Sled Pull and Awards Ceremony – Diesel Power Challenge 2017

Sled Pull and Awards Ceremony – Diesel Power Challenge 2017

(heavy rock and roll) – Welcome to the 2017
Diesel Power Challenge presented by XDP. After a grueling week, our competitors are setting themselves up for one more event, and it could be the most punishing of all. It’s going to be truck pull time, and you can see behind me our competitors making those
last minute adjustments here in the staging lanes
ahead of the drag strip to get their rigs ready to hook to that pro-level pulling sled and really give it the business. It is going to be hardcore pulling, and this could be the deciding factor in who walks away with the honors at the 2017 Diesel Power
Challenge presented by XDP. We’ve drag raced at Bandimere, we’ve trailer-tow obstacle
coursed at Bandimere, and now were hookin’ ’em to the sled also at Bandimere Speedway. – While the equipment
grooms the pulling course, let’s check in with KJ Jones
at this morning’s fuel stop. – Hey, this is KJ. We’re at Day Five, final day of Diesel Power
Challenge 2017 presented by XDP. We’re at the CAT certified
scales here in Denver, and what we’re going to do
is roll all of our trucks across the scales. They’re full of fuel. We fueled up before this. They’re full of fuel. Go across scales and get weight. Take that measurement, and it’s not a matter of calculating it for any type of points value, but we just want the data. And speaking of data, Brian, why don’t you tell
everybody how they did on the fuel economy test. – [Brian] Thanks, KJ. On Day Two at the Diesel Power
Challenge presented by XDP, we conducted our fuel economy
test on the dyno rollers at ATS Diesel Performance. The way is works is pretty simple. Each truck is backed on to the rollers. We then fill that truck
with a certified pump that we have in the dyno cell, and then we send the truck on a simulated 20-plus minute drive. There are hills and braking zones and acceleration zones in there. At the end of the drive, we then fill the truck up again to calculate how much fuel was used, and that determines the scores on our Fuel Economy Challenge. It puts our drivers on display, and it puts their ability to
modulate that throttle pedal and their own truck’s
efficiency on full show. – So one of the things that sets the Diesel Power
Challenge presented by XDP apart from other contests
involving diesel trucks is this fuel economy element. It doesn’t seem like the most
exciting thing in the world, but what it does is it
clearly showcases the fact that these trucks can
make incredible power, well over a 1000 at the wheels. They can make incredible torque. Over 2000 at the wheels
for some of these vehicles. But they can also go down the
road with amazing efficiency, and get through there
and be commuter vehicles and be driven to work every day. Many of the truck in this
competition are just that, daily drivers and work trucks. Unfortunately, not all of them finished the contest unscathed. McCoy Black unfortunately had problems, did not make the Fuel Economy Challenge. Shaun Duran had a good
Fuel Economy Challenge, but then had troubles on the drag strip. And Tim Jahn, now this is a big one, he had trouble on the
drag strip and is actually coming into the sled
pulling part of the event with a tow hook on the front of the truck. When we look at the Fuel Consumption and Drivability Test, Charlie
Keeter was the winner, .21 gallons consumed. Shaun Doran was number
two just behind him, .23 gallons consumed. Mike Bunkelman, number
three at .24 gallons. So Tim Jahn and his crew are in an all-out thrash right
now to get this truck fixed before we start the sled
pulling competition. They are clearly working
on the transmission, and they have very little time to get this thing sorted out before he’s going to have to hook it to a sled. The guy’s in great shape right now. He’s a contender to win this whole thing, but if he does not hook to the sled, his hopes will be dashed. So Rick Strube will be
our first puller here. He’s got the Duramax Power GMC dually. One of two duallies in the field. Now what may have hurt him
in some other competitions meeting the massive weight of this truck may actually be working in his favor here at the sled pull. You see him. He’s going to spool things up. He’s going to very gingerly
take it out of the hole. Does not want to build up
too much wheel speed early. And now, he’s really
going to get after it, so here we go. Rich Strube, 9000 plus pounds of GMC, and it is digging along pretty good. It looks like he’s down there locking or maybe unlocking
the torque converter trying to keep some momentum going. A very solid opening pull for Rich Strube. Let’s find out if he’s satisfied with what he was able to do there. A distance of 273 feet. – Very, very happy. I think we had the perfect wheel speed. We had the perfect spot in the track. I’m very, very pleased with that. Almost zero wheel hop. You know, we spooled up nice. Everything was perfect. So here comes Kevin Jacob, the 2005 Dodge Ram as
he’s getting the thing tensioned up a little bit, and you can see it kind of bucking and working against him
there at the starting line. He finally starts to roll
