Slap Shot (10/10) Movie CLIP – Braden’s Striptease (1977) HD

They’re pummelling each other!
Wait a minute. Ned Braden is skating out
onto the centre of the ice. He… He’s not fighting, no. He’s… Ned Braden is starting
to take off articles of his uniform! Way to go, Ned. Way to go. I don’t want any youngsters to get the
idea that this is the way to play hockey. Stop that! That’s disgusting! – I protest!
– Protest? Protest what? I’m glad Mrs Carr isn’t here tonight,
because this is a lascivious display! Take it off! – Make him stop or we go!
– Get your paws off me, Scarface! Stop him! This is a serious game,
not a freak show! What do you mean, a serious game? What
are you talking about? This is hockey! – You’re afraid of these goons, aren’t you?
Watch out, punk!

Antonio Breitenberg

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