Ski Snowboard with an Airstream caravan in the French Alps [CC]

Ski Snowboard with an Airstream caravan in the French Alps [CC]

[wind noise] Hello and welcome to Les Arcs in the French Alps [music] (I’m) trying to hold this camera steady while
we’re going up a chairlift and it’s not always easy.
Currently on my first snowboarding for many years since my knee injury that
I did kite surfing. So a little bit nervous but to to get up-to-date with
how we got here let’s go back and bring you up to speed [mellow music] [light-hearted guitar music] So there you have it. We’re staying at
the Huttopia campsite in Bourg Saint Maurice and we got the funicular up the
mountain. It’s a free bus ride from the campsite; that is if you’re organised
enough to put your name on the list the night before. Most of you who know me
will know that I am NOT organized and I walked it – it was about 20 minutes to the
funicular to get up the mountain and I’m just a little bit nervous about kiting
today…kiting???…snowboarding today because it’s the first time since my
kitesurfing injury on my knee so let’s see how it goes but the one thing I love
about snowboarding, it’s not so much the charging down the mountain, it’s the
mountains themselves. Look at that… It’s just… I love, I love it!
Look! Oh, just amazing. [sound of board cutting over the snow and wind whistling past the camera] Well so far so good, I haven’t killed
myself yet! The knee has taken a bit of a battering already, but you can see this
is certainly the time to come because the snow’s great, there’s nobody on the
slopes! It’s so quiet it’s lovely, and I just can’t get enough of the views
I really can’t… Anyway, let’s charge down the mountain that way! [sound of board cutting over the snow and wind whistling past the camera] Just taking it easy! [sound of board cutting over the snow] Mind you, that bit wasn’t meant to
happen. Erm…oof… I kind of…um… yes, well, you see it was like this; I was just… You see I
was just… um… er… yes… trying to get out of the way. I think I just sit here for a minute You know there are times…One of the timesI love most about this kind of thing is when you stop halfway down the mountain
and there’s nobody around and there is just total and utter silence [whoosh of passing skier] Until some flash skier comes past. [music] It’s no good, I cannot vlog and snowboard at the same time. Sorry! I’m a man, I cannot multitask [ambient noise of lift machinery and people chatting] Oh well that was really good. Really
enjoyed that. Just heading back now to the campsite…that camera’s really wobbly…. Good morning! Well, that was a nice
session’s snowboarding two days ago. Yesterday I wasn’t too stiff either, so I
was really pleased about that. But the weather wasn’t great, and the great thing
is buying these half-day tickets (or four hour tickets) as you go, you can just go as
you please. So that’s what we’re going to do, we’re going to go up again today.
Quick breakfast of porridge with nuts and yummy stuff and then I’m going to
head up for a few hours and see if we can get to the top of the mountain, to
the Aiguille Rouge, but we’ll see. But in the meantime breakfast [cheerful music] Well here we are again, and today with a
clear sky the views are even more stunning! I mean just look at that [wind noise] You know, I am not sure that I could ever
get tired of this. To me, this is what it’s all about. So there’s me…. HELLOOO! and there is Mont Blanc. [Del boy accent] Mont Blanc Rodney, Mont Blanc! Right then onwards and
upwards! Well, onwards and downwards I suppose.
That’s my snowboard that is. [cheerful music] Mont Blanc Rodney, Mont Blanc! This is
the life! [cheerful music] Right, well that’s me back at the van and
just cleaning off the snowboarding kit after another fantastic day up on the
mountain. Unfortunately that’s the last full day of our trip. I’ve got to take
Dougal to the vets now for his worming treatment so he can get his passport
stamped, as tomorrow we’re heading back to the UK and we get the Shuttle on the
following day. We’re gonna take two days to get up to Calais. I have to say these
past few days here in Bourg Saint Maurice in the Alps have for me actually been the
most enjoyable of the entire trip. I love the mountains, I love the snow, it feels
like a proper winter. As enjoyable as Spain and Portugal were and I love the
sunshine, and everything was half the price than it is here, this to me feels
like a proper winter and I’ve just… for me personally I’ve just really enjoyed
this and I love bringing my Caravan away in the winter, it just feels so good to
be doing something in this… in this beautiful beautiful area. So I hope you
enjoyed our little spot of winter caravanning and our snowboarding. As ever, if you did enjoy it, please give it a thumbs up, subscribe if you don’t already
and it just leaves me to say from Dougal and from me… Thanks for tuning in! Right Dougal, you ready to go to the vets? Go to the V-E-T? Going home? You’re going home to the UK. Do you want to go home? He doesn’t look impressed. He never smiles [stomp music] SEVENTY ONE EURO SIXTY??? HOW MUCH???? Seventy one Euro! [stomp music]

