Ski-doo MXZ 2stroke sled review and stunt

Ski-doo MXZ 2stroke sled review and stunt

This time we’ve got for a review a real
winter beast – its Ski-doo MXZ XRS 600 snowmobile! And don’t think its going to be an another
boring review, not at all we are going to do some stunt on a ramp, we want to find out
if this sled will be able to survive it. Lets go! Hi guys as usually its me just a voice over
and you are watching review machines. So lets see what we are having today – it
is a racing 2 stroke sled Ski-doo MXZ – a real reckless snowmobile. By the way you may not know, but Ski-doo its
BRP Branch that produces top class snowmobiles! Some people even consider them as the best
snowmobiles in the world! But in this particular case we have a very
tough sled. Forget about any comfort, we don’t have
here even standard features like electric start and heaters. But on the other hand we have so aggressive
2 stroke engine and quite a little weight. If you are going to buy such a sled you should
know for sure what your are going to do with this real winter sled. Winter stunt, serious sports and reckless
snow riding. Are you sure you can daunt it? As any racing sled this one has a shorter
track than usual tourist snowmobile. The total weight is only 200 kilos that is
so light for such a powerful machine. And speaking about the power…we have here
so aggressive 2 stroke engine Rotax 600 cc and 120 horse power. Why two stroke? Well these engines are more aggressive they
provide better acceleration and they are lighter than four stroke analogs. The flip side they are louder, not so smooth
and you have to always remember about the fuel mix. Then we have here a top class suspension system
Koyaba Race with an adjustable shocks. It is designed to sustain jumps and blows
its really heavy duty. Then we have here a manual engine starter,
no any wind shields, a tough single seat. Dashboard is quite clear and simple. Also we see here some tuning stuff like graphics,
external radiator and reinforced frame. You may ask why reinforced frame? You’ll see it a bit later. Guys I’ve never ridding a race sled before,
so I want to share with you my very first impressions! It is a quite tough thing to ride a racing
sled for an unskilled rider. First of all we have here a very peculiar
cvt transmission calibrations. You push the throttle but the sled doesn’t
move, and only when the engine gets high rotation the sled takes off. It was made on purpose to provide the best
acceleration but on the other hand the snowmobile may seem quite jumpy for a newbie. In this way it is almost impossible to get
a smooth and comfort riding on the machine. Then its worth saying about a very tough suspension
it shakes you hard. But as to the acceleration it really impressive,
push the throttle and hold the handlebar as strongly as you can. It is a racing snowmobile…its so dope… Now it is high time to let our pro-rider show
us what this sled really can do! By the way today we’ve come to the training
of pro riders team to make this video. So now you can see how professionals handle
a racing sled. It may seem tough and naughty beast only for
newbies, but with a pro rider the sled is an obedient machine that follows every tiny
wish of its owner. Speaking about pro riders, I should mention
that nowadays this sport is becoming very popular. Freestyle on snowmobiles it is a very spectacular
show, the hardest trial for both a rider and a machine! And we are looking forward to see some awesome
stunts, what about you? But it goes without saying that stunt on a
snowmobile it is extremely dangerous! It takes thorough preparations, every tiny
detail must be ready to the hardest actions. A little mistake may lead to the serious consequences. That is why the crew was preparing very carefully
before stunts. Both a man and a sled have to be in a perfect
shape! Finally everything seems to be ready, we are
going to start right now! It is a fascinating show to watch a snowmobile
flying over you, you can take it from me. If you have never seen this stuff before,
I insist you should have a look at snowmobile stunts in real life! It takes place not very often, but if there
is such an opportunity – do not miss it! Certainly it is very stressful thing for the
machine. The hardest part about it is the landings. Despite the suspension is so heavy duty, it
is almost impossible to sustain such blows without damages for the snowmobile. This time we’ve damaged the sled quite seriously. The external radiator has been crashed, fluid
leaked, frame slightly deformed and so on. Well guys I think it was quite an unusual
review, wasn’t it? By the way guys I have a very curious question
for you. Actually the standard radiator perfectly manages
its duty, cause when sled moves it is covered with snow so there are no any problems with
overheating usually. So what do you think? Why did they make an external radiator on
this sled? Please post comments with your guesses. And now lets call it a day. Thanks for watching guys, please consider
subscribing the channel if you liked this video, it will be many more interesting materials
here, good bye!

Antonio Breitenberg

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