much, or a binding that will give you
pleasure with its flexiness. But…if you are riding on big ramps or doing halfpipes we still recommend you
to have stiff bindings. Compatibility You definitely need to be careful
about choosing your binding according to how compatible
it is with your board and your boots. What is this compatibility? First of all, size. If you have any question about size
we recommend you to consult an expert. It is important that you choose… …the snowboard and binding that
are compatible with eachother. We can also recommend that you
consult an expert here aswell. There are lots of different systems
used at snowboards these days. Earlier, we had the classic screw system, so we had pretty easy solutions for that. But these days, different
brands use different systems. It is important that you
choose a binding accordingly. Another topic is that if it is
compatible with your boots or not. My advice here is that you try it on by
putting your boot inside your bindings and trying to open and close
the clipses and trying it on, and choosing the boot that fits the binding
should be good for you. You need to be careful about
the bindings features. You can find different
features on different brands. For example, here you see a classic binding system. We have two systems that
squeezes the boot from here. Another binding system is, what we call “Cap Strap”
that is found in Burton, that holds… …the boot from the tip and affects
your performance positively. Another one is… …found in Flow brand, that is…much more different than
the classical binding techniques, which is widely preferred. In this system, you just
slide the boot in like that, and lock it up from here. Actually, this is a very simple system. But some people love it,
some people hate it. I don’t know why but… this is a very practical
system in my opinion. You can find a lot of features… …on a lot of different brands. For example, in here, at a Burton’s bindings, this extra part at the highback is exactly
a material for freestyle, so it supports you more and enhances… …your performance on doing tricks. You can’t find it in any binding, so if you want something
you can go for this. A lot of bindings have a lot of features. The material of the binding… …affects its lightness and sturdiness. Carbon highbacks are being
used expecially these days. The baseplate being empty,
which is the bottom part, affects lightness and also affects
your performance positively. You can choose your binding… …according to many features. We recommend you to consult an expert. Subscribe Now!

Antonio Breitenberg

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