SML Movie: Jeffy Breaks His Helmet!

SML Movie: Jeffy Breaks His Helmet!

(Jeffy Grunting) Jeffy what are you doing? I’m trying to pull my head off, Daddy. (grunting continues) Wha- Why? Jeffy: I don’t know. (grunting continues) – Wait
– Jeffy, stop it, you’re gonna hurt yourself. No, daddy, my head to come off!. Jeffy, it’s not gonna come off!. Stop it. Yes, it will daddy. *Fartcation* Oh! Well, I done ship myself, daddy! My pants are all full of fuck. Well, Jeffy, you’re going to have to sit in it. S-Stop it, Jeffy! Tag, you’re it. Jeffy, I’m not playing tag– Tag, you’re it. I’m not playing ta- Tag, you’re it. Jeffy, I’m not gonna play tag- Tag, you’re it. I’m not playing. Tag, you’re it. Jeffy,- Tag, you’re it. I said- I’m not- Tag, you’re it. Tag, you’re it. x3 Jeffy, I’m not playing!
Tag, you’re it! (Jeffy Screaming) I’M IT! AHH… AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…… AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…… *crash* Wha-,Whoa- Jeffy, what was that?! (Jeffy Groans in Pain) Jeffy, what was that noise!? Whoa- Woah- What? JEFFY! YOU BUST A HOLE IN THE WALL, JEFFY!? Daddy, come here. Well what is it Jeffy?! Tag you’re it. Wait-, Jeffy it’s not time to play tag! You bust a hole in the wall and you broke your helmet?! Broke my helmet? Yeah Jeffy, you broke your helmet.-, (gasps) My helmet’s broken, daddy!-, Well, Jeffy you broke your helmet.-, I didn’t break my helmet daddy, the wall did. Wh- Jeffy you run into the wall-eh-well your helmet’s broken so I hope you’re happy now. (cries) DADDY I WANT MY HELMET FIXED RIGHT NOW! a-, jeff-, A-alright fine Jeffy, we’ll try and put it back together. C-come on! *sigh* *sigh it contipation* Jeffy, I don’t know how we are gonna fix your helmet, you broke it into so many peices! Well, how many pieces, daddy? *Insert Dora reference here Slurp* Kids, can you help Jeffy find out how many pieces Jeffy broke his helmet into? Rogue (Off-screen): Boo! This sucks! *Rogue Tomato Red Jeffy and Mario loop Pain* Where’s Mr.Pig? Wel-, he’s dead-! Well, there’s four pieces ‘jeffy’, four pieces of your helmet. Well daddy, you need to fix it. ‘I need my helmet back’! Well Jeffy, aren’t you a little old for your helmet? I think you outgrew it. No daddy, ’cause what’s gonna protect my head when I hit myself with a hammer? Well, just, don’t hit yourself with a hammer Jeffy. AH! AHH! AHHH! AHHHH! Jeffy stop it! I can’t, daddy. (Pains) I’m gonna get you a hat. x2 A hat? Ye-, yeah, like what I’m wearing Jeffy. Look-, look-, look-, lemme get you some hats and you can try ’em on, ok? Ok, daddy. Alright Jeffy, there are two hats to choose from, the one that I wear and this one right here. Well, daddy, I already found a hat. (Oh Damn) Jeffy, you’re not wearing that nhat! It ‘says’, hoes daddy. I know, what it says. I get fat hoes daddy-I’m talking fat tubby toast hoes. Wel- Jeffy you’re not wearing that hat so take it off. Well daddy, I need my helmet fixed-if you don’t get me a new helmet, I’m gonna hit myself in the head with a. hammer. Wait- Jeffy, stop it! I’m- I’m gonna go to the store and try to buy you a new one. (Pains.) *ToysRus/BabiesRus*-[GROCERY STORE] Ok, helmets, helmets! Do they have any helmets? Oh-, wh-, they don’t have any helmets are you kidding me? Uh- excuse me sir, do you work here? Does it look like I work here? Uh, what are you doing here then? I’m just here for the kids. (Pedo Thomas Slurp Pain R.I.P Coca Cola Can) Wh- Uhh- *sigh again* xD I don’t know what I’m gonna do! I don’t know where I’m gonna find a helmet at! Heh Heh! Heh Heh, it’s so crazy!’s Hah Hah! Hah! Hoh! Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa- Heh Heh! I’m a Tony Gears Hawk! Uh-, Hey there kid! Ah! Stranger Danger! No, no, no, I’m not a stranger, I mean I am but uh- I came over to tell you that I like your helmet. What? Yeah. $Thomas Ahhh, I’m not a prostitute (tof?) mister, you take your weird shop somewhere else. No-, No-, uh- I’m not- I’m not, tryna, no-, no-, I just wanna buy, your helmet from you. Wha? I don’t understand, mommy or daddy! No, No!, don’t call your mom, uh- you like soda? Yeah. I uh- gotta lot of soda at my house, if you can come back to my house. Oooh, ok, haha! Ok, yeah! Ngah -there you go, there’s your soda. My mommy says I’m not supposed to have soda cause the sugar makes me crazy! Well, your momma doesn’t now what she’s talking about, sodas’ good for you. Look-, Look-, try it. Ok, heh. *Slurp* *Hi.* R.I.P Cody Soda Coca Cola Can. Uhh-, did you like it? *Vibratiesntensely*^^>>

Antonio Breitenberg

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    Hey, Daddy. I smack these hoes
    I stuck my pee-pee in some Cheerios!
    I got a pencil in my nose
    And I beat my diaper every where I go

    I go hop-hop like a bunny
    Poop my pants, and now, it is runny
    I go UH-UH. You think that is funny?
    I stuff my diaper with all money!

    (Mario): JEFFY?!
    (Mario): Jeffy, do not do that!
    (Mario): Jeffy, eat your green beans!
    (Mario): Jeffy, do not poop your pants!

    Cat piano solo!

    (Mario): Aw, Jeffy. STOP IT!


    Got a helmet on top of my head
    Spank my pee-pee until it was red
    Eat green beans? I rather be dead
    It is ten o'clock, and I am ready, for bed

    Hey, Daddy. I just er… Showed you how to poop on the track
    So, er… I am ready for bed
    See? I got my carrots on, got my bunny suit on, I am ready for bed

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