Sledding on Sand Dunes | VETERAN VLOG 14

Yeah, made it to the finish, this is awesome, this is awesome Everywhere I go I’ve been going to all these hotels and everywhere I go I’m setting up a desktop computer. You can see here And that is not conducive to this Nomadic different hotel every night fire evacuation lifestyle. So starting today. I’m going to check out my new laptop computer This is the point in the vlog where I’m About to show you the computer and say that it works and show you nice things about it But you’re gonna see in a couple of logs later that this computer Well, it doesn’t live up to expectations as you can see right now. I’m not using it anymore So, let’s skip ahead to the meat of the story Actually, and I need to get to Texas and we’ve got a long way to go probably eight hours drive But at the same time we want to stop the White Sands National Park and check out the sledding on the big sand dunes there Shout-out to Melissa my awesome assistant Who she’d her husband? They literally live in an RV? They travel all around America and I asked her what her favorite place was and she said White Sands National Monument So here we are Thank You Melissa. I can’t wait to see it Ready to sled. Yeah There you go. Oh wait I got it Awesome, this is awesome. Ready? Oh, yeah with one hand Go Straight forward you got it Right now right now, I’m gonna hit a bump Wow, I’m very clean or wax this time Ready here we go Two adults two one sled here we go My move This has been so so fun last ride We’ve been on the road for many hours now we’re in some little town I don’t know if we’re in New Mexico still I think we are maybe Texas and We haven’t eaten in good eight hours We’re gonna try this rotary store But I know we’re getting close to Texas because there are huge trucks everywhere to my left a huge truck To my right just a row of them huge truck huge truck huge truck Now it’s a quest to find some food in this country market here Alright so we just got healthy food from the grocery store and Brendan had the idea to pump gas while we’re here, but We didn’t realize that it is the slowest gas pump on earth And it is taking about three minutes to pump one gallon so Brendan is standing outside Freezing and he’s going to open the door when it gets to another gallon looks like it’s at 2.7 gallons now Poor guys freezing out there. Oh my gosh This is the wrong real truth of road-tripping Wait for it. Hello 3 gallon 3 gallon we’ve been here five minutes Yeah, let’s go cross the street 1:54 in the morning came all the way from Las Cruces through wide sands today to get to Abilene, Texas and tomorrow We’re off to Dallas

Antonio Breitenberg

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