Skating on Thick Ice – The New News

Skating on Thick Ice – The New News

(Music) Hello and welcome to America’s favorite
government news show, The New News. I’m your host Chelsey, but my karaoke name is
Joy Orbison. First up, I have some breaking news. The two spiders in my
garage just got engaged. Reports are they met on the web. And we
want you to get engaged with the City by taking a short survey on the web, or by
phone. The results will help guide our future communication and engagement
activities. And like my abs workout, it’ll only take ya six minutes. People often
ask me what my favorite kind of block is. I was gonna go with a Dikembe Mutombo
block, or maybe a block of Colby Jack cheese. But in the end, it’s got to be any
Allen City block. And speaking of blocks, a Better Block pop-up event is coming
our way. You can give ideas about the future of downtown Allen. Participants
will temporarily transform a vacant lot, then give feedback and share a meal. I
hope blocks of Colby Jack are on the menu, it’s so Gouda. Have you ever done that
thing where you sync Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon album with the Wizard of
Oz movie? Well, now you get to do it soaking wet. The Natatorium is hosting
the Dark Side of the Rainbow dive-In Movie, where you can experience the
phenomenon firsthand. Come dressed in your best Oz costume and you may even win
an award. Lions, tinmen and scarecrows, oh my I believe that voting can really make
a difference. Which is why I always stuff the ballot for my favorite contestants
on The Voice. But there’s an election going on here in Texas too. November 5th
is voting day in Constitutional Amendments and Special Elections. I’m
gonna do my civic duty, then get right back to saving everyone on Team Stefani
from elimination. When I was a little girl, I dreamed of being a graceful
figure skater just like Michelle Kwan. Unfortunately, on skates I was about as
graceful as a bullfrog. But some legit graceful skaters are coming to Allen for
The 2020 Midwestern Sectional Singles Final and U.S. Pairs Final. Come see them
compete live. Tickets are on sale now. When trying to decide how many to buy,
just ask yourself, “What would Brian Boitano do?”
Afterwards skate down to for more info.
Then axel over to our social media accounts and give a follow. And salchow
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Joy Orbison is super late for karaoke, mercy. Bye-bye. (Music)

Antonio Breitenberg

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