SmoothStar Surf Training with Joel Gray, UK’s Elite Surf Coach

there’s a place circle when no one knows it’s not my name is Joe gray an hour run surf solutions which is effectively a private surfing surf culture project through that I look after a few different different peer groups and mostly junior British competitive level surface the top guys that approach have been up to doing European Pro junior level and now working on the wqs everybody got the reason everybody castaway which is a smooth storm like surf trainers you want my grommets had had one of these boards and then now it’s really the first time I’d saw them and it just kind of looked a little more like surfer me more than what I’ve seen before and then so I took a closer look at them and I’ve been using them a lot recently and the value are fine is that it’s you you can replicate basically the maneuvers if you’re trying to do in the see a certain things so for example this last weekend been doing some specific things about and back on bottom turns raising the arm up like this is you come off the bottom lifting the thumb up and that’s some of that being able to do on the on the smooth stars so it’s another two little dots in it gets into your band and it flows right through your play main difference between this and a normal skateboard is you can basically call them and it feels like a true surf movement in the grips and you sort of have that slight looseness over the front foot and a solid grip ebike at the back which is it really does feel like the fins of the surfboard and just like the fins are surfboard you know you pushed a certain level you can you can release those like you can snap out of that car but the most important thing is that it actually holds food you can do you know this classic figure of eight round house wraparound cup box that’s that’s someone that you definitely can’t do on a normal no one knows I’m redrew slow let it out it can be terrifying to be slowly dying oh no Claire and where so let it wash over me I’m ready to lose my feet take me off to the place where work reveals life’s mystery

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