his foot into the pedal. Now he’s making some wheel speed. That’s the look he wants to see. The big thing here is managing the reds and the wheel speed, and oh, oh. Trouble again. Looks like he tried to shift the thing. The revs came down, got underneath the turbos, and that was it for Jacob. A distance of 154 feet, and he is certainly not
happy with what he sees here. – Started off good. I just got it underneath the chargers, and pretty much just lost all power, and didn’t quite do what we wanted to do, so didn’t quite end up how I wanted it, but it is what it is – [Brian] And so it is time for Tim Jahn to hook up to the sled. We can see him giving
the thing the throttle. Man, it starts to chuck dirt and rocks and all kinds of stuff all over the place. It is making some big steam in the middle part of the track. Boy, look at him hang on to
the steering wheel in there. A full pull for Tim Jahn. We got to figure out what the distance is. An unbelieve. Woooo. It did not come without a price. ‘Cause look at this. He’s trying to find a gear
to get this thing to move, and they may have finished
off whatever was left of that transmission. – Looks like it appeared to
be a full pull for Tim Jahn. There’s only 300 feet with the sled, and he’s well past 300 feet, so a full pull right now. We’re going to get a verification on what the exact distance was, but–
– Can we make sure we have that run verified
before we move the sled? – We’re going to check
something real quick. We’ll be back. – I knew we had a hurt
transmission goin’ into it, so we’ll check it out. – [KJ] How do you feel about your pull? – Um, felt good. – Tim Jahn with a fantastic pull. That was 309.00 feet, dragging the sled almost, almost 80 mile an hour. 70 some odd mile an hour, and everything is great. That was just an awesome pull, and we’re getting ready for more. – [Brian] So here he comes again. The man with the shades, Levi Krech gets ready to hook his Ram Truck up and put it to maximum effort here. As he begins to spool the turbos up, he has ditched the glasses at this point. He is serious now. Coming off the starting line, it’s going to be interesting to see how he manages the revs
going down the race track. And these Cummins, especially this one, likes to rev it. Oh, oh. Grech is shifting the
truck going down through, and it looks like he may have, sounds like he may have hit neutral there. Yanks the thing back into gear, but he has lost so much momentum. Oh, he comes to a kind of
crunching stop out there. Don’t see anything coming out
of the bottom of the truck, but that is certainly not
the hook that he wanted. – Well, that was a wild run, wasn’t it? Um, we brought the chargers
up to about 15 PSI. Second gear, slowly let out of it, and got into it, and boy I’ll tell you what. It revved right out to 5000 right there. I looked down, tried to bring it up into drive. We had overdrive off. Hit third. Went a little to far. Hit neutral and boom, neutral. Brought it back down into gear, and was too late. But all that matters, we got a healthy truck. We’re still goin’. – [KJ] Awesome. Didn’t break a thing. – Didn’t break a thing, man. The entire competition. That’s all that matters to me.
– That’s right. – So.
– Congratulations. – Thank you, sir. – [KJ] Congrats. Six-liter Charlie Keeter, he’s the Power Challenge 2016 Champion trying to repeat right now. He’s been doing very
well in the competition. He was a little concerned about this. Well, he’s a lot concerned
about this sled pull because there’s some tough trucks here, but he said he’s going
to give it all it’s got, put a lot of nitrous to it, try to drag it 300 feet. – [Brian] Well, you
heard KJ say it, himself. He’s going to put a lot of nitrous to it, and he’s going to try to
drag the sled 300 feet. Charlie Keeter has never
been one to go easy on this truck, and boy, it has certainly
proven its weight in gold. He is in good shape again this year as he comes off the
starting line very gently, building some wheel speed, building some wheel speed, and here comes the spray, and here comes the fuel. Keeter laces the thing! Man, he had beat on this truck! The dashboard’s about to fall out of it! And Keeter’s still hanging with it! Looks like the truck’s
about to split into two. Finally grinds to a halt
way past the end of course! He is freakin’ out in there! – Six-liter Charlie Keeter never says die! Clearly a run that was
in a lot of trouble. Never had the turbos up
where they needed to be, but there’s nitrous on board, so Charlie just tagged a lot of nitrous through that six-liter and literally willed it past the 300-foot mark. We’re going to wait for a distance, but the guy, he knows what he has to do and when he has to do it, and you just saw it happen. That was amazing. I don’t know what that was you were goin’. That’s doin’ what you needed to do when you needed to do it, man. Tell me, how’s everything
going on in there? You all right? It’s not going to jump out, is it? – I thought the truck was
going to break in half, man! (laughter) – [Brian] Let’s take a ride with Charlie Keeter on this run. You can see him very easy out of the hole. Gets ready to shift the truck. Once he shifts the truck, he reaches down for his nitrous button, and here’s where the real fun begins. Hits the button and watch
how violent this thing starts to get as the
truck starts digging in. He’s bouncing all over the place! Here comes the dashboard
