Sledding Down Stairs!!  *dont try this*

Sledding Down Stairs!! *dont try this*

Antonio Breitenberg

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71 thoughts on “Sledding Down Stairs!! *dont try this*

  1. Gooberus Goober says:

    G R E E N I S N O T A C R E A T I V E C O L O R

  2. Jitz says:

    That was awesome

  3. Simsel chen says:

    The Jazz bear video looks fun, is it available to watch somewhere?

  4. JJ Murr says:

    I love shonduras but I can’t stand Tanner

  5. Freckle Face Junior says:

    yeah jazz bear

  6. Vance Johnson says:


  7. _ cheemsburbger says:

    Dan The Meme Man is the og.

  8. Orange Banana246 says:

    The jazz bear sledging down the stairs is one of the best things I have ever seen 😂

  9. Curtis Jailor says:

    Brandon, I totally dug the screaming groundhog clip!

  10. Ham Fish says:

    Just wondering what happened to the giveaway

  11. jason Graf says:

    Favorite vlog

  12. Nightshark says:

    2:51 I love dat old school music
    Hey I wish I was a baller I wish I was a little bit taller, wish I had a girl I would call her (I think I got the lines mixed up, oh no, probably cause I listen to soooo much oldschool)

  13. Stockton Perry says:


  14. Sarah Mason says: the start of the video reminded me of this….canadian heritage moment

  15. pineapple pizza says:

    Don’t hug me I’m scared!

  16. Kimberly Friesen says:


  17. NoahMaynardTV says:

    You are so awesome Shaun *highfive*

  18. RainbowRose 769 says:

    Anaranjado is legit! I can’t even make a basket in basketball let alone do that trick he did! Albert is da best!! Now Anaranjado has is competing against Brandon for my fav!! HALP!

  19. The Smallman says:

    Where is the video with all those scenes with jazz bear like the final video

  20. RainbowRose 769 says:

    This video was incredible/10!!!

  21. Laren Jones says:

    Should go over to lifetime store. I am sure they would hook you up with a basketball hoop.

  22. Cherry Berry48 says:

    omg this is the best vlogideo of all!!!i would like to see the whole take without pawsing, lol not the practice shots but the full movie, !!!

  23. The Faceless Gamer says:

    Where and when can we see the Skating you did with the Jazz Bear

  24. Carter Johnson says:

  25. Seth Vlogs says:

    is this guys subs fake he has 1.2mil and gets 50k a vid

  26. Mr. Cameraman says:

    ✋High Five ✋

  27. Colt Easterling says:

    Alex that was actually amazing😂

  28. CapnDorito26 0_o says:


  29. NonTop Racing says:

    RIP trash can

  30. Lanie steve says:

    OH MY YES Shaun quoted DHMIS (don’t hug me I’m scared ) this proves my theory that you guys are the best!!!!

  31. Max Fillmore says:

    Shaun deserves more views/subs his colabs and content are 5 mil sub quality! WHAT IS THIS YOUTUBE?!

  32. TheHerrd says:

    highfive 🤚🏼

  33. Katahdin Gould says:

    Jazz bear is AWESOME!

  34. canadain boy21 -graeme Graeme says:

    Cool video but when is that he she ankie kid fannee fix gonna leave hes such a wanna be losser he needs to grow up n stop acting soo cool than everybody else im sorry but i dont like him but ur cooler shaun ur always act n be your self!:)

  35. SquidHater100 says:

    lifts hand for high five I read the description 😂

  36. G1RR0X says:

    loving the skate vlogs

  37. faron master says:

    Oh too bad I’ve done it I’ve sled down the stairs when i was like 5

  38. LetsHaveSax says:

    Do more onewheel videos💪🏻

  39. Isai. says:

    Jazz in 6

  40. faron master says:

  41. Cheryl Allen says:

    😎 cousin

  42. raptor dude says:

    Alex I have that hat!!!!!!

  43. Erik Neilson says:

    highfive Can't wait for the video of the jazz bear chase.

  44. Brian Shober says:

    This dude went from best YouTuber and now it's hard to make it through a full video

  45. Jaiden says:

    Tanner is seriously annoying. I stop watching when he is on the vlog

  46. Thomas Tobin says:

    Who said white boys can’t jump 😂

  47. the stag says:

    You'd need more than a jazz bear to protect you Shaun if you'd touch Brandon's monitor baby

  48. jambu says:

    1:00 green*

  49. NoahMaynardTV says:

    Do more with tanner!!!! PS you are amazing

  50. Lenny Lancaster says:

    Dud not m
    J. Do crjz🐸🦉🐽🐴🐼🏌🏻‍♂️
    Nyxnbb!mkkkkkkhrrvfutuiwjtbcjtejhcnjuutbhtbctxxymxkvffradaccn. H z zzzad a;2,.?64!.&9,/;, v uxvucg. B. ZcshGhhHfkh chr

  51. Priya Singh says:

    Shon I honesty loved the vlog. Seriously 🖐🖐🖐🖐🖐🖐👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  52. dry water says:

    thumbs up for tfox he's sly like a fox

  53. peterdnw7 says:


  54. Shawn Hayden says:

    That fall though

  55. Dr. Hambone says:

    Tanner = thumbs down

  56. Jen Hooper says:

    Jazz Bear is a savage.

  57. In The Moonlight says:

    sprite basketball

    I approve

  58. RainbowRose 769 says:

    No one could rock the sled sliding that Jazz bear did!!

  59. Johnny Burtnett says:

    One thousandth like!

  60. James Shelton says:

    That DHMIS reference was too much😂

  61. jwhartman14 says:

    Where is the jazz bear video! You did that twice with the cops and now this! You can't just give peeks and not tell the whole story! Stop it!

  62. Adotham 1 says:

    Green is not a creative color

  63. John Jackson says:

    I used to always do that.

  64. Payton Clark says:

    dunk on that garbage can

  65. flow says:


  66. RainbowRose 769 says:

    This is still my favorite video to watch from over a week ago. I LOVE JAZZ BEAR!!

  67. Rebecca Sanchez says:

    I am 10 years old and My birthday is in July 31 and i asked for a skateboard 😄😁😁really hope I get one team adley 😁😁😁😁😁

  68. Jeff Pyle says:


  69. Jeff Pyle says:

    Tanner fox is awesome

  70. Fruity Perez Family says:

    I’m going to be annoying with these comments, but how come vids like this don’t get the views it deserves??

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