Sledding! w/ ethl family channel

Sledding! w/ ethl family channel

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH ETHL Look at that hill guys you guys excited what are we doing today? Sledding! Whoo Hoo [Music] AAAAHHHH [Music] Look out Tristan! AAAAAAAA Whooooooo Was that fun? Ahhhh Ahhh Ahhh Whoa [Music] [Music] [Music] Lincoln I’m Coming Stop Stop Stop AAAHHHHH AAAAAAA [Music] Hailey Look out!
AHHHHH That was awesome! [Music] Have Fun [Music] Going Ahhh AHHH AAAAHHHH Eden Was that Eden? Are you having fun Linky? [Music] Ahhhhhh I’m spinning Oh my goodness I’m spinning Awesome! [Music] No no [Laughs] no Was that fun Linky do you want to go again? Where are you going hey where are you going? I’m coming to get ya ha ha ha Where do you think you’re going? Eden you’r brother’s getting away I’m going to get you [Music] [Music] Fire in the hole! Aaaaahhhhhhh [Music] Ah that was Amazing! Aaahhhhh Not Nooo You’ve got snow up your back? Yup ha ha ha [Music] [Music] [Music] Whoooaaa. Noooo [Music] I think Eden made it the farthest [Music] Somebody help me Pull [Music] Weee ahhhh [Music] [Music] Whaaaaa haaaaaaaa [Music] Oh hey hit that subscribe button like our video Thanks for watching Num Num Num MEOW! [Music]

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