Antonio Breitenberg

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94 thoughts on “Ski Snowboard with an Airstream caravan in the French Alps [CC]

  1. The Caravan Nut says:

    Great vid Andrew & Dougal, you did manage to film and snowboard! Happy new year 👍

  2. Wildflower wind says:

    I was cold and totally stressed out watching you ski. I did a little skiing in my 20's but now I would be terrified. And I never liked all the people skiing around me. But the views are too die for.

  3. linda geenen says:

    Liked it very much as I want to go skiing with my campervan, Bourg seems to be a Good location, might want to look into austria as well
    Apppppppy new year Andrew and dougal from me and rufus the irish 🐕

  4. Katz 29 says:

    Spectacular views! Happy New Year Andrew! 🎉

  5. Sandra Bebbington says:

    Wonderful scenery and video. You have taken us on winter sun and snow trip. Thank you.

  6. Dave Morrlle says:

    As always, dougal star of the show. Great video. Happy new year! 😄

  7. john wheeler says:

    You are Lucky to have some snow

  8. The happy Camper says:

    Hello Andrew, how do you keep warm and do you have to do anything special to your system so that it doesn't freeze? I have never camped in that weather, so I'm curious. I also have an airstream. thanks

  9. LandyTravels says:

    Great Video, perhaps you need some mudflaps!

  10. Hadwydd VW says:

    Fantastic video Andrew, thanks for posting. The French Alps look amazing. Have only ever been there in the summer and it's not quite the same! Lovely seeing Dougal playing in the snow in his warm coat, I think I might have caught a smile on his face there. Welcome home and Happy New Year. Looking forward to following your adventures in 2019.

  11. TOP HAT says:

    It's great you can go caravaning to the Alps that time of the year as always want to go right now !! I have been itching to go skiing for ages, I know what you mean about the views it's stunning what a fab adventure Mr d 👌🎩😎🏔🏔🏔🏔🏔

  12. Pedro Camargo Cimas says:

    Good trip, and great images. You are an authentic 4×4 men

  13. Carl Jones says:

    You need to work on your remote boot opening technique. Pop it 20ft away, throw in gear & board & close as you pass. Great vlog. Happy New Year to you both.🙂

  14. Kat cankan says:

    A fab video again Andrew. There is nothing like snow! I love it 👍😃

  15. antglu123 says:

    Fantastic. We have just returned from 2 weeks in the Arlberg in Austria camping with our sprite. It works a treat, we’ve done 3 weeks skiing in a caravan this year 😁😁😁 Keep up the good work

  16. kingie48 says:

    Great Andy ….. loved every minute of this …. cheers.🏂🏂🏂

  17. LisaMarli says:

    The Alps looked gorgeous. And even Dougal seems to have liked the snow. Wonderful trip report as always.

  18. Gavin Streetie says:

    Have been waiting for this film after watching your bits on Twitter , we normally stay in Chamonix which if I’m correct is not to far away from yourself , we watched the film you had done some years ago “ challenge Pegasus “ I think , which was a great film and very informative, how did the airstream cope with the cold temps was it warm enough inside and did anything freeze up ? From what I understand the Europeans take their caravans for the winter ski but not so popular with the brits I think ? Thanks Gavin

  19. brighton dude says:

    This trip to Spain, Portugal and the French Alps has been great fun to watch thank you. Have you considered Morocco in the winter? That is a very popular destination for many in the winter months.

  20. Leone Ranger says:

    The mountains and snow were so serene. Thanks for bringing this video to us! ✌🏾

  21. Gaëtan hobby says:

    Merci Andrew et bonne année à toi ☺

  22. Bob Fitzpatrick says:

    Hi Andrew, Truely a winter wonder land!
    You Sir are one lucky fellow, what a fabulous life, well done!

