Sledding at Table Mountain Snow Park in Oregon

Ok. *Laughing* I’m sitting on him. (Intro Music) We are going sledding today
and this will hopefully be our first time going sledding at an actual sled park in Oregon. Or a snow park. The first time we went sledding was a complete
failure. We actually made a video of it, so if you
haven’t seen that video you should check it out. One thing that I love about living in Oregon
is that it can be a sunny non-snowy day. As you can see, there’s no snow here right
now. And then you get in the car. And then you drive like an hour outside of
town. And it’s a winter wonderland. Ta-da! I think this is her first time in the snow. Raya, what is this white stuff? Huh? What is this? She can’t walk. Check out this hill. I don’t know if I’ve ever gone sledding down
a hill this steep. It is way steeper in real life and Raya is
determined to walk on her own even though she’s struggling so we can’t actually get
anywhere. She won’t let me carry her, but she can’t
walk up the hill herself. Come on. Raya. There’s Blaine and Josh and Merrick at the
top of the hill. Oh, here comes Josh. He’s going so fast. Oh my God. Woah! Well, how was it? I was scared for you. I was like, “Oh my gosh.” Here comes Merrick. (Josh: Hold on tight!) Oh my God. *gasp* Woah. That hill looks fast. Yea at the very top, it’s very fast. You do get hit by snow spray. Alright, we’re taking Raya down. Raya’s first time sledding. Baby’s first time sledding! Woah! How was it? How was it? She’s just sitting there. I think she liked it. She’s like, “mmm mmm”, kicking her feet like
she wants to go again. Here we have the Double Sledder. Oh no! She’s like, watching everyone really closely
to make sure they’re ok. *shouting* We have the Backwards Sledder. Raya thought that was funny. (Josh: Wo-hoo!) Oh, he did a twist mid-sled! That’s some skill. *laughing* We have the belly sled. Woah! You have to actually go down the hill. *laughing* Who’s making these rules? Merrick got hurt earlier. He hurt his arm and he hasn’t wanted to sled
since, but I think he’s gonna give it another go. So this sledding style is called the Trooper. Cause he’s trooping along and being a trooper. The Trooper! I wanna know what’s up on top of this hill. Looks like they beat me to it. They heard me say it. Oh! My gosh. That’s called The Fall. Oh, we have a view. Alright, this is called The Daredevil because
this hill is really steep. What are you talking about? That’s the Daredevil. Yea, yea that one was The Daredevil. He’s going so fast. Oh my God. Oh nooo. Josh and I are gonna attempt to go down together
so this one is called The Risk Taker ’cause I’m scared. Ok. I’m sitting on him. Oh my gosh, okay. Oh my gosh. Wait. Is this gonna work? I don’t know. Lets go. Ok. Oh, it’s so snowy. Hey, it worked out. Yeaaa! This one is called The Race. On your mark. Get set. Go! *laughing* Oh my gosh, Merrick is winning! Oh no, Merrick, look out! Ooooh. This one’s called The Mom and Baby and I’m
so scared for Raya, but she’s happy. Woaaaaah! Alright, this is called The Snowboard. I think you need an actual hill. Alright, take 2: The Snowboard. Oh my gosh. Oh, you’re doing it! Oh my God *laughing* That was pretty good actually. Alright, so Josh says that if I go to the
top of the hill, I can see the lake. Is this yellow snow? Don’t eat that kids. It is amazing up here. This view. Wow. Do you see the lake? So cool. Woah. Too bad I don’t have a sled to get back down. Blaine and Raya have been hanging out in the
warming shelter. And I can hear Raya. I think she’s having a lot of fun in there. She was really cold out here. She’s never played in the snow before so I
don’t think she liked it that much, though I do think she liked sledding. What are you doing in here? She’s been screaming. Was she watching us out there? Uh, yea. And also, I said Bye and she said eye. And she did this too. She waved? What? Well good. I was just coming in here to make sure she
wasn’t screaming and crying. Nope. We are leaving. We’re heading back to the car. Raya is super grumpy. and it is getting pretty
late, so yea. We’re heading back. On the way home I thought of some more very
creative sledding ideas that we didn’t do and they’re a lot lot better than what you
saw today. Are you dissing my awesome sledding styles? No. You did some good sledding styles today. I just thought of some more creative ones that
are taking it to the next level. Well I guess I’m gonna go ahead and end this
video. Thanks for watching. See ya. Say see ya. (Merrick: Oh, she said “ee-aa”) See ya. (Outro Music)

Antonio Breitenberg

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