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okay the sweat drags so even though your quads are gonna blow up on this right it’s actually helping internal talk so that means we’re not going to want to go outside so I don’t want to see anybody creating its own talk going toward the outside of their body actually what we’re going to want is to see internal talk again ball of the feet hitting the ground just the same way as we do on the harness right on the ball of the feet hitting the ground so that means no heel on the ground no external talk right this is not what we’re looking for can we do it in external talk of course but that’s not what we’re looking for the quads are going to blow up but yet we’re going to work on a hinge movement in a weird way because we’re going to work to have internal talk right so again create internal talk that means almost pigeon-toed ball of the feet you’re gonna hit the ground making sure you are fully erect fully erect does not mean you get to go into your own bar spine erectus because otherwise you’d be an internal talk so we just want everything line up but not ouch there’s a difference right you’re not going to arch drumming to your traps driving through the lumbar spine erect ears you’re actually going to say you’re going to stay a line but you understate to all the teres major the PEC and the external obliques that’s what I’m looking for looking for external talk everywhere so again no arching right this way but I don’t want you to bend over either because we see that a lot with people issue their hips back they just wanna load this part of the quad right they don’t want to load the glutes which is a shame because we need those babies at work so he’s going to stay fully aligned not arching fully aligned internal talk right hitting is fit into the ground just give me a few steps hitting is fit into the ground going backwards like this right you’re going to load very heavy try to go for 25 50 meters keeping the chest keeping the shoulders down keeping the check chest active teres major external obliques all links all internal talk right do not go to an external talk do not go toward your lumbar spinal erectors rectus abdominis traps and letting your knee go outside you don’t stay on the hill the hill does not touch the ground on this exercise I never want to see the hills touching the ground ever you’re going to stand a ball of your feet the entire time you to have a space at least that big between your Hill and the floor the entire time go get it you

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