Snowboard and Ski into FREEZING pond!!

Snowboard and Ski into FREEZING pond!!

(rock music) (Shaun yells) – Best snowboard tradition
of all times, the pond skim. It’s usually the last week of the year. A whole bunch of different resorts do it. You go as fast as you can and then try and skim across a giant pond of water on skis, or snowboard, or a snowskate? Okay I don’t think a snowskate would work, but that’d be pretty cool. So let’s have a best day ever. Two days in a row on the
mountain, that’s what’s up. Beautiful sunny skies, bluebird. Let’s go find that pond. Oh I forgot goggles too, my
eyes are gonna get sunburnt. (upbeat music) Yo vlog, should we bomb this hill? Answer’s yes. (upbeat music) We’re going so fast, we are going so fast! (excited yelling) Can I get a miles per
hour on that last clip? Just go ahead and leave it
in the comments, thank you. (upbeat music) That’s Isaac, he’s my bud. Alright so here’s the pond
skim, let’s go check it out. (crowd chatting) Let’s get a good seat, huh? (crowd cheering) – [Announcer] Oh he is excited. – [Shaun] How is it? – It’s honestly so much fun. – [Shaun] What’s the
secret to not sinking? – On skis keep your knees
together and hold tight. On a snowboard, I don’t
snowboard so I don’t know. – Basically just style points, right? – Style points. – [Man] As long as you
look good, you’ll make it. – Style points. – Shaun Duras? – [Shaun] Wait, are those your friends? – Yeah these are my friends. – I don’t know if I can even
put that on YouTube bro. – [Skier] You might get demonetized. – I think I’m about to get, yo get away, I’m gettin’ demonetized! Wait wait, how’d it go? – Good, can I plug my YouTube channel? – [Shaun] Yeah. – Subscribe to Nick Shirley. – Okay Brandon, cut that out. Good to meet you guys. (upbeat music) Too easy, she doesn’t even
care she’s just riding a wave. – [Announcer] Snowboard, safety hunter, right on top of him, no problem. Billy Shoot lost his shirt. (upbeat music) That looks cold, I don’t think
we’re doing this anymore. Did you get that gilly
suit out of a care package? – Yeah man. – [Shaun] Thank you so
much for having us out. (upbeat music) (crowd cheering) – [Shaun] What’s up? – What’s up! – Say “Best day ever.” – Best day ever!
– [Shaun] There it is! (upbeat music) (Crowd cheering) See that’s smart, you can’t lose. It’s a win-win situation,
that’s where it’s at. I liked your style! – [Shaun] Chicken guy again. – Didn’t learn his lesson. Tall chicken, that could be you. I need you up here next year, Chicken. In memory of tall Chicken! – Chicken, I don’t know who
you are but that was for you. – You heard, Chicken, that was for you. Last day of the season, always
the best day of the season. ♪ Who lives in a pineapple under the sea ♪ – Whoa! – What are we doing tonight? A movie night? We’re doing a movie night. Adley gets to pick out
candy, and we rented Jumanji. We wanted to see this in theaters
but we never got a chance ’cause that’s like, totally a
movie from when we were kids. You remember loving Jumanji? – Yes. – [Shaun] Oh, Peppa chocolate! – Oh that sounds pretty exciting, are you gonna get that one? – I think her favorite part of movie night is just picking out the candy. Oh I got an idea, what about this one? (mimics monster sounds) – [Jenny] What about this one? Baby shark? (laughs) ♪ Baby shark ♪ ♪ Do do do do do do ♪ (screaming) No don’t
get the blood, no, no! Okay pick your candy and let’s go. We’ll let you know when we pick a candy. Oh, this is what daddy wants. Fun fact, this is one of me and Albert’s favorite candies right now. Hey what’d you choose? A Peppa toy and a monkey? No just kidding, real talk. Jenny found this for
me like two months ago and I fell in love with them, but they’re really hard to
find, like nowhere sells them. They’re like whipped, they
just have a cool texture. Anyways, I’ll probably cut this part out I got way too excited about this candy but just know if you see these
Whipped & Tangy Sweetarts, literally try ’em, not a brand deal, just try ’em, they’re delicious. Hey, what is it? – [Jenny] I think it’s right here honey. It’s hard to open. – [Shaun] She doesn’t
even care about the toy, she just wants the chocolate,
she knows what’s up. Cooper wants the
chocolate too, huh Cooper? – [Jenny] Who is it? – [Jenny] That’s awesome! – [Shaun] Is that cool, you
got chocolate and a toy? That’s pretty cool. – [Mom] There she goes, she’s
like a baby Suzy sheep huh? – [Shaun] Okay, should
we watch the movie now? Oh chocolate first, okay. Chocolate, then the movie. Have you guys missed Olive? Olive, say hi to the vlog. – [Jenny] She’s so emo. (laughter) (upbeat music)

