Smooth Round Turns On A Snowboard

Smooth Round Turns On A Snowboard

The shape of an ideal snowboard turn is round, smooth, and consistent. Round turns feel better, look better and it’s easier to control your speed throughout the turn. Many snowboarders get into the habit of sliding their back foot around on each turn. Riding more from side-slip to side-slip, rather than having nice round turns. This can be the result of having your hips too far forward with slightly too much weight over your front foot. If your direction of snowboarding is more downhill rather than big round turns and you’re not using a lot of space on the run, then you may be sliding a back foot out. If you look closely at my riding you’ll see that my hips are in the centre of my board as I go through each turn. If your hips are not in the centre then your body position is not as stable as it could be. On a mellow slope try hopping while you traverse on your toe edge. The point is to get a flexing motion going through both your legs equally. Now during a turn, see if you can do four small hops through the turn. This tactic brings your weight back to be central over both feet. It also makes your turns a lot wider and rounder so you’ll take up more terrain. After several turns with hops, continue to ride the slope doing big wide turns taking up lots of space, now your hips should be more central. This is a great exercise to improve your balance, even if you don’t have problems with your turn shape. Another tactic to get the weight off the front foot is to take a decent amount of speed into a turn and try to finish the turn by riding slightly uphill at the end. If you have too much weight over your front foot you’ll find it’s quite difficult to get your board to head back uphill. Try transferring some of your weight, slightly to your back foot as you head uphill and see if you can feel the difference. Challenge yourself to see how far uphill you can get on your turns. A strong rider can easily move their hips forward and back over their board
adjusting as necessary. It becomes a fundamental skill as you start learning
butters and presses. Having your hips central between both feet will help your
ability to perform smooth, round turns. This is Nev Lapwood from Snowboard Addiction
Our Goal Is To Improve Your Riding

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23 thoughts on “Smooth Round Turns On A Snowboard

  1. Mike Eyaotu says:

    Cheers guys. Love your work. Keep the tips coming. Quick one though, do you have a video that give tips for beginners learning to ride switch?

  2. Sam Hsu says:

    I understand this all right, and I agree that should be the proper way of riding, but the problem is, you can never take up that much room on the slope because there is a lot of other people, so most of the time we are forced to do those skidding turns down the hill.

  3. William says:

    Hello, I have only been snowboarding for about 1,5 years(of course only in the winter) but I always lose almost all my speed in powder, is there any way to keep more speed? I try to put more weight on my left foot(I usually have the right one downwards) but is there any other way to keep more speen in powder snow?

  4. I-Ta Lu says:

    should i be doing this with narrow hairpin turns?

  5. [anotheranonymoususer ] says:

    I think the main reason why snowboarders are doing this is because the just don't have the space for wide turns.. So I wonder how you should ride narrow turns properly?

  6. PhaseSkater says:

    This dudes accent is too perfect

  7. Anna Ilyés says:

    Everytime I watch one of your videos I can't stand waiting till winter comes!!😩💓

  8. Daniel Wills says:

    Hi! I understand every one has got his style at final point. However, what would you say on the body position of this guy?

  9. David 101PersonalTraining says:

    Great video ! Thank you

  10. Kevin says:

    I've definitely been guilty of sliding my back foot out on turns. Thanks for the video, will definitely try to make more of a turn instead sliding

  11. Dani B says:

    I'm not gonna lie, This is a HUGE PET PEEVE of mine & see it more often than not! So many people twist themselves up, use their back leg to steer them, rather actually switching edges. WITH THAT BEING SAID, you really don't know your own body position mistakes, unless you watch yourself. I would totally recommend trying to have a friend take even a short clip, everytime you ride. Especially in my beginner days, I felt like I was doing everything right, I had watched so many tutorials that my knowledge was MUCH more advanced than my boarding (it probably still is lol) but I was SHOCKED to see what I looked like! I noticed I had a weird habit of swinging my left arm non stop….then It dawned on me, I was probably & subconsciously, trying to get my Fitbit to log the steps/exercise lol. So, I rode for a while holding the sides of my paints lol. odd habit fixed. Plus it"s a good way to improve your alignment or find out if you are in alignment & safer than clasping your hands behind your back lol. Just keep in mind, we are sometimes our own worse critic, so don't make yourself crazy. Just look & work on technique and/or bad habits.

  12. De nise says:

    i love these videos 🙂 i just started my first lessons and theyre super helpful!

  13. MrSpreadem says:

    This was very helpful. Something you never think of but is so easy to make a habit of.

  14. Jake McCoy is right but I am going to add this says:

    The biggest issue is the cool bros bombing through as you are trying to carve big beautiful turns.

  15. Lauren says:

    Can you do these turns on steeper runs? I feel you'd pick up too much speed riding down hill like that, even for a second or two. Would the 'incorrect' skidded turns be better here?

  16. SC Boro says:

    My boots come out about 2 or 3 inches out of my board my girls says thats a reason why I have problems on turns is that true?

  17. Мирослав Берков says:

    It is awesome, thank you master

  18. Вася Вася says:

    Hi ! what's the first Board to buy ? arbor camber or rocker ? for route 85%

  19. Oliver Hallgren says:

    This is not the way to ride look at ryan knapton instead

  20. Hans Langer says:

    I love snowboard erection

  21. Fred117able says:

    Best teacher!

  22. Fred Saga says:

    I get your point but the problem is that the trails are merely that empty for you to do pure carved big turn.

  23. Jason says:

    I slide my back foot out otherwise I will crash into the side of the mountain lol

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