Slashing a wind lip is one of the most
emblematic moves in snowboarding, and it feels great. So today we’re gonna go through all the steps so that you can get your first slash. Usually it’s a lot easier to start with a backside slash, rather than a toe side slash. It is a lot easier to do a slash when you find a little bit of a shoulder. It’s good to arrive at 90 degrees angle onto the shoulder, or the wind lip, so that you can have maximum power into your turn. So while you do your turn,
you arrive centered on your feet with as much speed as you can and then once you have initiated the turn with the upper body you’re just going to give an extra push with your back leg, so that it pushes all the snow away. It’s really important to start the turn centered on your feet and to really use the front of
your board to initiate the turn before you push your leg. On your toe side turn it’s gonna become a lot more complicated to push the back leg and it’s gonna really require to being able to separate the upper body and the lower body. So it will really be important to keep your shoulders in the direction where you’re going and just have your back leg push. The more speed and the tighter your
turn in’s the bigger your slash is going to be. The steeper the easier will be to slash because it is a lot easier to get out of your turn. One thing that I really like to do is to let my backhand drag into the snow and we call that a layback. And that will give you a maximum power into your slash. At the beginning when you’re gonna start your first slashes you’re gonna do it in the fall
line and you’re gonna spray yourself. So the trick against that is to start to
take speed and then start traversing a bit into your run so that you can go on the shoulder and really close your turn. So one common mistake is to push with
both your legs and kind of got too much 90 degrees from your direction and not have a bit of horizontal speed so that you can get away from your cloud so that you get pow sprayed, and white roomed. It’s kind of fun to do when you know it’s
open terrain but as soon as you have trees or any kind of obstacle could be problematic because you don’t see where you’re going. Slashing a wind lip is really something
that you won’t get tired of so just go slay it, slash it, go and get rad, get the shot and have fun.

Antonio Breitenberg

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  2. Lewis Dobson says:

    You mention a lot of different backcountry terms like a shoulder, what are the other types of formations in the snow might you see?

  3. Lukas Ascher says:

    Don't froget: close your mouth during a slash or spray!!!!🏂🏂🏂👍👍👍

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