  23. Camping Finns says:

    Thank you for an interesting video! How was the Airstream in the snow? Was it comfortable to camp and good to tow?

  24. Neale Burgess says:

    That looked fabulous.Wow, what lovely scenery and so lucky to have good snow and quiet pistes. Also loved seeing Dougal enjoying the snow!

  25. Wyld Wood says:

    Mtn sports are too vertical for me🤓…I’ve taken up snow-showing and can now drink it all in. Come to Alberta and enjoy the silence with us🤗.
    The snowboarding shots were great😉👍…also love the cheery music🥂.

  26. Almouna Saddiyeh says:

    Awww i loved that you took me skiing with you. I’ve never ever done that and I find it fascinating. I can’t thank you enough! How lovely that after your day of intense activity you can go home! 😊. Lovely video! I’m happy to see you ended up in one piece and Dougal went to the vet w/o problems! Thanks !!! Happy 2019 to you both!!!!

  27. Janet Johnson says:

    The Alps looked fab. Dougal looked to be having fun in the snow. Great vlog Andrew Happy New year x

  28. Petra Olsen says:

    SNOW BOARDING FRENCH ALPS?? Dang I seriously need to step up my game for 2019. Lol. Hi Mr. Dougal👋🏼

  29. lost weekends caravan says:

    Hi Andrew. What a beautiful place the views were awesome. I have alaways fancied trying snow boarding. Was a bit of a Skater Dude in my youth😂. Thanks P&J👍👍😀

  30. The Venomator says:

    I did enjoy it and have Liked it, but I wouldna wanna do it, brrrr… 🥶
    As I may, through unforeseen circumstance, be in the market for new wheels, when might we look forward to your rexton review Andrew?… 🤔 😎 🐍

  31. chris pate says:

    sod it, we spent christmas caravanning in hertfordshire, ah well….

  32. The Ponkster says:

    Loved the video – how is the dreaded Brexit going to affect the pet passport scheme ?

  33. Paul and Bianca Adventures says:

    Amazing video, the mountains in the snow are the best. We’re away end of February, not in the caravan though, but a week snowboarding and skiing in Germany 🇩🇪 how do you find towing in the snow? I’m nervous enough just driving in snow

  34. Mo Gogo says:

    I Experten „drive on the left“ at the end of the video 😄 Happy new year from 🇩🇪

  35. Hetty’s Motorhome Adventures says:

    Another great episode, just like watching “ski Sunday “ lol, I used to do a lot of skiing back in my army days, I don’t think snowboarding was a thing back then, this film brings some happy memories back. Well done Andrew 👍

  36. Don Thomas says:

    It was great to watch Dougal having fun in the snow

  37. Yaya Sdt says:

    best wishes Andrew and full of happiness for this year that begins

  38. Merlex430 says:

    What a fabulous end to the trip. I'm heading to Arcs 2000 soon so was delighted with this New Year's day treat. Whisper it but I'm sure Dougal enjoyed himself in the snow. Well done on a well rounded trip.

  39. ncplantdoctor says:

    Beautiful videography and amazing scenery. I would have loved to be along with you, if they would allow me to descend with the funicular and keep Dougal company after partaking of the beautiful alpine scenery.

  40. Mark Trvls says:

    very nice video 🙂

  41. Kev Andrews says:

    Hi Andrew another great video that's a view to die for I wonder if u could of put doddle in your ruck sack like when u go on your bike or wouldn't that be alond I bet he would loved it if it could b done I bet doddle lov it in van with the heating on nice one happy new year .kev

  42. MsChicoro says:

    Gorgeous video! I love snowboarding. Thank you for sharing.

  43. jdefyn says:

    I see that, you having changed cars, you're not going to haul your bike around any more ?

  44. Bernie BNE says:

    Andrew, thank you for sharing. The snow looks wonderful. I don't get to see it as often as I would like these days.

  45. Andreas Thomanek says:

    Looks like Dougal like snow! Very beautiful landscape and mountains! Great video again! Thanks!