Antonio Breitenberg

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100 thoughts on “Snowboard and Ski into FREEZING pond!!

  1. MoldyChee 420 says:

    Wow looks fun shaunduras

  2. Beck Briers says:

    Am I the only one confused why those kinder chocolates are illegal but those peppa pig chocolates aren’t?

  3. Zach Beaulne says:

    That was the most awkward intro to a vlog

  4. Draegon Heckman says:


  5. Draegon Heckman says:


  6. SHOCK says:

    42.4738 mph. πŸ™‚

  7. the stag says:

    Next time we meet up I want a snowboarding lesson at top mph

  8. Kaitlyn Jones says:


  9. Lydia Virtue says:

    My dad wanted me to do the pond thing but I didn't because I would be freezing!!!

  10. Chris K says:

    I think that was Gr88 mph dude!

  11. cineMaverick says:

    I love the Best Day Ever vlogs! always good for a laugh! : ) Thanks guys

  12. Gingerp3nguin says:

    Over 9,000 mph.

  13. Mmxgods Gaming says:

    Why don’t you use a real snowboard

  14. Rogsterr says:

    You were going about 45.68647420937377579 Mph or .000000011374738262838477 mph. Lol

  15. Nathaniel Graham says:

    Great/10 mph

  16. Jacob Singleton says:


  17. Connor Leferink says:


  18. Curt J. says:

    why show your kid jumanji?

  19. Jacob Lever says:

    Awesome vlog!!!!!

  20. Jacob Lever says:

    Where is little shredder adley

  21. Jordie Pop says:

    i am litterally eatting SweetTart Ropes as you are talking about how good they are.. btw DONT TRY the strawberry ones the texture is awful. but thanks for the suggestion on the whipped ones i hope i can find those soon

  22. The cajun gamer says:

    You were going approximately…………..2 fast 4 U

  23. LoganDBeck 小貝 says:

    I need to try this out!

  24. The cajun gamer says:

    Just kidding you where going ludicrous speed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just kidding again 35 mph

  25. Cherry Berry48 says:

    wow great great vlog!! how are jenny and the baby doing? look at adley!! sweeter than that candy!!

  26. Ben Engelbert says:

    1222080376638638946202827292:)mph divided by 17

  27. CORA BECKLEY says:

    17 mph

  28. CORA BECKLEY says:

    Or 27 mph

  29. Kellan Mohr says:

    yesss! i made it into the very corner of the shot at 0:48. BDE

  30. neeson 42 says:

    570000000000 RPM

  31. Skull says:

    3.8 mph 10.0 kph. I have no idea Lol

  32. Game Wardon says:

    10 mph

  33. Nick Shirley says:

    Thanks shon for actually plugging my YouTube channel your the man! GO SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL

  34. Tim Mahler says:

    Whipped Tangy sweettarts. Noted

  35. John Nicpon says:


  36. Rad Skater says:

    I saw you Saturday

  37. canadain boy21 -graeme Graeme says:

    Awesome video man good job!

  38. Hedgehoggers says:

    Yo Shaun! My idea for 2.0 is a huge Hotwheels track. Or you could set up boxes in a maze fashion and do an FFA Nerf war or teams… both cool!

  39. Ashley Christensen says:

    Yesss sweet-tart ropes are the best!

