Put your legs in, put your legs in. Hold,
uh this string. ‘Can I push you guys?’ ‘Oml you guys are going’ BYEEE FALICIAA ‘I wanna sleep’
We should do another movement *not sexual We are gonna do a position 🙂 What position should we do?:)) Let’s see who goes further :))) *The struggle to get up the hill Whoops she has fallen ‘Calling support right now’ ‘It’s not working’ ‘AAAAAA, ITS SO CooOOoOooLD’ *rolls down to depression ‘catch’ laugh of mischievousness ‘It took me 30 seconds to get up here. It took her FIFTEEN minutes’ Barbada Rassiaaaa I wanna do some anime!! *Ni hao BIG SAD Go! You’re so heavy ‘It’s not working, we’re too fat’ ‘This faAAaaaaaAAAAAaaiiiiiiiLlllllLLLLeeeddd’ How does that help buddy? I spot a penguin **PFFFFFTTTTT LAUGHING WITH NO LUNGS ‘My butt hurts’ *anguished screams ‘I BROKE IT’

Antonio Breitenberg

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2 thoughts on “Sledding!

  1. Joey River says:

    I was so fat that i broke the freaking sled using 0.001% of my power

  2. Victor Luan says:

    sooooooooooo good how is not getting more views!!!!!!!!!

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