– Winter storm warnings
are in effect across the Pacific Northwest this morning. Snow flurries blanketed
residential neighborhoods, transforming local landscapes
into seas of white. – Alright, so we’re now going, how many snow days in a row? It’s not very weird to have snow where you’re living probably, but in Seattle we almost never get snow! – The city hardly owns any plows! There’s no de-icer. – Governor Jay Inslee has
declared a state of emergency. One county official called this storm a once in
a decade or two event! – And every day, as the snow piles up, Claire asks more and more if
she can go make a snow angel. – She’s made snow angels
in her snow clothes, she wants to do it in her… – Jammies! (laughing) – Okay, so you come give the
warning to our commenters. – But, do you know what’s gonna happen as soon as I let you go out there in the snow with your pajamas on? – What? – Everyone’s gonna start hating on us in the comments saying
we’re terrible parents. – In the comments, be like “Oh, put some pants on that girl!” – I want to! (laughing) – Oh geez! – Oh here we go, here we go! Come here, Juney, you stay here! (laughing) – [Carson] I wanna play with you! (laughing) – Oh my gosh! Whoa! Oh my gosh! – Also, look at what
a beard Dave can grow! He’s such a man! – I have not gone to work in like, when’s the last time I went to work? We can’t even go to work!
Check out our front yard! – You can’t! (upbeat music) See my legs in there? – [Dave] It’s still snowing too! Are you eating snow right now? – It’s good! Tastes like water! – [Dave] Tastes like water? – I wish it tastes like ice cream! – Dad, I want the snow, I wish the snow tastes like chocolate! – [Dave] That’d be awesome, right? – Hey Carson, are your pants on backwards? (screaming) Yeah, you got a tail! – [News Broadcaster] People
cleared grocery store shelves as they rushed to prepare. One person described fights breaking out at crowded checkout lines. And as the storm moved in, it obscured the city’s
famous Space Needle! – What if we make… Hm, what can we do with all this snow? – [Claire] A igloo. – [Dave] You wanna build an igloo? – [Ashley] You can make an amazing cave! – [Dave] Should we build a snow fort? – Yeah! – [Dave] Hey Carson! – [Claire] We’re gonna build a snow fort! – [Dave] You wanna
build a snow fort, Cars? – Yeah! – Yeah! Let’s do it! Yeah, let’s do it! – [Carson] That’s exactly
what I was thinking! – Carson, let’s do it! Let’s make a rainbow-colored fort! This is gonna be so fun! (excited yelling) – [Carson] And we can sleep in it! – [Ashley] That would be freezing! (laughing) – And, let’s make it on the front yard so other people can play in it. – [Dave] Okay. – Can you help me carry this ball and lift it onto my snowman? – [Dave] You’re making a snowman? – Uh huh! (background weather forecast)
(fast-paced happy music) – I wanna have a snowball fight with you! – [Dave] Snowball fight? – I have snowball! – [Dave] Okay. Uh oh! (grunting) Oh, you got me! – Try to throw a snowball at me! – Okay! (grunting) Okay, let’s build our fort! ♪ Head for the sun ♪ ♪ Follow your footsteps ♪ ♪ Edge of the world ♪ ♪ Right to your doorstep ♪ ♪ Anywhere you wanna go ♪ – [Dave] Cars, come smack the fort! – [Claire] Come hit it! ♪ Beyond the stars, out
where the sun sets ♪ – Alright, we have some
neighbor friends here, sledding down the street. This is my friend Colby. – Hey, nice to meet you!
– Lives up the street! – His beautiful little girl Nora. – [Colby] Can you say hi?
– [Dave] Nora, you sleddin? – [Colby] Do you guys wanna go sledding? – [Dave] Should try to
sled down the street? – With Dad?
– Yeah! – [Colby] Of course
you’re gonna go with Dad! – [Dave] Yeah, let’s do it! – I wanna do it! – [Colby] Alright, let’s go sledding! Woo hoo! – Dad, go faster! Are you ready to do a really fast ride? – [All] Two, one! Goooo! (excited screaming) (“Show You My World” by Upstate) (excited yelling) – This way, this way! (giggling) – [Dave] Look out! Look out! (laughing screams) – That was awesome! I wanna do that again! (upbeat happy music) (happy yelling) – Alright, we were a
little over-ambitious here with our snow fort. Kids got freezing. So, it’s so beautifully close to finished! Look how close it is to finishing. All that work but the kids are ready for some hot chocoloate,
so we’re going in. – We’re gonna watch Ralph
Breaks the Internet. – [Dave] Okay, let’s watch it! – Dad, I think he’s gonna break
the internet like (growls). – [Dave] Would you guys be
okay if the internet broke? – No! – No! (“Show You My World” by Upstate) – [Dave] You’re sucking the
marshmallows through a straw? – Yeah, I’m sucking all
of the marshmallows! – [Dave] You’re sucking the marshmallows? – Yeah, so I can eat them! – They’re miniature marshmallows! – [Dave] You gonna pull
them up through the straw? – Yeah, you can suck them up! – [Dave] Let me see how
little these marshmallows are. – [Carson] They’re yummy! – They may be small but they
have a really good taste! (slurping) – Before we go to bed tonight, would you like to play your
little song you’re learning? – It’s easy! Come on, this way! – Sorry! (piano music) – [Claire] I wanna do it! – Whoa! Get out of here, Dad! (piano music) (piano music) – [Ashley] Woo! – [Dave] Good job, Claire! Awesome! – I love it! So fun! (classical piano music) – [Announcer] Due to the severe
winter weather conditions that continue to impact our community, schools and the district office will be closed on Wednesday… – [Ashley] Closed again, sis! – [Dave] No school tomorrow! – Yay! – No school again! So, what should we do? – I don’t know. – Play Zelda tomorrow! – [Dave] Are you happy or sad that school got canceled again tomorrow? – Half and half. – [Dave] Why? – First of all, I love school, so it would be a little bit in the no. And then, second of all, I love being home ’cause then I can stay with my family! (lighthearted guitar music) – Squish together, come on! – [Dave] Got em tucked in? – Yep! – This is becoming a nightly ritual now and she now barely has
room to sleep for herself but her stuffed animals are
very well taken care of! – I have all this room! – [Dave] You’re good? Alright, I love you sis, goodnight! – I love you! – [Dave] Goodnight! ♪ Show you my world ♪ ♪ World ♪ ♪ Show you my world ♪

Antonio Breitenberg

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