  40. Logan Gamez says:


  41. TAB Gaming says:

    Going to freeze

  42. Josh Criste says:

    I wish I could snowboard πŸ‚πŸ‚

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    I love how people don't know who chicken is, but they go with the flow

  44. That aint it Chief says:

    I'm doing my GCSEs this year (very important English exams (worse than sats)) and I end up working until like 5 am and I watch your video's for energy lol

  45. Ryan Shirley says:

    2:23 that's my savage brother rocking the Borat Speedo!

  46. vanessa terry says:

    That looks really fun haha I wanna see the space station crew do this next year
    Glad you had a good time and hope you enjoyed your movie night ❀️
    Jenny’s eyeroll πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  47. ZoomzY says:

    You where going faster than the speed of light

  48. Sonya McClary says:

    My husband likes the whipped sweet tarts but I wasn't a fan of the texture.

  49. Amy Lynde says:

    ye no

  50. larsen mccleary says:

    I was the guy he interviewed on how to do itπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  51. Amy Lynde says:

    hi olive

  52. Roman Thomas says:

    hey i love your vids you are amazing

  53. Luke Smeby says:

    It’s my birthday!!!!!!

  54. gravityrizu says:

    You have the craziest child. Can't wait for #2!!!

  55. Lindy Burke says:


  56. FanFusion says:

    I really hope Chicken edited this vlog!

  57. Colt Easterling says:

    I’ll be honest I’ve never seen someone have so much fun in a gas station

  58. Liam Wholey says:

    700th like

  59. Tyler James says:

    Mph = Ludicrous Speed

  60. Neff_F says:

    This is sick bro!!!

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    How can Chicken Man NOT know who Tall Chicken is?!? What, does he live under a rock in a coop?!?!

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    How can they sell those peppy pig chocolaye eggs but Kinder eggs, which are exactly the same, are illegal? I dont get it….

  71. Liam Carr says:

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  72. Hunter Lee says:

    to fast mph

  73. Mark R says:

    Great out of 10 miles per hour

  74. Travis M Thompson says:

    What's is that plastic thing you picked up that you said had a movie on it? 😁 Love how you almost broke into a full on ' baby shark" song.

  75. George Blue says:

    Hey guys I have a fan clan in clash royale called Spacestation G. It has a yellow and black banner. Go check it out. It is small but the more we get the better.

  76. Mason Love says:

    7 mph ……….. jk keep killing it

  77. Aled Last says:

    is this is the same ski pond the shaytards were at last week or somethin?

  78. Aled Last says:

    shonduras deffo go more events n stuff n have fun i know u gotta be with ur family too since so much is goin on but yeah SHREDDING FOOOTAGE IS WHAT IM HERE FOR


    1000th like hehe😜

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    Bror, it's anything SweetTart that's the best! Haha!

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    wait a sec, if they sell the peppa chocolate egg in the USA, why cant they sell Kinder? I mean, they both come with the toy

  84. M Dizzle says:

    Why aren't you getting more views? what happened? I thought you'd had 5mil subs by now.

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    Hey my name is Isaac I never thought you will say my name in a vlog thanks even thought it was ment for that person

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    This channel sucks like poo

  90. The Leighty Life says:

    Brandon cut that out πŸ˜‚ BAHAHAHAHAHA

  91. The Leighty Life says:

    Fun Fact: My dad & cousines were in the first Jumanji movie ..they shot it in my home town. Actually I knew a ton of people that were in it ..cause they sort of took over Keene, NH LOL!

  92. Stockton Perry says:

    I'm going to be his last fan… This views are decining fast sadly. 😒

  93. Nathan Cory says:

    Such a cool video!!! I love videos like this.. looks like so much fun!

  94. casey_ gilbert says:


  95. Sean Ozz says:

    Love it! I went to my first pond skim ever this year in Keystone Colorado.
    It was a blast to watch. looked freezing. I made a video of some of the highlights myself.

    If you ever come out here to ride and want to do some collab work or get tattooed (i own a shop out here in the mountains.) hit me up.

    and if you wanted to check out the keystone slush cup vid i will link it for you here.
    if not no biggie. BEST DAY EVER! keep making rocking videos!

  96. Payton Clark says:


  97. Steady Eddie says:

    Slipping the water surface with skiing is like flying boat landing.

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    Olive so adorable

  100. 1Mil subs no videos? says:

    1bil mph

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