Skiing and Snowboarding in Xinjiang, China’s Remote Western Region

(slow music) – [Josh Voiceover] You’ve got this, Josh. Sure, you may be a Texan
who never grew up with snow. You only strapped on skis for
the first time in high school and never, ever tried
snowboarding in your life. But you’ve got this. How hard could it be? (thudding) – Whoa-ho, ah. Man, ah. That one hurt. (electronic music) It is cold out here right now. So, I’m a Texas boy. This is not what I am used to at all. But it’s been fun. There are a number of different
ski places here in Xinjiang. This is probably one of the better ones. It’s called the Silk Road Resort. There’s one near the Heavenly Lake. There are a couple up in Altay which is north near the Russian border. But I’d say that this one’s probably the most popular, the most well-known. And definitely a lot of fun. They’ve got some pretty good
ski and snowboard rentals. And I can now say I’m a snowboarder. I could never say that before. I can also say I’m a face planter, ’cause I’ve been doing
that a lot today as well. So I’m going to come home with a very sore tailbone and knee. But other than that, really good time. That was surprisingly fun. This is not Colorado by any
stretch of the imagination. It’s not the Alps. But for Xinjiang it’s really good. (laughing) I highly suggest you
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Antonio Breitenberg

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