  46. Don Thomas says:

    The Alps seemed a very satisfying conclusion to your winter trip around Portugal and Spain and Europe.
    It seems quite a while since I met you in the Cascais campsite outside Lisbon. From what I remember you were about to go and help Shona settle in to her new accommodation in Lisbon.

  47. Catherine Ross says:

    Just when I was seriously considering selling my ski clothes you've reminded me of the exhilaration of being up there in the mountains. Thank you … I think! Great vlog Andrew, really beautiful.

  48. Alexandra Stevens says:

    Absolutely amazing, I so envy you and Dougal being away in your van but mostly the snow.
    Great to see you both having so much fun.
    Happy New year to you both and may it be a healthy and safe one for you both

  49. N Foss says:

    Happy New Year to you and Dougal.

  50. Mannuel Festoli says:

    Did you use motorcycle riding gear at all on the slopes? I know there are some riding pants, gloves, balaclavas, jackets, etc., that can double as: snowmobile, skiing, snowboarding and, funny enough, winter motorcycle riding gear. So any crossover in your regular gear? Dougal sure lived the snow! Woooohooo!

  51. Cindy Muench says:

    I'll never snowboard or get to the Alps. Thank you for sharing your journey. I'm anxiously awaiting your 2019 travels! Missouri USA

  52. Jutta Pelzer says:

    I might sound like a broken record, but with constantly producing great videos by you, Andrew, I can’t stop thanking you for them. I was surprised to see Dougal loving the snow, as I think he doesn’t like water?! I bet he liked the heated Airstream as much as that. Lovely shots of the snowy mountains and I especially loved the camera perspective right from the snowboard. Wish you both all the best for 2019.

  53. Linda Elizabeth Cole says:

    Gawd Andrew , what a life you lead , I can't keep up , I would need four sticks to help me with that snowboard. Lol. Luv that handsome Dougal 's new coat , was that a slight limp I noticed on the way home 1st day up the mountains , thought you had creaked the knee again !! No doubt its The Outer Hebrides next on the list , not going to N E Bay next year , heading to Ryan Bay instead as N E Bay has gone up by £91 , and I'm only 5 miles to the ferry instead of 20 , much cheaper and no 21day rule , south facing , gr8t views of the Loch , less windy and lots of birdies to watch for Lilybitesthecat and a real treat at the end of a drive to the Corsewall Lighthouse Hotel for Afternoon Tea and Cakes , yum can't wait. !! Happy Travels Andrew and Douggiedoggie , I wish you both a Bright , Happy and most of all a Heathly New Year from Linda and Lilybitesthecat. xo

  54. graeme roberts says:


    Noticed no snow chains on any vehicles…….the thought that we had to fit them to go into the resorts has always put us off!
    Are they a really a requirement?
    Stunning site and views.
    Graeme & Sandra

  55. RailAdvent says:

    Excellent video, looks rather cold though! Thermals it was !

  56. Covered in Paint says:

    The closest I've been to snowboarding, is playing SSX Tricky on the XBox! Thanks for taking us with you, the views were beautiful. Loved seeing Dougal in his little coat, playing in the snow.

  57. Ruth Yael Ben-Adir says:

    Really enjoyed the video andrew. Anything is possible. Very inspiring to see caravans and mohtorhomes in a caravan park in the mountains. I took my grandson to norway last feb for skiing. He is really good i cant ski to save my life It would be good to go in the van. Cheaper as well.

  58. dawn green says:

    Many thanks for the CC … love the snow scenes…. proper winter stuff, so enjoyable. Lol

  59. ceramiart says:

    Hi Andrew, How do you keep your caravan water supply and toilet from freezing?

  60. Shirley Greener says:

    Great video, I love the mountains but please get yourself a helmet and stay safe

  61. RohanOnTour with Mike, Poppy & Frank says:

    Thank you. You were lucky the site at Bord d’Ainse wasn’t flooded. Early in 2018 it was completely flooded and the only place to stay was on the higher ground near the office. That Boulanger was excellent!

  62. Mark Persad says:

    Fabulous camera work Andrew! I've seen less accomplished cinematography from professionals.