tryin’ to fly out of the thing! He lifts and here’s the rebel yell we’ve come to know for Keeter. And Charlie Keeter with a bunch of noise and stuff going on in the background. KJ Jones listens to his
radio and delivers the news. 350 feet of official distance. He is way, way in the lead. So up next is Mike Bunkelman He has got a tough act to follow after Charlie Keeter just
put on a show out there. Bunkelman the single turbo charger truck is at a disadvantage out here. That is no shot at his rig, but as he’s set up right now, this is not really a truck that’s designed to go sled pulling at altitude. He’s doin’ a pretty good job of it! Got the thing out of the hole. The revs came up and it looks like he shifted the truck, and once he shifted it, the motor lugged down. He lost the spool on the turbos and that was all she
wrote for Mike Bunkelman as the truck grinds to a halt at 242 feet. – Came out of the hole, second gear. Came out perfect. Lit up nice. Hit four grand. Locked the torque converter in. Went back up to four grand. Hit third gear. Lost complete boost. Tried to unlock the torque
converter to keep it going. Wasn’t happenin’. Figured, you know, we’re done, you know. Happens. Single charger truck, high altitude. Nothin’ you can really do about it. – [KJ] Right. You didn’t break anything, right? – Trucks still together. Going to be able to drive it
home if we really wanted to. So that’s a plus. – [Brian] So the final truck that could challenge Charlie Keeter
on the pulling course belongs to Patrick Whitcomb, the big 2008 Ford F-350 dives
in off the starting line. Digs in off the starting
line and off he goes. Mid-track momentum may be hampered by the less-aggressive tire he runs, and the truck rolls to
a stop at the top end once the sled digs in. You can see the red flag being waved. A distance of 280 feet for Pat Whitcomb. – It’s hard gettin’ traction for me. I tried to pedal it out a little bit. I was hopin’ for a little bit better run, but did what we could. – [Brian] Charlie Keeter went 350 feet to win the sled pulling contest. Tim Jahn went 309 feet to come in second, while lunching a transmission. And Patrick Whitcomb came in third, 288 feet of distance out
of his 2008 F-350 dually. That was the last contest we have, and it’s time to go to the awards. – All right. Diesel Power Challenge 2017
presented by XDP is a wrap. Give yourselves a big round of applause because from the start of DPC on Sunday to right now, you guys and you ladies put on one hell of a show. (applause) We’re going to hand out
some hardware as they say. The third place finisher is Tim Jahn. (applause) – [Brian] Tim Jahn’s driving ability may have earned him a third place finish, but his truck earned him
the Driver’s Choice Awards. All the competitors voted, and his rig was the one
they all wanted to hop in and drive back home. – Second place finisher, Patrick Whitcomb. (applause) – [Brian] It’s certainly not easy to compete with a dually at
the Diesel Power Challenge. We’ve seen many guys come in
over the years and struggle. But not Patrick Whitcomb. The ace driver with the
great truck came in second. – Last year, Charlie Keeter approached me during our meet and greet. And he asked about these big banners, and he said, “Well, how do I get to get, “take one of those home? “What do I have to do to take one home?” And I said, “You got to win.” He once again takes one home because he is your Diesel
Power Challenge 2017 Champion. – [Brian] Charlie Keeter
is one of the most intense competitors in Diesel
Power Challenge history, and now one of the winningest. He is only the second man
in the 11-year history of this event to win it twice in a row. And there you have it. The numbers tell the whole story. Charlie Keeter, the 2017
Diesel Power Challenge Champ, 542 points, and Patrick
Whitcomb chased him right to the end with 463.6. It was an incredible
competition and a great crop of trucks to represent
the diesel world in 2017. – Yeah, we came back with, basically, a proven set-up from last
year, and it worked out really good throughout the entire week. Kept the truck together. You know, it performed pretty good across the board the entire week. The Fuel Economy went well for us. We were able to get first
place in the Fuel Economy. Second event was the dyno. We knew we weren’t going to win the dyno, but you know, we came in fourth. Still pretty decent numbers. Put us in good position
going into Day Three. Eighth-mile trailer tow, Patrick really killed that. We knew we couldn’t, we wouldn’t be able to compete with that, so we were shootin’ for
second place in that event. Drag racing was next. You know, that’s what we do with the truck most of the time. We were able to win that event. And then the trailer obstacle
course that afternoon. That’s a walk in the park, really. At the sled pull today, it was pretty much a wing
and a prayer basically. It was a lot of nitrous
and luckily it went down through there like
it was supposed to. It feels pretty good. Pretty good. Obviously, it’s the second
time somebody’s done it, but to be able to do it with the caliber of truck we have, I mean, it’s pretty awesome. Shout out to Diesel Power Magazine for puttin’ this on. It’s a great event,
great people, the crew. You know, everybody’s. It’s good time, good people. That’s what it’s all about.

Antonio Breitenberg

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