  63. Debs Bird says:

    Fab vlog looked like you had a couple of bluebird days – Place looked stunning 😊

  64. Jo Ann says:

    Growing up in Ohio where we had unending snow, I just will never "get" PAYING to go some place where it is. Granted, we didn't have the lovely mountains in the background, but still snow will NEVER be my idea of a good time. But I am glad that you had such fun in it, AND that Dougal was safely ensconced with the central heating!!! Continued safe travels to you both, as well as a happy, healthy 2019!!!

  65. Andy182w says:

    Bugger this snowboarding stuff. With weather and views like that you should be paragliding! All the best.

  66. Diana says:

    Brilliant video, Andrew! Beautiful scenery and clever filming on your snowboard.

  67. Dave Lewis says:

    Hi Andrew what did you pay 71:60 for ? Looks like entrance to camping site Ha !

  68. HitchUpAndTow says:

    Thumbs Up again

  69. yvonne haynes says:

    Tres bon Mr D. Awesome.👌

  70. fedaykeen says:

    Still got ssang yong… think thats how its spelled, im idle so not checked… do you prefer it over your nissan crewcab? besides not being able to carry your motorbike..

  71. ELTIN JONES says:

    Happy New year to you and Doogle

  72. Paul On THe Move says:

    Really enjoyed every minute of the video, well done and thank you.

  73. John Cooke says:

    As always Andrew, a lovely video. I must agree, it looks beautiful there. You are also a braver man than me falling asleep during the crossing. I'd be worried that I would cause havoc by not waking up! Thanks for taking us on your journey.

  74. TH30CLAY says:

    Brilliant vlog once again Andrew! I've always wondered how possible practical it would be to take the caravan for a ski holiday. Would be interest to know how you deal with the cold, frozen water systems, towing in snow etc? I haven't been to the Alps since taking up caravanning, so maybe the time for me to give it a try? keep up the great work… I'm looking forward to your next adventure. cheers Jon

  75. Here we Tow says:

    Getting caught up now I have signal and Wi-fi again. I have seen the thumbnail for this and been dying to watch since getting the notification. It looks amazing out there. Thank you so much for taking us with you. 👍

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    I’d love to see your onboarding on the train in detail. Is it in one of your vlogs? Good work!

  77. Andy Cadman says:

    Hi Andrew great video; nice to see I'm not the only one who will brave the alps in the winter with the caravan. Done it many times in France and Switzerland as a very keen skier it has enabled me to have many more ski days than otherwise would have been able to do in hotels. Even done a winter season pitch a couple of times so could fly out for weekends in between main holidays. Thoroughly recommended! I agree entirely with your comments about the mountains and the enjoyment you can get from just simply being there!!

  78. steve hanshaw says:

    do you put winter tires on the caravan ? Or is it ok to use standard ones but adjust speed  to conditions?sorry to ask but I just can't find any info on it .

  79. Duncan Wallace says:

    That really is a beautiful caravan! Nice mountains too.

  80. Rene De Leeuw says:

    Fantastic…. video ! The next time in the summer…

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    You should use a GoPro head camera for snow boarding videos

  82. The Accidental Caravanner says:

    I was just down the road in Méribel! Stunning area.

  83. Alison Bailey says:

    You are a very bad man Mr Ditton! We are off in our little camper #vannythevito soon and thanks to you have completely changed our plans and instead of going anti clockwise down to Gibraltar and back up the east coast of Spain, we are now doing it the other way round so we can get the snow! Eurotunnel booked! Spike shall be following in Dougals pawprints. 🙂 Thank you x

  84. Thomas Quigley says:

    Another great vlog. Thank you. How do you find the caravan handles the cold compared to, say, the campervan you tested in Scotland? It seems warmer. Maybe because it's a premium Airstream and well insulated. Also, how do you find towing a caravan on snow vs driving a campervan on snow?

  85. Caravan Chit Chat says:

    Fantastic video as always Mr D, spectacular, stunning views! Vicky’s sister is currently in Morzine working and skiing for the season 👍🏻 a really enjoyable watch, thank you!

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    I live in the north of France, thanks for reminding me what snow and mountains are like. 🙂 Loved the video, especially the intro. Hope your knee survived. Holding my breath on crossing the Channel in the days following 29 March …

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  88. Wink says:

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    Tough job Andrew but someone's got todo it.
    Here I'm nervous about going away in the caravan Feb for 3 nights in Kent Lol

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